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Well, at least we know the physics engine is working correctly. Now, if y'all don't mind, I'm going to go outside and fly around with my shield now!


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I'd definitely want DLNA capability on PS4 like the X1 and PS3 can do

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I think we shouldn't have to pay the creator for streaming a game they made and sold to us unless there was a disclaimer statement at the beginning of the game somewhere.

I think it's just like how its not illegal for people to make $ from filming themselves surfing on a surfboard they bought, but it is illegal for people to make $ from copying a surf video that they didn't make.

If people want to pay $ to other people for streaming games then so ...

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Thanks for the tip, I just got mine refunded as well!

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Haha my thoughts exactly,
Destiny sucks!

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Services are very dependent on internet connections, and that is not great for everyone.

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I have a feeling these GOW remasters won't sell well seperately

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This will not sell well at that price point

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I agree, it's not cool to ban people that payed $ to beta test your game and find exploits.

If they really want to stop this insanity on their servers they should just write a script that limits people to holding a maximum amount of rare items (like guns & ammunition).

Or reset everyone's game items at the end of the week.

During this beta testing phase, I would think the best strategy for your getting your game ready to be releas...

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Oh my, now the PS4 is the only next gen console that can stream music freely while gaming?!


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Destiny, BF on PS3/360, Killzone on PS3.
30fps sucks for Multiplayer FPS games.

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Techland, the same company that made Dead Island... the Elder's Scrolls Zombie themed fps that would lose everyone's game saves and progress randomly. A patch came out a quarter of a year later, after everyone had moved on to other (working) games.

They may claim this game is going to be bug free and I hope so, since this game has been delayed by almost an entire year from its original release date.

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What I got out of this senseless debate...

Both Drake & Lara are MASS MURDERS, k thx.

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Duh X1 is better at streaming movies

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*Applauds* MS,
I'm planning to pick up the X1: MCC bundle this Thanksgiving, so this is really great to see!
I hope Sony responds with some PSN sales too!

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Jack gives his little spiel about why GTA is bad.
Jack turns off camera and puts in GTA into his console.
Jack proceeds to play GTA for the rest of the night.

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Star Wars!

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It really makes sense that the Xone is $50 cheaper than the PS4, I may get one soon if they bundle it with MCC for $350.

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Oh shucks, I jumped the gun and didn't hear they were going to lower the base price of the Xbone to $350.

MCC Xbone bundle for $350 is my new entry price point!

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If they sell the Xbone bundled w/ MCC for $400 I'll get it!

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