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Insightful points regardless of standpoint.

Just change that tag line. Totally pretentious. #1.15
All stars and possibly Black Ops. Far Cry looks good, may get it at a $40 price tag. #8
Maybe you should get it on "Clarence" instead. #1.2.2
Spoiler: Cortana turns out to be evil. #1.5

I guarantee a large majority of banned Xbox users eventually buy a new Xbox. #1.4.2

The quality of the game is irrelevant to this discussion. If the team were working on a piece of content before the game shipped but didn't include it because it wasn't ready, they can't release it? Come the **** on.

"DLC generally hasn't been all that well received".

I call BS. This is flat out false. #1.1.8

Did I say it better? #5.1.1
Dude... There were A LOT of whiners. How do you explain the death threats? #1.3
Dude, Agent is vaporware. It probably never even existed. #8.1
LRN 2 SPEL & CAPZ LCK #1.7.1
Nobody every said it was Sony's fault. Don't worry Bethesda, everybody knows you fucked up. #12
Only Microsoft fanboys care what Sony fanboys think. #16.4
Can't tell if sarcastic or if fanboy #2.2.1
Haven't seen this article before... #4
Tactical Insertion is all I need. #6.1
Engineer and Flak Jacket will become extremely useful in the game because everybody will have multiple Claymores laying around. A claymore may be a wasted slot because everybody will be conscious of its abundance.

Primary Weapon: Submachine Gun with Fore Grip and Quickdraw
Lethal Equipment: Claymore
Tactical Equipment: Concussion Grenade
Perk 1: Hardline
Perk 2: Toughness
Perk 3: Engineer
Wildcard 1: Perk 1 Greed : Lightweight #4
Do you understand how ridiculous you sound for saying that? #12.2
Verdict... Generic #1
The only reason why anyone has taken a mild interest in Fuse is because Insomniac are the developers. Otherwise this game would have been forgotten before it showed its generic face. I don't want another shooter! ESPECIALLY from insomniac. #14
I don't care how satirical the article is. The whole premise is based off of false advertising. This hypocritical website points out flaws in journalism, yet transparently employs the same techniques. #1.7
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