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I like the way you think regarding the Bowser Jr. thing. But I still want to see Birdo fight Yoshi for some odd reason. #1.1
Affordable and awesome? I seriously need to play this ASAP. #1
Yeah, Rare was really the king of 3D platformer games. #1.1.2
Yup. I miss the 3D platformers of old. Such a great genre that really took over the N64/PS1 era. #1.1
The Zelda and Mario ones are two of my favorites. Those Gorons are so enjoyable quirky! #3
They need to exaggerate it even more in the next game and make them all look like Marcus Fenix. #2.2.1
Dig the art style. Looks like it could be enjoyably challenging the more you play if you're trying to collect everything. #1
I've never been more serious in my entire life. #1.1
That picture where he's with the two broads: amazing! #1
Sadly, May 31 is fast approaching. #1
Can't count the number of times I passed this game as a kid. #1
Yup. I really fell in love with the game all over again when I played it recently. #1.1
I really think a lot of the appeal here is the constant referencing to the show. I checked out only a few minutes of the game and I had a bunch of good laughs. #1.1
I really want to see what Nintendo will bring with the Wii U. It's certainly a console I'll be watching. Admittedly, the main reason I buy Nintendo consoles is for the exclusives. We'll have to see what the company has planned for its popular franchises. #1
I wonder how fans will react to DLC stuff that's being added to address their frustrations. My bet is that a lot of people will still be pissed. #1
Well, I played A Link to the Past for the first time in 2007, and I thought it was amazing. I have very fond memories of the game. I've also revisited some of my favorite games and found that I still love them. That said, I totally agree with you that some games had to be played when they gained notoriety to truly be appreciated. #4.1
I personally wish a reputable studio would revive the franchise. Moon Diver was a spiritual successor, and it was good, but it too was very flawed. It was fun, but it could hardly be called a proper successor to such a revered title. #3.2
Picked up the game on Friday at launch. Played it over the weekend. Really loving it. I approached it with the same "just let go" mentality that I approached Skyrim with, and though we all know Western RPGs and JRPGs are vastly different, I found that said approach really worked with Xenoblade Chronicles, too. #2
I really, really want to play this game. More for the single-player, but I'd still like to dabble in the multiplayer. #1
I can respect that. It's when people get too aggressive with their opinions that I get annoyed. #3.1
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