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"Amature" is not a word. #6.1.2
I totally see your point, but believe me, I've started my articles in a positive manner and I still get blasted by pricks who don't know anything but to disagree with others. When the attack on the Vita was at its peak, I wrote an article about why people should give it a second chance, and I had a bunch of stubborn readers telling me that it didn't need a second chance because it was "still on its first chance." I was like, "Umm, the Vita's getting decimated by... #2.2.2
Sorry excuse for a journalist?! I resent that! I'm a games writer, not a journalist! #3.3
Twenty-two games?! This joker! #6.1
Didn't mind the criticism, and I actually gave you an "agree" vote because unlike so many other people on this site, you were actually posing an argument in an educated, coherent manner. I still don't agree that the Vita has a lot of worthwhile games, but that's my personal opinion. Just like that entire list is my personal opinion. I'm certain there are people who think Snapshot is a joke, but that's one of the games I'm actually super stoked to play on the... #2.2
That's correct. You need to download the new content right through the game itself. Everything should be unlocked for you to download it. #4.1
Same here. Really intrigued to see how that will play out! #3.1
The flashbacks were some of my favorite sequences in the game. They had the dark, gritty vibe that I loved about the first two games. That would definitely be great. #2.1
This DLC features some of the best maps in the entire game. Sadly, everyone keeps voting for Branco HQ during the pre-match voting sequence. Geez! #1
Yeah, I was really hoping for launch and pricing info at E3 this year, but the lack of said announcements made me reconsider buying the Wii U at launch. #2
There are some cool games in this bundle! #1
Journey is one of the few games I've played in recent memory with an actual awe-inspiring atmosphere. #2
Really looking forward to this film. #2
I still need to play the first game. Looked pretty cool! #1
Some really cool costumes. It's awesome seeing how much trouble folks go to just to have a kick-ass outfit. #6
Red Dead Redemption is actually a game I want to play still. But then L.A. Noire happened and I lost interest in Rockstar-published titles. Also, I still think GTAIV's main character is terribly boring. #1.1
Really looking forward to this. Luckily Platinum Games is good at making high-action titles like this. #3
Yes, it was announced months ago, but this game, New Little King's Story, is in fact the debut of the series on the Vita. Announcement does not equal debut. #3.1.1
This actually looks like a pretty fun fast-paced racer. #1
Great game. I played it on my PS3, so I didn't get to see all of the sexy textures, but it was a great experience nonetheless. I'm too hooked on the online multiplayer. #8
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