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Pixlejunk, Metal Gear & a large amount of Japanese games aren't Sony owned IP. I'm sure there are more!

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Looks badass to me.

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Seriously piss off Bethesda! Unless you are offering this DLC at a substantial discount, you won't gain any good will from ps3 users.

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I doubt anybody will remember this as "one of the biggest blunders in gaming history". It's got nothing on RRoD.

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Wow. How did this fool get on N4G... AGAIN?

Didn't I read that Dead Space 3 needs to sell FIVE MILLION to keep the franchise alive? That simply won't happen. Yet HipHopGamer insists on scraping the bottom of the barrel for Dead Space 4 rumors? Pathetic.

Gaming journalism at its finest.

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Yeah, that kind of sucks but it's not a deal breaker. Any self respecting gamer should have played Bioshock already.

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I get your point, but don't use your comment to bash PSN.

I would rather use that money to pay for my Netflix subscription or purchase a psn/xbox live games, but in the end, Live still is a quality service. Comparatively it isn't the best deal, but it is worth paying for.

Think of it like this. Music can be downloaded for free. When I pay for a good CD, I don't complain about it being a "HUGE Ripoff". Sure the same content can be had f...

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I disagree. I read the review and it does seam bias. Mainly because how disproportionate the complaints are in comparison to the score.

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Can I get some proof Mr. Inspector Gadget?


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For god's sake. How many knobs like you must spout the same BS until you get a clue?

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We're at the point now where the line between downloadable games and retail games is becoming irrelevant. In the infancy of XBL and PSN, they were neat little snippets of content and nothing but simplistic fun. Today we have downloadable games that surpass retail releases in terms of graphics, gameplay, depth, but ultimately in the quality of the experience. Lets face it, the experience has always been at the core of why we love video games. Why segment that?

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The PSP never sold as poor as the Vita. Vita sales are abysmal. Unless software picks up, that trend will continue. Unfortunately that creates an endless cycle where developers wont support the handheld unless unit sales increase.

Nobody is pronouncing the vita dead, but it's certainly in dire straights.

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"someone got mommy's credit card and made a website"

Oh, the ignorance...

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I didn't know Walter Jr. was also mentally handicapped.

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I don't know. Musically out of context the song is great, but it doesn't really fit what Black Ops 2 is IMO.

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Consider yourselves a dying breed.

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It's a freaking TRAILER. Get over yourself.

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I can see your excited, but rationalize a bit.

1) You have yet to play the game(as have many), so it is impossible to confirm game of the year status.

2) Gamers don't play sales.

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How long is the arcade mode? Seems like that could take a while for each character.

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