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Colony Wars, Freespace, WingCommander, Xwing vs TieFighter
Would be cool to play any of those in VR!

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I'd say $200 for this version sounds about right. Increased PS Plus costs and software sales should make up for any hardware losses.

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Yes at Best Buy if it is shipped and sold by Amazon. They will not give you the extra 20% GC discount on top of the price match though :(

IF, however, the price reduces within 14 days of your date of purchase, you can actually get an even better deal by getting them to give you the newest lowest price with any extra off you would normally get from the GC membership! :)))

That worked out really well for me with DS3. I price matched it to $40 the week A...

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that guy with the VR headset kind of looks out of place, like he is playing the game with his mind

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When they were first released, the open world Spiderman games fulfilled my childhood dreams: Spiderman 2 on Xbox, Spiderman on my Galaxy Note 2.

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Highly recommended for gamers/powerusers on a budget. I just bought myself a couple of months ago. It runs great, is easy to open up and apply upgrades to, and is very cheap for what it can do.

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I just started playing it a couple of days ago, it's a very good game :))

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This episodic deployment strategy only works if the releases come out quickly.

Waiting until March for the first episode to release is not quickly...

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Here's our latest high end / cutting edge / top of the line...SURFBOARDS!!

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MCC is a beast, and probably the best remaster out there. I do want to say that the Last of Us Remastered is a very close second. The upgraded graphics, silky smooth frame rates, and fully functional multiplayer made it the best PS4 game for me when it released.
TLOU is hard to beat, but I can't wait to see what they do with Uncharted!

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Former head editors of Kotaku (that were funded by M$ during the 360/PS3 days) joined Polygon.

Polygon accepts $750,000 bribe from M$:

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I would recommend on getting it simply because this piece of hardware won't RROD like it's last generation counterpart, heehee!

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It's sickening looking at the dimensions for the shifter and the pedals because they look exactly the same as the G25 & G27.

It's like they're following suit with the EA/2K franchise sports milk machines.

I wonder if the motherboards in the wheel section are the same form factor as well. That would be very interesting indeed...

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Yes too soon
Also give us support for the G27 steering wheel on consoles

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Looks like the next game will be called
Halo 5: Uncharted Territory

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Great, now if they just had these deals in the North American store

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Darn, guess I know who not to draft for my fantasy team this season!

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Omg they "made you look" didn't they!

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Well, at least we know the physics engine is working correctly. Now, if y'all don't mind, I'm going to go outside and fly around with my shield now!


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I'd definitely want DLNA capability on PS4 like the X1 and PS3 can do

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