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Where do you recommend?

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Is there a bubble down option for "Kill Joy"?

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Great price for Critter Crunch. Can't go wrong for under two dollars!

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I will not pay over $450. If $600 was the price, I would most certainly wait for a couple price drops.

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Article Title: "Blame Microsoft for Rayman Legends Delay"

Reads Article: "We have no factual information. We are purely speculating."

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Ridiculous comment. Vote with your wallet instead of being a tool.

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I never buy consoles at launch. $400 is the sweet spot for early adopters. I'd probably be whiling to spend around $450 a year later for the console with more storage.

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I could car less if the map is bigger than Skyrim. What's important is if the content in that space is comparable to Skyrim.

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Totally agree. I loved the base fighting system, but everything around it felt amateur.

This really is a shame. The potential for an amazing sequel was obvious. The foundation is already built!

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"I like them. My penis likes them."

That's redundant.

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Please have the same deal for PSN

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Am I the only one who noticed the typo?

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Is this what they are trying to pass for news these days? Pathetic.

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"fun despite all the walking"


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BULL S***. Keep trying to justify yourself.

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To put in perspective, $5 is 1/3 of the total charge. Imagine if retail games followed suit. Suddenly an extra $20 on every purchase seems more concerning. Like LOGICWINS said, it all adds up in the end.

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If your not "cool with it" then vote with your wallet. Obviously enough people are fine with the value propositions. Otherwise, none of the things you mentioned would exist today. You are in the minority(majority rules). Accept it and move on with your life.

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I agree with the article(if you can even call it that). The box art looks like an amateur anime comic crop. I have created better artwork than this and I'm not even artist.

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Please remove the radar in Party Games.

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Your insulted?

If you take everything on the internet this seriously, it's a miracle your still alive.

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