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The PABR E3 demo looked terrible. The frequent specials looked so disjointed and ruined the flow of the game. Battle Royal also lacks the dynamic of ledge deaths. Dying singularly by specials makes it seem very uni-dimensional. I wish the dev team would just go whole hog, and copy Smash Brothers tick for tat. #65
Why let him into E3 if he is going to be oblivious everything happening. Yes, at the moment Nintendo are not presenting the Wii U to desirably. But... the vast majority who know about E3 and the industry, know the Wii U is a separate console.

We know E3 isn't for the casual fan(the average Wii gamer). So it would be unwise to allow mainstream media to form opinions out of ignorance. It's too early to say Nintendo has not made the distinction between consoles obvious.... #17
Voice acting was annoying as hell. Not a fan of how shaky and jerky the trailer was as well. #49
How would anyone know? It just got announced... #18.1
We already know God of War has a prequel. Oh did you mean GeoW? #20.2
As long as it's good quality, I don't care what website hosts it. Thanks dude. +Bubz #11
Are there any HD live streams(is this?)? I always get burned by the quality and just wish I downloaded the conference later :( #9
Don't believe anything this website says. They always make things up for hits. #7
Fix the damn "Hired Muscle" Quest! I can't continue the companion's quest line because of it! #20
The Tomba! games are rad. It's a shame more people haven't played them. #13
A new Dynasty Warriors Game. That would be unexpected. #75
WHO CARES(coming from a massive Budokai 2 & 3 fan)! These games get announced weekly. You wont have to wait much longer to hope the next DBZ game is better than the last. #19
Don't support websites that do one pic per page lists. It's lazy and a translucent attempt to get hits. #15
The invisible walls podcast should be written off, as they clearly have no business speaking about Sony in general. They lack the knowledge to do so.

See my comment below for better explanation. #5.4.2
I watched it, and quite frankly I don't understand how they are employed. Some qualms they have are valid but in general, they are a bunch of ignorant idiots(at least when speaking about Sony). All they do is bash the game and as a result, offer little insight on the game itself or it's positive aspects.

They believe Sony have few memorable characters and they struggle to come up with their own favorite Sony related character. They thought Sly Cooper was a GOD DAMN MA... #13.1.1
Big Daddy and Loco Roco are great shouts! I hope they make the roster. #20
People don't seem to understand that VGA voters are people in the industry who play advance builds of the games that are not yet released. If this award show wants your game nominated, you bet your ass the publishers are going to co-operate to make the public more aware of their product. Sure it's possible that the builds given to the judges could reflect more positively or negatively than the final copy, but for the purpose of nomination, I think it is a fair enough representation. #4
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Who? I don't need a hippie game.

Megadeth is next \m/ #7
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This looks terrible IMO. Honestly, was this what everyone was expecting? It's basically a bunch of mini games featuring play station mascots; hope I'm wrong. However, if Sony wan't to take that route, wouldn't mind a Mario party clone! #6
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He is providing useful information that makes me question the validity of this publication.

Why are you here? To put people down? #3.2
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