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‘very little changes day-to-day at Oculus.’

Cept for all the employees pulling into work in their new Lambo's!

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Great so now we'll control our Asimo-bodied google-map-camera-head with our Occulus VR headsets and never have to physically see or talk to anyone ever again, Wally-world here we come! :)

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wow, gj 9000!

I love this game too :)

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( •_•)>⌐■-■

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I know what Kaz said,
"It's Drive Club. Driiiiiive Cluuub!"
Lol, I kid I kid =)

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Most games (that I'm playing at least) are multiplat. Multiplayer games are so fleshed out now you can be playing them for months. I definitely don't feel like there's not enough games to play on my PS4.

There are a lot of choices on other systems no doubt. I recently dusted of the good ole PS3 to play The Last of Us:Left Behind, Brothers, and EDF 2025!

Getting back on topic, the price drop issue is making me look at picking up an an X1, but only...

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Good news,

Here's my list of goals to improve on for the multilayer mode:
-take out auto aim (for both multiplayer & single player modes)!
-allow at least 100 players on a server
-make all game modes like raid (seamless and viewable/joinable to all players on the server)
-have some type of shootout mode in and around the saloons!
-play poker with other players to gain/lose in game currency
-add in the quickdraw mini game...

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Just played this last night on my PS3, frame rates are super choppy, but the game is still HELLA FUN. They need to release one of these EDF games for the PS4. I been watching the PC version on Youtube, it's soooo epic at 30-60fps!

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Say what you will, but it's pretty amazing how on a site like VGChartz (which I always felt was funded by M$) we see the PS4 selling almost THREE TIMES as much as X1 in the first week of Feb.
150k (PS4) to 50k (X1).

The cumulative amount of consoles sales side shows the PS4 has almost doubled the X1.
5.2M (PS4) to 3.4M (X1).

There was no year head start between the two consoles, and already there is a wide margin between how much each has ...

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I hope he keeps posting.
Reading posts from losers like him make me feel better about myself. :)

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So, I gotta pay $300 touch my tv screen to play angry birds now? Bad move Amazon

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I'd say if you've waited this long to play this game, you can wait another 2 months when the price drops to $35 on Amazon.

It's got a great single player campaign but subpar multiplayer mode. Lots of people will be selling it used online after they beat it.

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Employees at Polygon are the same ones that started Kotaku & Joystiq. They take bribes from companies that start with the letter 'M'.

Oh, and if you want to see how 'great' of a game Gone Home is, just watch it here:

Could be a bad capacitor in the power supply

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I've put more hours into Warframe than any other game on my PS4. I wonder if Edge will change their tune/score when it gets released on the other console.

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Wow, could this be the first cross platform game across all 3 systems?!

I personally love this game on the PS4 and am looking forward to playing with people that have other systems :)

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Divekick?! Lol!

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PS4's are in stock online:

My friend ordered his online today and reported that it shipped already

Go go go!

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Slick Top Gear presentation and great selection of cars! I hope something like this comes out for the PS4 soon

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Get the walmart Ps3 copy for $25, then upgrade ( through the PSN store ) your copy to the ps4 version for only $10.
You'll then have Bf4 for ps3 & ps4 for only $35. :)

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