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I thought that was painfully obvious, but some goof on this site stated otherwise. He said something about how PS3 games have bad graphics now or something ridiculous like that. PS3 will be around for a while. #2
I'll likely pick up the Vita once I have some spare cash. Granted that's what I said about the PSP and I still don't have one. Still, I really want the Vita. #9
Actually, dumb-dumb, the whole paragraph before I made fun of your lack of spelling knowledge was my argument. Of course, I would definitely expect you to completely ignore that given your delusional mindset.

Also, no one is right by default. The fact is, yours is an opinion, and people who disagree or agree with either of us are expressing their opinions as well. But the fact is that neither console manufacturers nor developers will be doing anything with new hardware for a... #1.3.8
A valid point. But really two of the only average scores I've seen the game get are from GameSpot (5.5 / 10) and OXM (5 / 10). Most other reviewers have given it a 7, 7.5, or B score. IGN actually gave it a a high 8 / 10. #2.1.2
While I would currently rather have a direct sequel to Origins, I think Ubisoft should definitely release a 3D Rayman game somewhere down the road. The gameplay elements in Origins could be used for either another 2D game or a 3D game, really. #1.1
Agree with you 100 percent. I really want a direct follow-up because everything in Origins was so spectacular. #2.1
Spoken like a true typical N4G user who makes stupid comments and criticizes without knowing anything about the user he's trying to criticize. I buy my own consoles, for your information, and quite frankly, I think the current generation should stick around for a good while longer. Games still look great regardless of what would-be pundits such as yourself want to believe, and developers themselves have stated that graphics / tech won't be pushed that much farther with the next genera... #1.3.5
Well, technically, a 7.5 / 10 is a well above average review. Don't mean to sound like a snob, but I thought I'd clarify that. #2.1
They still have juice. End of story. #1.3.2
This seems kind of fun, but with so many games both new and old in my backlog, I don't have much interest in playing it. #1
Personally, I don't want to see a new console from either Sony or Microsoft for a while. I still think both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 have a lot of juice left in them to stick around for a few more years. #1
I kind of want a direct sequel to Sonic Generations with the Classic and Modern stuff in it, but with less of those slow moments. If possible, with no "halt and play this slowly paced section" moments at all. #4
So. Freakin'. Fun. #1
You're drunk aren't you? #3.1
The fact that I got two disagrees for leaving a perfectly valid reply only shows me how delusional (and possibly drunk) the N4G community really is. #4
What exactly were you going for here? #2.1
I'm currently attacking my backlog and playing all the games I got for Christmas. I'll also be playing through an indie game or two this weekend.

Great suggestions! #1
I was considering downloading this. Glad I didn't after all. It's a shame it turned out the way it did. #1
That's actually an entirely incorrect assessment. #2.1
I wanted a Vita and 3DS before. Now I REALLY want them. #5
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