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Best BF3 article I've ever read (esp the clever title). But really, this great piece of writing applies to all battlefield games. Hope more people read this, I'll definitely be checking out this website more often!

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Go easy on the kid, I think he's from anoher country.

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Hmm, either Famitsu's standards have gone down or they really like them some Dynasty Warriors!

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Bought a lot of good games from amazon and best buy for less than thirty bucks each this fall. the only thing that gets me is the DLCs. $15 for only 4 maps is highway robbery!

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This would've helped people, YESTERDAY!

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Woohoo! Welcome to yesterday!

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So to summarize these 20,000+ words of endless ramble from Kotaku, 3's (of anything) are a let down. Okay, I got it after the 2nd example guys, now go write something useful.

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TBH If ported over BF2 to consoles I'd play it.

Does anyone else miss artillery strikes?

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YOu knw that problm you get when you cn't spell proprly becuz you jst saw somthing totlly awesome?! ijustgottaht!

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Great, a PS3 fruit slicer App!

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and WoW

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Wait,...did these guys make Skyrim too?

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I'm still miffed why they didn't release this for free for everyone that actually bought this game.

This map pack would be the only reason to get my BF2 friends to play this game. Unfortunately its $15 on top of the base game price, what a joke!

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FYI, Amazon is matching prices for this game with Best Buy.

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I loved all the FF's on NES and SNES. Once they transitioned on to the Disc based systems they focused more on CG cutscenes than GamePlay.

Never really liked the FF series as much after that (FF8 had really good CG's though).

Xenogears remains to be my all time fav JRPG.

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They aren't going to fix it:

mICS not working has been a problem since BF2 on
the PC (we used Roger Wilco, Ventrilo, and Xfire to get by).

They said they were going to patch that, here we are 10 years later...same problem.

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chill on the update #'s Bub,

An update, is an update, is an update...

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GoW 4

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I wait for the $30 Skyrim deal...mwahaha

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latest 5 titles released, this is simply mind blowing stuff!

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