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You guys realize being a grammar nazi on the internet is one of the most futile things you can do right? How bowt u korect all mi txt messages 2. #3.3.3
In all seriousness the Cole and Jak and Daxter covers make the most marketing sense.

As for the people suggesting certain characters, only a few are featured on the boxarts. You have to see the boxarts before commenting in this article. #6
Vote for Radec LOL #2

your an idiot... #3.3
I only really liked 3-4 stages in super smash brothers anyway. Considering the quality of the maps in Playstation All Stars I am more than happy with 14. #17
"That's perfectly acceptable, especially for the children."

Also, nobody said this at all. #2.1.3
This game is just filth though. On the violent end of the spectrum, games like saw and manhunt are in the same boat.

I can see where a tasteful sex scene can add to a game(similarly to movies). This game however, is far from tasteful and is quite frankly, pathetic.

The subjects of your argument(sex and violence) are incomparable. This is because, violence is a far more crucial game aspect than sex is. Violence is and always will be an important in video games... #2.1.2
Doesn't look difficult. As long as you complete majority of the games content you should have around 80% #3
Really? You haven't even played the game. How would you know if "it deserves a GOTY nod".

A: You don't #3.1.1
The title is indicating the site fishing for hits or being completely oblivious. #1.2.5
No where in the article does it quote anyone saying "Dead Island Riptide is not a sequel". Last we heard from the developers(around announcement) they said the game was. #2
"It's hard to find a zombie game that's worth playing these days."

Of the top of my head:
Dead Island
Plants VS Zombies
Dead Nation
The Walking Dead Series
Left for Dead Series

That wasn't so hard. #1
Yeah I wish we could boycott this format from being posted on N4G. This practice is a lazy, transparent attempt at hits(especially when you're groundbreaking contribution is a fvking list). #7.2
What? My favorite obscure jrpg with mixed reviews didn't make the list!

List = Failure. #1.1
If Microsoft made this type of game, they wouldn't be able to call it a fighting game. The lack of physical contact(guns) would define it as a shooter. #9
Reads Title...

Can't tell if looking for hits or delusional. #8
While it always was about business strategy, it also greatly effects the development of the game. There was a time(although many won't admit it) where an exclusive game going multiplatform usually meant a SIGNIFICANT downgrade in product quality. While that still may be true to a certain extent, we see less and less of that happening. #27.2.2
I'm going to take a wild guess and say it hasn't. #15
I agree. We have passed the point now were multiplatform games are incomparable to Sony exclusives. For awhile Sony were making games that were far ahead of the competition technically and creatively. Within the past couple years 3rd party developers have stepped up and delivered some of the best experiences of this generation.

I think a lot of it has to with compromising and general lack of knowledge developing in conjunction with multiple systems. Sony from the get go had t... #27.1
I signed up even though I live in North America. #4
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