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A month/annual subscription like EA Access is definitely a good business model to pursue.

Also if Sony really wants to bring in more customers, they should make any game digitally purchased on the PSN store free (or ridiculously cheap) to run on PS Now service.

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Zoom in really close to each characters face, the skin texturing is really really detailed. I also like to shine the flashlight into my NPC's face to see them squint and sneer at me. I'm mean like that! :)

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Just played a few minutes of the story mode again. The 60fps is so good in the opening scenes while they are driving & running around the town... It's like they should put a 'The way it's meant to be played' tag on it!

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It's working, but I liked Naval Strike & 2nd Assault a lot more. This map pack has a heavy focus on infantry combat. 2 of the 4 maps are pretty small to play on in Large Conquest mode making things feel really congested, and also causing the frame rates to dip more frequently than I can stand.

I give it a 2.5/5 stars.

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Whoa the 60fps is insane. I was on the fence about re-buying this, but that video just convinced me. Multiplayer looks really quick now!

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Yea, okay lemme think about this deal uhhhmmmmm...


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I'll probably get it when it goes on sale for $25 (2 months after its release)
Lol lol lol

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Well I'll see how the Alpha (release date of the game) goes, and then join in a year after its release when it's in its beta state! :)

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Seriously, why can't they just use the same code from the PS3? My G27 worked fine in Grab Turismo

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Morpheus @ E3 looked like such a polished product, I'm surprised it has not gotten a release date yet. I want to get this sooo badly, aaaarrrgghh!

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I'm still surprised that Crytek has not tried to re-release their Crysis series to these next gen consoles. But then again, that's why they are where they are now...those arrogant pricks, mwahaha!

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Crazy Ken may have created the PS1, but if he's going to be like George Lucas was with Star Wars... I'm fine with the changing of the guard! Cerney has made brilliant hardware choices with the PS4 and Yoshida is one of the coolest guys in the gaming industry.

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It's been a flip-flopping story of we will-we won't for a while now. It's bad enough that this gamegame did not come out in the 1st quarter of 2014. This latest bit of news is disappointing to say the least.

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No Man's Sky:
----BOOOM------ **mind blown***

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This article is interesting because one of Gamespot's finest reviewers Greg Kasavin left the videogame website to make this game.

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Rockstar, no auto-aim on any of your new games from now on.

k thx

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Not a good sign if all reviews are coming out on release day.

Usually all good games get early reviews on big name websites like IGN, Gamespot, etc

Just sayin...

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This game rules.

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I almost feel like Crysis3 would be worth playing again on next gen consoles. The multilayer component was really gimped graphically on the ps3/360 ports.

There's also a part of me that really wants another Counter Strike game. I hear it's getting popular again in the competitive gaming scene.

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and they probably buff the xbone numbers as well. the actual ps4 to xbone consoles sold ratio is probably a solid 2:1.

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