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Same here. I can't wait to get my hands on the full version! #1.1
Glad to see Max Payne 3 still doing really well. Love that game! #2
Yes, it is. But I reviewed it on XBLA. #1.1
I think it takes place eight years after the events of Max Payne 2, not two years. Either way, the continuity was sketchy, which is why I personally think of it as a reboot. #4.1
I really want Pokemon Snap 2. The end. #1
Both characters are great, but my vote goes to Samus. #1
Sonic 4 is a 2D platformer, though you are right about Mario Galaxy 2. #16.1
Thank you for being quite possibly one of, like, five people on this site who isn't ridiculously aggressive, and actually stating a point in an educated, non-hostile manner. Funnily enough, if I was to write an article titled "Why the future is bright for the 3DS", I'd probably get hate for "being a Nintendo fanboy." #10.1.1
Hi, LittleBigPlanet, you charming 2D platformer, you. #13.2
@smashcrashbash: Did I say that speaks for every single person on the planet? Absolutely not. This article is intended for those gamers who have soured on the Vita. By you quickly jumping to that assumption, it shows me that you're the one with the inferior "N4G logic" that so many close-minded users on this site suffer from. Congrats! #6.1.4
You just named a bunch of action-adventure games. #12.1
Choose what words carefully? It's not like I slandered the Vita. I'm saying I want people to give it a chance. It boggles my mind how the internet, especially the N4G crowd, can spin everything and make it seem negative. #6.1.2
It's hilarious that I'm saying people should give the Vita a chance despite its setbacks, yet many of you are vilifying me as some "journalist" (I call myself a games writer, not a journalist) who's out to slander the Vita. I think people should support the system, and yes, for many individuals, they should give it a second chance, because the people I'm talking about are those gamers who have written off the handheld entirely. #10
I know people who bought a Vita and sold it already. Also, every news site you go on will make comical remarks about how the Vita really has no worthwhile games. Meanwhile, people on forums and blogs are constantly talking about how they'll probably never buy the thing on account of its high price and failure to deliver quality software. So yeah, to those people, I really do think "second chance" applies. #6.1
That's why I call myself a games writer. Stupid journalists. #10.1
I played it recently. Had so much fun, and it brought back a bunch of good old school gaming memories. #1.1.2
Delicious 3D platformer is delicious. #1
I like the way you think regarding the Bowser Jr. thing. But I still want to see Birdo fight Yoshi for some odd reason. #1.1
Affordable and awesome? I seriously need to play this ASAP. #1
Yeah, Rare was really the king of 3D platformer games. #1.1.2
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