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Been having a lot of fun with the F2P games like Warframe and DC Online. Both games run amazingly well and shouldn't be missed, the 'potential' is here and now on PS4!

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I picked up BF4, COD, and AC4, but guess which game I've played the most so far?
WARFRAME. My god, how can this game be free?

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@ VaizardNL

If the PS4 works just like the PS3, you just force the display settings to output up to 720p. Consoles have to work with many different types of TV/Monitor's, so games essentially run at many different resolutions from 480i on up to the maximum resolution the console is configured for, or the max the game can output up to (which ever is lower). Get what I'm talking about now?

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What's great about the PS4 is that you'll have the option of playing the game at 720p as well. I'm sure it'll do 60fps at that resolution. As for me, I'm gonna give it a go at native 1080p first ;)

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Hmm, I wonder if the digital 3D movies on the PSN Video Store and Netflix will work?

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What's great is the PS4 has the capability to play games at 720p as well. I'm sure it'll do 60fps at that res setting. But of course, I'd like to give it a go at 1080p first ;)

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It would be great if they made a remote/video sync app for phones like YouTube does.

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Here's something that we're all forgeting...

PS4 plays games at multiple resolutions (720p included).

If you have such a hard on for stability, framerates, superiority complexes...just realize that your display options for this game are limited with 1 of the 2 next-gen consoles

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I don't see anything wrong with consoles going obsolete in 4 years. People buy $400+ phones every other year with a monthly service plan. Why should purchasing a console every 4 years be such a big deal? That's what the average lifespan of previous consoles used to be.

It would be even smarter of the console manufacturers to just keep the general architecture the same and simply scale up the specs (e.g. go from a 8 core to a 16 core CPU, or go from 8GB to 16GB of R...

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Icewindale Trilogy, Dark Elf Trilogy...this guy is like God in my book.

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Guess they have to


( •_•)>⌐■-■


Deal with it

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The author said he loved the demo so much, he played through it 4 times!

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Yes, I luved that game!

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I disagree woth this review, im playing the game right now and it's not as bad as this reviewer makes it out to be. Although maybe its because I'm paying it for free via Playstation Plus :D

The game feels very portal like, which I dig. Id give it an 8/10.

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This is an easy recommendation to make:

Galaxy Note 2

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AC3 is soo buggy, Dishonored all the way!

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Kotaku has something good to say about the PS3?! TRAP!

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I know no dual analog sticks, but you know what? I said the same thing when FPS games migrated from keyboard & mouse to consoles. People adapt to interfaces.

But speaking of android games, look at what's out now for them:

"Vita is Dead" is a bold statement, but don't underestimate the popularity & tech capability of ...

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Vita is dead, quadcore android phones are close enough to play these types of games. That's why all the devs are just making half baked games for vita. The mobile market is just too hard to pass up.

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most amazing opening sequence i've ever seen!

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