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I can see why an internet personality like Angry Joe often gets infuriated with the internet. It's exhausting trying to smack sense into morons.

The amount of people stabbing at details and missing the bigger picture is staggering. All I have to say, is stop sucking the dicks of corporations. Open your eyes and realize that not every business practices is for our benefit. In the end, a lot of it comes down to money.

Joe is 100% right about something too.... #30
I can see why a YouTube personality like angry Joe often gets infuriated with people on the internet. The bulk of the negative comments come from uninformed idiots who are unable to judge problem from any other perspective than their own selfish viewpoint. Their are also far too many dicks who simply just want to pay devils advocate.

If you missed the point already, let me explain it to you. It's quite simple really and amount of morons stabbing at the details and missin... #41
"Don't tell anyone"

- Posts on N4G #4
There are so many more important things to rage about. Yet, you pick Angry Birds... #2.1
Click on " +" and downvote this website so they can't pull this crap again. We have no time for journalism like this. #1.1.1
I say screw Gamestop! I want a digital future but on our own terms. It's the consumer who controls the market. We proved that with the recent events at Xbox. #1.5
Click on " +" underneath "Read Full Story"

Story Quality: WTF?
Like this Website: No #10
I thought they nailed it with Flower as well. Great company. #1.1
So Jak won't be in this game? =( #1.10
It's important to take into account the price those copies sold at. The game was dramatically marked down only a couple months after release. Sales don't matter, profit does. Me thinks PSABR didn't make it's money back. #6.2.1
The Giant Bombcast is my favorite podcast. I've listened and supported the site for just over 3 years. It's incredibly shocking for such a strong and bombastic personality to just disappear so suddenly. It's unbelievably sad to know that he just... no longer exists.

My condolences go out to the amazing Giantbomb crew, Ryan's friends and family, and especially his newly wed and widow.

You're a little late to the party #20.1
This should be a tweet AT BEST #4
I'm more bored of you. #2.8
Sorry, you've played the multiplayer mode? Please explain how it's "unnecessary and feels shoehorned in". Oh wait! The Multiplayer hasn't even been detailed yet...

You clearly have no clue what you're talking about. #6.1
One of the most ridiculous headlines I've read in a while.

Like it or not, Call of Duty is the definition of blockbuster gaming. That franchise isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Hell, Uncharted nails the cinematic experience better than any game out there. You can bet your ass there will be a new entry in the series soon.

It's all about sales people! Countless other blockbusters(GTA, Battlefeild, Assassain's Creed, ect) have... #7
His statement assumes that he knows what's best for gamers. This is offensive because it undermines the people who play games simply to have fun. The sense of entitlement I was referring to is his superiority complex(the result of Braid).

Sure he can make a statement like this, but not without coming off like a pretentious knob. #6.1.1
Who does this guy think he is? The fact that he thinks he is entitled to statements like these is "immature and embarrassing" #6
Have we fallen so far that an article with a title like this can be approved? #19
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I didn't know Metro Last Light was still a thing #15
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