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I really can't wait to play this. It's about time for a new Twisted Metal! #2
Good choices. Also, Twisted Metal, because that would be great. #1
I'm really hoping for a new Star Fox game on a home console. Some new franchises would be a great idea, too. #1.1
Really dig the style of the game. I definitely plan on playing this one I get the chance. #2
Sony has indeed done a great job with HD remakes, and I really wish Microsoft would do the same and start delivering more remakes of Xbox favorites with added content and Achievements. #2
I've never played a Hitman game in my life. It's not that I haven't wanted to, because I have. I just never got around to it. I may check Absolution out when it launches. #1
It damn well better have "classic Resident Evil moments," also known as "what Resident Evil used to be about." #4
I really just want more. More crazy missions and activities, more eccentric characters, more of everything. #2
Resident Evil 6? I thought that was a trailer for Gears of War 4. #8
Fact is I don't like elitists and people who support piracy. The bulk of the N4G crowd, I find to be very hypocritical and fanboyish, and constantly desiring to get its point across without listening to the opinions of others because they truly believe they're the only ones who are right. Hackers are douchebags who ruin gaming for a lot of people. No one likes little brats who annoy the heck out of others on XBL and PSN. Analysts say things that simply aren't true. People who thin... #6.1
I like how your argument that my arguments are poor consisted of four words, in the process being a poor argument in and of itself. #9.1
I can definitely see where you're coming from, but I still think it's asinine when people say platformers are for little kids, especially when you take into account how tough some platformers are these days. #3.1
And even on PS4 it would take, like, three discs. #3.1.1
I want Katy Perry in a game, but she needs to have, like, three types of jiggle physics ... on each boob. #3
I really want Mario Kart to start featuring characters from Zelda, Kirby, and Star Fox. That would be pretty cool.

A Scribblenauts RPG would be great, too.

Also, sex mini-game for Lara Croft and Nathan Drake. #1
I thought that was painfully obvious, but some goof on this site stated otherwise. He said something about how PS3 games have bad graphics now or something ridiculous like that. PS3 will be around for a while. #2
I'll likely pick up the Vita once I have some spare cash. Granted that's what I said about the PSP and I still don't have one. Still, I really want the Vita. #9
Actually, dumb-dumb, the whole paragraph before I made fun of your lack of spelling knowledge was my argument. Of course, I would definitely expect you to completely ignore that given your delusional mindset.

Also, no one is right by default. The fact is, yours is an opinion, and people who disagree or agree with either of us are expressing their opinions as well. But the fact is that neither console manufacturers nor developers will be doing anything with new hardware for a... #1.3.8
A valid point. But really two of the only average scores I've seen the game get are from GameSpot (5.5 / 10) and OXM (5 / 10). Most other reviewers have given it a 7, 7.5, or B score. IGN actually gave it a a high 8 / 10. #2.1.2
While I would currently rather have a direct sequel to Origins, I think Ubisoft should definitely release a 3D Rayman game somewhere down the road. The gameplay elements in Origins could be used for either another 2D game or a 3D game, really. #1.1
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