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Looks cool, except there aren't any actual pokemon.

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I don't want to be a downer but, whenever Kojima Productions has an announcement, it's always dragged out... and over hyped.

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He was kidding...

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Finally! I knew mankind would one day come to a consensus. Skyrim is undeniably the greatest form of interactive art ever conceived!

Even Mr. Ebert has surrendered to its awesomesauce.

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Diablo and League of Legends are extremely popular where I live. Not to the point where parents know about them, but girls in their 20s are aware of the term "LoLing"!

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You were speaking from the perspective of not liking the game. Regardless, even if you did like a franchise you would have a more selection if the company chose not to rehash experiences. Imagine if Quantum Theory put out Heavy Rain 2 instead of Beyond. You may have liked Heavy Rain, but Beyond could surpass that game greatly because it doesn't have the same set of restriction that franchise has. You also could hate the game, but if every game company did this innovation would be much str...

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Uncharted 3 did improve on Uncharted 2 in ALMOST every way. People just were not ready for something so similar so close off the heals of the last game.

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There is a possibility your favorite game of all time could never be made because a developer is stuck making the same old franchises.

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I think he is right on the money aside possibly uncharted and angry birds.

Pretty much every franchise he mentioned is a little tired and needs quite a bit of an overhaul to stay relevant next gen. The new Assassins creed took a step in the right direction, but what will everyone think when minor iterations of that are released? We've already seen it with Brotherhood and Revelations. We've arguably seen it with Gears and Halo, and if not we will soon. The Call of Duty...

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Your so cool /s

That hipster attitude will cause you miss some the best experiences this generation.

Your last example is atrocious! Uncharted is innovative in terms of cinematic game play and motion capture. So many companies are trying to match Naughty Dog's set pieces and engaging characters. Halo is responsible for many of the concepts we see in multiplayer today. Mario is arguably the most innovative franchise ever. Your comment is prefaced by sayin...

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Maybe Mr.Cage doesn't innovate as much as he would like to think, but... he does push the medium forward. Developers will incorporate/improve certain aspects of their games because of Quantic Dream influence.

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You can have Zombies, Military Soldiers, Space Marines and Spikey Haired anime characters without creating something conventional. The Mario related(including spin offs) games are excellent examples of providing drastically different experiences while maintaining the same franchise characters.

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You guys only think it would make sense because it is convenient on your wallet. Aren't you satisfied with the service PS+ offers already?

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Playstation offer more than enough content for PS+ as it is. Sony should provide this as separate service. Entitlement is exactly what this is if people think they deserve this for free or on PS+.

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Yea it's cool that the android platform can create console comparable experiences ON THE GO, but that portability is fundamentally why it's cool. Putting these watered down versions of console games on a system isn't going to win over the hardcore gamer. And... lets be honest, the casual crowd wont buy this.

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My biggest sequel disappointment this gen is Killzone 3.

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I agree about MGS2.

It wasn't as good as the good as the first, but it didn't disappoint me nearly as much as other abysmal sequels.

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Integrating dubstep with the in-game sound effects was rather tasteful.


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Too bad it deosn't fix the technical hiccups.

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Perhaps the incorrect descriptive word was used then. Soulless and Just Work are far from being synonyms.

A half naked wouldn't make sense in this context, but including that image of rage is highly controversial because of it decisive reputation among gamers.

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