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With so many other devices that now support DLNA (phones, media players, tvs) i don't feel like I absolutely need to have it for any of my consoles now.

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Just Cause 3 exclusive to PS4? Oh my!

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So...we're all okay with forcing everyone to be connected to the internet at all times when playing our games now??

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Idk it's on X1, so won't there be...parity?

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It's hard to say if an open world racer is better than a traditional track type racer. It might just come down to your preference upon whether or not you prefer to mostly race other people online or if you just prefer to play on your own in a single player campaign format.

If you like to race a lot of other people online, a traditional race track type of game might be better for you because you'll more than likely be able to find a lot more people to race against in ...

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I've learned my lesson from Destiny. Having parity in games sucs bals. Never again will I support this business model no matter how AAA a game title might be.

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So far my G27 hasn't been compatible with any PS4 or Xbox racing game I'd like to play :(

Not sure why it can't be supported, as it works really great with driving sims like Gran Turismo on the PS3.

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AC:BF on next gen systems was the best water I've ever seen. BF4 is also not so bad.

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I agree, it's like they made the weight/mass of a dead enemy equivalent to a blow up doll.

The problem is that the character never walks over an a dead body on the ground, he always walks through it.

It almost would've just been better for a dead enemy's body to disintegrate.

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Damn, I'm so J right now!

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Ack, enough of these 'arcady' racers already. I want to play/watch a racing game with REAL damage. Like if I'm racing online and I get clipped by a guard rail my car will go into a tail spin and could become a complete wreck. On the flip side, there would be penalties/disqualifications applied to a-hole racers that cause accidents to other cars.

Sounds pretty extreme, but putting into perspective this gameplay style with a FPS game like Counter Strike, which ha...

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This would be a game changer if MS can pull it off by Q3 of next year. Any longer, and X1 will have lost too much ground to the PS4

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It was a great game, but there's no need to re release it on next gen systems. Unlike GTA, the frame rates were good (on the ps3) so there's not going to be much added value in this version.

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Uh, I kinda stopped playing it's pretty lame

I'm having more fun playing TLOU:Factions and Madden tbh

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$350 w/ the Master Chief Collection included would work for me.

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Awesome Polygon, your
M$ check is in the mail.

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ouch, lol

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Why is this post still on the front page?? This article is clearly wrong and over 24 hours old

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Lol! They had the cones, yellow tape, and signs all ready for action too!

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great, i loved this game. now remove auto-aim, thanks...

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