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Never thought I'd see a Roode reference in a Zelda comments section. That in and of itself is, well, glorious!

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All great choices! I believe I included Metroid and F-Zero in a previous list, back when that thing was still called the NX.

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I'm aware of that. I mean, as the author of this article, I mentioned Manhunt 2. What I meant is that I wouldn't mind seeing a third entry.

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I would play the heck out of an HD remake. Or a sequel. And I know remakes and sequels are two things that are sort of a problem as far as horror cinema goes, but horror games ain't horror cinema. Plus, it's been long enough and I kinda miss Manhunt. But yeah, we'll probably never see the series return.

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Definitely a solid PS Plus pick. I didn't go so far as to play Furier mode. Aside from time constraints, I doubt I'd have the patience to play that to completion.

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I hadn't thought of that before, but yeah, totally gives off an El Shaddai vibe.

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Yes! It would be cool to see what they could do! Especially since they have an affinity for dark worlds.

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I love the compact, focused nature of Limbo and Inside, but I would totally be interested in the studio's take on a more expansive game. Perhaps they could still keep it focused, but with a much larger scope.

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It's alive and well, it seems. And it should be out soon! Personally looking forward to playing more of it!

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I mean, I didn't give any money to the Kickstarter campaign for this, nor am I even the biggest Mega Man fan (they're good games, but I wouldn't list them as favorites). So yeah, I'm not exactly "butthurt" as you put it, but I do feel for the folks who contributed to this failure of a project.

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I certainly enjoy gaming a great deal. I simply haven't found many titles to get excited about. One of the games I was most excited about playing when I got a PS4 was Galak-Z, and I ended up being massively disappointed by that.

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Were you perhaps thinking of Lily Bergamo, the Suda51 game that was indeed canceled and then became this game?

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Looks decent enough, though it's probably not something I would play.

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I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, that's a hefty, unappealing price for DLC. But on the other hand, if Bethesda can deliver solid, lengthy content with plenty to do (as the company's known to do with its games anyway), then it could be worth the price of admission.

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I really liked Party Hard, though by the end of it, it was feeling a bit like overkill. No pun intended. Seriously.

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I felt weird giving it a review score, but I still did. It was definitely a tough game to get through, and I was hugging my dog during the end credits because of just how sad the whole thing was.

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Definitely agree. The whole time I couldn't believe how pretty it all looked despite being a pretty depressing play.

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The funny thing is that I didn't mean that in a negative way. And while you may disagree (you're entitled to your opinion), to me, the game resembles a visual novel a lot of the time (I'm entitled to my opinion). I say that because I have played a lot of visuals novels and enjoy the genre.

Also, after the initial battle sequence, the game is mostly comprised of these character interaction and dialogue parts, with just some exploration and battling in between, so I...

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Pretty stoked to start playing that today. Really looking forward to it!

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I agree that that's a solid list, but with the exception of Xenoblade Chronicles X, that lineup is sort of lacking a bit of that trademark Nintendo magic -- at least for me.

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