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Kinda ridiculous it won't support CDs, but in the end it really doesn't matter. Who is playing CDs on their PS3 now anyways? #1.43
I main sly. I'm not sure if this an issue with all characters, but I am unable to hit Kat. She keeps hovering over my cane swipes. It breaks the online for me.

I'm pretty decent and win about half of my matches. It's not a matter of being "owned" I just feel the character has hit box issues. #6.1.2
Kat ruined the game for me. I'm not interested in this DLC or PSAS anymore. #6
No where does it say the DLC will be free. The fact that it isn't mentioned probably means it will cost money. #4.1
YES! #5
Haha. I knew someone would say that.

I'm just trying to be more positive. It's much easier to see the faults in things than it is to recognize the successes. #14.1.1
I know this is off topic, but PlayStation Life Style is a great site. I can always count on them to bring quality news or interesting articles.

I still remember when they leaked that Last Guardian trailer before the PlayStation Press Conference. #14
Can I subtract a bubble for being a complete moron? #1.2.19
I think you should re-analyze Microsoft's direction. They clearly are pushing towards entertainment services and less on gaming. Just look at the Xbox interface and marketplace today; heavy on media and services. The gaming that they do focus on, is indicating a more casual future. The fact that Microsoft will bundle a Kinect 2.0 with every Durango says it all.

I hope I'm wrong! #1.2.4
@Old McGroin

Yes maybe Game Informer thought it was a perfect game. The point was, to take early reviews with a grain of salt because of how often games are originally overrated. There are countless occurrences where the first scores on games are substantially higher than what their averages become. The Dead space example was to show how often it happens, because that game was JUST RELEASED. WE KNOW that some publishers will green light early reviews only if the content is o... #1.2.5
I'm sure this game will be worth getting. We have good reason to believe Tomb Raider will be a great game. #1.1.10
First reviews are to be taken with a grain of salt. It has become common knowledge that early ratings are commonly inaccurate.

Dead Space 3 is a recent example. The first review(game informer) it received was 10/10. On Metacritic today, the game has a 76 average without any other perfect scores. #1.2.2
$450 sounds reasonable for the hardware. I do however think Sony is making a mistake if they charge anything above $400. #31
I think the conference's success is all based on context. Depending on what the expectation was, their report card would fluctuate dramatically. Personally I wasn't expecting lengthy game demos and trailers, nor was I expecting them to fill two hours with new content. I however was hoping to see the console but, the announcements far outweighed that disappointment. I'd give it a A-.

If my expectations were more aligned with an E3 conference. I'd give it a B-.... #6
That was a extremely unexpected surprise! Makes me think Sony are cooking up good will for the PS4 reveal tomorrow. #7
I agree. When the story is reduced down to hollow and simplistic terms like in the video however, it does seem underwhelming. Don't you think? #5.2.1
Who says anyone has to be a hero or be restricted to one definition? There are millions of premises one could come up with. Countless original stories come out of movies, books, and other mediums every month. Besides, that isn't my job. If you want "fresh and original" fiction, I do accept PayPaal.

The reason I brought up the story redundancy, wasn't because I expected more fictionally. It was because of how emphasized it is in the video. The long drawn out... #5.1.1
I've heard this "chosen one" story a thousand times. Hell, Halo was based on a similar premise. #5
Thanks! #4.1
Please share the link! #1.3.3
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