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You sure like to talk out of your ass. #9.1
542d ago by NonApplicable | View comment | Personal attack
I guess we know who's been writing the shitty DC comics. #27.2
I agree somewhat. I honestly can't believe that Microsoft would risk such a large portion of their audience. At the same time, such a drastic move indicates they have a justification for requiring an internet connection.

It's ridiculous how many people are dismissing the next Xbox based on a sliver of rumor. Judge once we have the full details.

Microsoft needs to have a compelling reason for being "always online". If it's simply for pira... #2.1.6
A lot of people buy iPod touches to play games. I see no issue with that. Smartphone games have evolved quite a bit and have become good gaming experiences.

A large majority of smartphone buyers play or have played a game. Games on the market are free, simple and easy to access. Unfortunately these people probably don't own consoles so their default answer will probably be preference to smartphones.

That's why Smartphones are taking away from the con... #6.3
A month is actually a very long time to play an iPhone game. #5.1
No IT IS gaming. Please amuse us with an explanation. #1.1.1
Bought the game when it was under $5 on Plus. My biggest mistake wasn't purchasing it earlier. Great game!

Glad more people get to enjoy what I did! #8
While agree that the headline is poor, I don't think the author was intentionally being a sensationalist. Honestly if it was called, "Sony too cheap to partner with Nvidia?", the article would have gotten just as many hits while still alluding to actual content.

I just blame the stupidity of the writer. #1.12.1
Who ACTUALLY wants this? #18
A man has a choice. I chose... PlayStation

- Andrew Ryan #1.1.11
MOVE ON! #41
I'm disappointed they said the scale wasn't up to par with God of War 3. That's what I wanted. #5
That's because 9 people didn't think it was a good show. It's that simple. #1.3.5
When did they announce GT6? #7
Do the article writers honestly believe GTA V isn't also being built for next gen? GTA V will come out for the 360/PS3 and xbox/playstation just like Watch Dogs. #13
I mean it's cool that this was never found. But then again, it probably was so lame nobody bothered to post it. #18
Kinda ridiculous it won't support CDs, but in the end it really doesn't matter. Who is playing CDs on their PS3 now anyways? #1.43
I main sly. I'm not sure if this an issue with all characters, but I am unable to hit Kat. She keeps hovering over my cane swipes. It breaks the online for me.

I'm pretty decent and win about half of my matches. It's not a matter of being "owned" I just feel the character has hit box issues. #6.1.2
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