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EarthBound is definitely a classic and one of my all-time favorites. That said, Citizens is a fun RPG inspired by that classic, and I think it's a fine addition to this specific type of RPG. #1.1
I mentioned WCW vs. NWO: World Tour (which I own) and WCW/NWO: Revenge (which I sunk countless hours into), though I feel the foundations of those games were only improved upon by the time No Mercy launched. They were great games that paved the way for one of the all time best in No Mercy. #2.1
Yeah, it was really the true successor to No Mercy, I feel. Heck, I still fire it up and play it with my roommate these days. #1.1
Didn't get a chance to play Wolfenstein in 2014. Hoping to remedy that this year! #3
I thought the ones that extend the size of the Xbox One and PS4 didn't look that bad. But the fact that they make the consoles bigger probably isn't ideal for everyone. #1.1
I can imagine this game being pretty fun if you play alongside a buddy in couch co-op, but it could get boring if you play on your own. #1.1
Yeah, it definitely has that comedic EarthBound vibe. Loved playing the demo at E3 this year. #1.1
This was weirdly entertaining. #3.1
It definitely is. My favorite DK game thus far! #1.1
That would be really rad! Here's hoping! #1.1
Nice to see something more obscure and unconventional like Papers, Please on this list! #1
I'm all for a Shenmue revival! That would be pretty sweet! #4
Been hearing great things. Just picked this up. Stoked to play it! #1
F*ck PETA and so forth. #1
Oh man! That's where I first played this! #4.1
Yep, you can download it on PSN. It's the PS2 version, but you can play it on PS3, which is pretty rad considering it's only 10 bucks instead of the $100 some people are asking for on Amazon for a copy of the original. #1.1
I'd recommend you give it a chance. It's pretty great! #2.1
I said "best platformer in recent memory," not of all time. That honor would go to Super Mario Bros. 3 or Super Meat Boy, two games which are better than Ratchet and Clank.

Also, I'm a freelancer who works from home, so no one cracks a whip behind me ... because there's no one physically behind me. Ever. Because I work from home ... in my room ... not with colleagues. Not sure if I can simplify it more for you. But you get the idea ... hopefully. #1.1
Yeah, that's definitely a nice addition. Great to see stuff like that being created for this game. #1.1
You should totally check out the demo on the game's official site. I'd wager to say it even plays a bit like Limho. Demo's a little rough, but it's an earlier build, and it's still pretty fun. I had a blast with it. #1.1
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