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I was very surprised I had fun playing this game. Still, will probably never play it again. #1
Daryl would be a badass video game character. #1
This a really sweet addition to the game. #1
This looks really cool. Another great addition to the 3DS. #1
I like how people disagree with me for making a valid point about that first comment not making any sense. Speaks volumes of the delusional mindset of most N4G users. #1.2.1
I definitely see where you're coming from, and I agree to an extent. My problem is that I just haven't really gotten pumped for the game based off of what we've seen / heard. #6.1
Here's hoping! #2.1
That makes absolutely no sense considering I explained how I really dig action-adventure games LIKE The Last of Us. #1.2
I personally don't care at all for Call of Duty, so if that went away forever, I wouldn't be at all bothered by it. That said, I certainly don't want Final Fantasy to go away forever. I simply want a break in the series that will allow fans to miss it, and hopefully a proper return, because as it is, the series is stale. #5.1
Easily one of the best adventure games I've played in recent memory. #1
That would actually be really cool somewhere down the road. Portable Twisted Metal is a good thing. #1.1
I actually have an issue with some games where I tend to switch to something else after I've already invested some time into one game. I think that's because I'm such a huge indie game fan, though, so I'm used to playing smaller games. Still, I recently started playing inFamous for the first time, and it's kept me entertained for several hours, and I actually plan on finishing it without moving on to something else mid-game. #4
Yeah, I really dig the newest Twisted Metal. The online issues are a pain, but when you get an online game going, it's a helluva lot of fun! #3.1
I really dig the art style! I may check this out. #1
Some good points listed here. My conclusion: I want 'em both! #1
I really want to check this out. Seems like a fun game. #1
As much as I like darker Twisted Metal games, I really dig the more lighthearted style of Head-On. #2
A new engine can mean a number of things. A new engine can make a game run smoother, have smoother animations, maybe even offer gameplay elements that couldn't be used in previous games. RE6 seems to deviate from the survival horror genre completely and go for something a lot more like a third-person shooter, and it's traded in the chilling moments for pretentious voice acting and ridiculously bro-type situations. #3.3.2
A new engine doesn't necessarily mean completely different gameplay and a completely different style. #3.3
I personally really dig Steam, and the frequent sales and availability of indie titles constantly keeps me coming back. That said, I'm not opposed to checking out other digital distributors if they've got something I like. #10
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