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The way I look at it is if you bought an Xbox One specifically for Destiny then you're stupid and should have done your research. I don't heard these people complaining about the COD DLC or Sunset Overdrive exclusivity. Just be glad you can actually play Destiny on your respective consoles, wouldn't you rather there just be some exclusive content on another platform than it being completely exclusive to another platform? #33
Botanicula is spectacula #3.1
Being "indie" had nothing to do with graphics. #6.1
Don't you mean "Xbox fans couldn't care less"? #1.3.5
It looks too different from the first which I really enjoyed. I wish they stuck more with that, I thought the campaign was great and I really enjoyed the story which I feel is going to take a backseat in this. Not really feeling what I've seen so far. #4
Homefront Revolution might be their last release. #1.1.6
The gameplay is anything but clunky and imo the world is one of the best and most interesting I have ever played. The lore is incredible but each to their own. #8.1
I haven't played the Witcher 2 yet but I bought it in the steam sale and out finally got my PC built the other day so I'm looking forward to checking it out! #4.4.3
Yes because Microsoft invented the idea of tired exclusives and exclusive content /s

Are you really that dumb? And "copied the controller" like, what? The Dualshocks are nothing like the Xbox controllers. And which controller came first? Oh yeah Sonyst. #9.2
The wolf's name is Sif who I don't find particular difficult at all but you're right, it's all about have the right shield, enough stamina and the right timing. #7.1.1
40 hours? How far did you get? #7.2
Agreed, it is especially the best combat in an RPG I think I've ever experienced. I can't play the Elder Scrolls games because I find the combat so bad. #4.4.1
I really hope this list isn't in any particular order. #10
Scarface was such an awesome game. I prefer San Andreas but Scarface is so underrated! #8.1
Build a PC that can run these games as well as the PS4 for the same pric then come back and laugh. See you in 5 years. #6.4.1
Why anyone watches that pile of garbage is beyond me. #5.3
The problem with COD (and many other FPS games for that matter) is that there isn't much else they can do. With COD the formula was perfected with MW2 and from then on they haven't been able to do much apart from add new weapons, maps and tweak things here and there. People say "I'm sick of COD it's just the same game every year, I wish they'd innovate" but "innovation" is a lot easier said than done.

And if they change too much they r... #10
I liked it, he's meant to be an AI and that's exactly what he sounds like. #4
Ahh my bad, according to wiki it's the 11th November, I thought it got pushed to next year. #8.1.2
Didn't The Crew get delayed? #8.1
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