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I'm not a fan of mobile gaming, but there are a few games on this list that I would really like to play. Jetpack Joyride and Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery EP are at the top of my list of games to play. #2
Hilarious stuff. The Cliffy B. thing killed me. #4
As strange as this may sound, I think this game would hold up more with fans of indie games than the casual Mario player. #1
Some good PSP games. It was a light year for the handheld, but it's good to see that there was still some stuff worth playing on it. #1
Really looking forward to seeing what Sony has planned. I buy PlayStation consoles for the exclusives, so this is certainly great news. #10
One of my New Year's resolutions: Stop telling people Call of Duty sucks on Facebook to avoid hurting their feelings. Fun fact: I've actually been told that people are bothered by my disdain toward that series. Matter of opinion, people. We don't all have to like military shooters. Anyway, yeah, that will probably be my gamer resolution ... until the next Call of Duty game comes out. #3
Xenoblade will make it on the Top Three Wii Games of 2012 list next year for sure. I can guarantee that. #2.1
I couldn't care less for LittleBigPlanet 2. It just doesn't appeal to me, and I love platformers. #5
The Gunstringer is probably the game I want to play most off of this list. Good top five! #1
Very glad to see Skyward Sword and Sonic Generations taking home some awards. They're well-deserved! #1
So glad the Pentrator won Best Weapon. #1
Oh, I definitely agree with you--the Vita is indeed a very impressive device. But I think some individuals won't want to shell out the cash for the Vita and the memory cards right from the get-go.

For me, I just won't be able to afford it at the time of launch, which is just a shame. #1.1.1
I actually own a PS3, and I don't currently have an Xbox 360. And though I like both consoles, the PS3 is still my system of choice. That's exactly why I feel that the Move disappointed, because it did for me personally.

Also, Ape Escape was pure monkey poop. (See what I did there?) And technically, an opinion can't be a farce, because to a single person, their opinion will always be true to them. #2.4
The 3DS's launch lineup is what kept me from getting a 3DS, but that's just me. The impressive launch lineup for the Vita (and it is pretty damn good, mind you) may attract plenty of fans. That said, the handheld's high price tag may put off some individuals. #1
My personal favorite Mario side-scroller is Super Mario Bros. 3. I still play that game any chance I get. That said, I won't take anything away from the awesome Super Mario World. #13
Two different mediums, yet we still argue as if they fall under the same category. The way I see it, both mobile and console gaming provide something for their respective fan bases. #1
The pricing of these games seems about right. #1
This gave me a good chuckle. Man, there are some daft people out there. #1
What if the whole game looks like that? I suppose it would count as a teaser then, right? My assumption is that the whole game will be blurry.

And to answer your question, when creativity expired. #2
Surprisingly, Thor was actually good on the Wii and DS. Anyway, I'm glad I never paid money for any of these. One of my personal worst games of the year was Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny. How could such a promising entry in a great series get screwed up so bad?

Also, I feel like dropping $15 for Duke Nukem, but that seems like $14 more than I would like to pay for that game. #7
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