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Vita is dead, quadcore android phones are close enough to play these types of games. That's why all the devs are just making half baked games for vita. The mobile market is just too hard to pass up.

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most amazing opening sequence i've ever seen!

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Of course you are right, I am sorry to be such an ignorant fool to reply to your infinite wisdom.

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I'm really frustrated with the disjointed storytelling in AC3. after playing sleeping dogs, there is a clear difference between a good game and a bad one. although AC3 has a much bigger universe and more side missions, the simplified gameplay, uninteresting checkers like mini game, and overall lack of polish prevent it from rising above the other games in this series. Brotherhood is still the best AC game to me.

but sleeping dogs hands down blows this game away

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Hatred? More like common sense. $60 for this trilogy set, which is $20 per game. You can get each game separately on Amazon for less than that.

Think before you post.

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That's fine, this mag had a really crappy editor anyways (in the closet Xbox fanboy).

I blame this mag's downfall all on him.

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Nba 2k needs better balance.

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If you wanted to go the really cheap route buy 2 & 3 for under $20 each from Amazon and just buy 1 on PSN.

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This is a bait article. look at how happy everyone is about it on amazon.

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Yea, I've played madden 13 & nba 2k13, then sold them back within a months time. Both were trash compared to the versions that came out two years back imo.

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Ok if this tv in the video is what they were basing their "absolutely stunning" comment on, the TV looks to be only 50" at biggest, how would you even be able to see 4k if 1080p looks good on that sized tv already?

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Hmm, I was planning to buy the Multi-player component after playing the Single Player free on Plus+ later this month (because of the spend $100 get $20 back sale on PSN).

If LB is not going to do any more PS3 work are they gonna drop support for the *Hawk games as well?

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If only rollbacks could be applied to other apps:


I'm talking about you!

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Damn, I was really hoping that Monster High Skultimate Roller Maze was gonna hit its day-1 sales quota...oh well!

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Let's break it down:

3 games that are:

$60 will be $40 per game
$50 will be $34 per game
$40 will be $27 per game

If you also have a Gamer's Unlocked membership you will get a $5 reward certificate after you spend a total of $125 on any video game related products.

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I'm liking this game better than the new madden and nba2k. I sold those, but I'm keeping this one :)

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I sold this game after having it for about a good solid month. The AI in this game absolutely SUCKS! Don't even bother trying to be good at it, the AI will make sure to impede all of your movements towards victory.

Same goes for NBA2k13. I've had it with these buggy regurgitated roster updates!

Thank god for the BestBuy Trade-In deals they were having last week!

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Gooseman is THE man!

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I have this crazy idea,

What if there were advertisements in games which players could help promote by wearing ad related gear (clothes, banners, equipment). The more people use them, the more it helps pay for free DLC for the community.

Just imagine if everytime you got a kill, you could stand over your victim, pop open, and chug down a can of 7up that would be both humiliating and (maybe) informative to the poor bastard you just fragged?!

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Counter-Strike: GO ?

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