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I agree. Killzone 3 in general was poor in comparison to its predecessor. The multiplayer especially conformed to genericism when it started with something so unique and interesting. #5.1.3
No offense, but Naughty Dog has better things to do than tinker with a dying franchise. #1.2.1
Correction! They are NEVER great. #14.1
One of my favorite maps of the COD franchise. The Modern Warfare team haven't made many good ones since COD4. #9
Same here. I held off of buying the game for this moment. #28.1
Why wasn't this announced at E3? God knows they could have used it... #59
Agent is clearly dead in the water #1.3.2
I really enjoyed Salvation. Great weekend rental. #1.1.7
"Never trust Superman"
Thats what my friend told me from Nintendo company. #1.2.2
Message to Level 5: Quit making those stupid "White Knight Chronicle" games, and devote your team to a franchise people actually like(DarkCloud)! #1.4.1

Quit making those stupid White Knight Chronicle games, and devote your team to a franchise people actually like. #58
SOCOM hasn't seen the glory days since the PSP. I'll pass. #24.1
I don't want another jak game! Let Naughty Dog create new experiences. What if ND just kept making Crash Bandicoot games? Jak and Daxter would have never come in to existence. #10.1.1
Was it gamespot? No wait! GiantBomb! #1.1.1
I guess I will never be buying COD then. #2.1.1
Only when COD supports dedicated servers on consoles, will I buy the game. #2
Don't be so pretentious...

Most of the comments on N4G are level headed posts. You're just magnifying the negativity because that is what is interesting/catches peoples attention. #1.14.2
Watch Dogs looked yawn worthy. I don't see the appeal. #3
The PABR E3 demo looked terrible. The frequent specials looked so disjointed and ruined the flow of the game. Battle Royal also lacks the dynamic of ledge deaths. Dying singularly by specials makes it seem very uni-dimensional. I wish the dev team would just go whole hog, and copy Smash Brothers tick for tat. #65
Why let him into E3 if he is going to be oblivious everything happening. Yes, at the moment Nintendo are not presenting the Wii U to desirably. But... the vast majority who know about E3 and the industry, know the Wii U is a separate console.

We know E3 isn't for the casual fan(the average Wii gamer). So it would be unwise to allow mainstream media to form opinions out of ignorance. It's too early to say Nintendo has not made the distinction between consoles obvious.... #17
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