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Dat english. #3
I thought he was killing people? He's using a silenced hand gun. #3.2
No it really has, just like "modern warfare" games are now. #15.1.1
No because it has been done to death. #15
Sucker Punch said themselves in an interview that the moral choices we meant to be very black and white. This guy has no idea what he's talking about. #1.3
A price cut, are you serious? #3.1
"It's also quite long if you try to complete the game 100%"

So are a hell of a lot of game but that doesn't mean a thing. Most people play though something once and are then done, therefore the length of this game really does not justify the price. #8.1
I disagree, I played Demon's Souls when it first got released and while it's one of my favourite games, I prefer Dark Souls. The world, the lore, the story, the bosses, the mechanics, I thought Dark Souls was better in every way but each to their own :) #3.2
Make sure you get the Drake Sword and don't, I repeat, don't go to the graveyard straightaway from Firelink Shrine, go towards the castle. #1.2
Videogamer is one of the few gaming sites I actual like and trust. This is awesome! #4
Here's two pro tips for you then:

1. Don't buy it.

2. Don't comment on articles about it. #1.2
Videogamer.com's review is the best I've read. #1.1.1
Yeah and you'll have at least 1 hour worth of gameplay for Titanfall! #3.4.5
Exactly, Titanfall has absolutely zero chance of 'killing' COD as long as it is exculisve. #1.4
That makes no sense. Why buy two CE editions if you're going to open them both? Either buy two and don't open one or buy the Black Armour Edition or something. #12.1
Does it really matter if it's wireless or not? The DS4 should work with DkS2 as it does with the first so just plug in and play. #11.1
The only thing I don't understand is that EA want Titanfall to be competing with COD right? So how do they ever expect that to happen if they're going to keep it exclusive? Makes zero sense to me. #1.2.5

The joke => ---------

Your head => ----------- #1.6
Lol what? The game play and story are absolutely fantastic. Just because it doesn't give you cutscene after cutscene of story doesn't make it crap, it tells it through the world and if you actually look they both have excellent stories (especially Dark Souls) and is better than 95% of the fantasy shite out there. Also the play is pretty much perfect, what do you think has good gameplay? Skyrim? Haha.

I'm sorry but 2/3 hours isn't enough for games like these.... #7.4
"Dark Souls is bigger and longer but if you were a Demon's Souls veteran the game was quite manageable with the exception of a few particular areas."

But you can also flip that, if you're a Dark Souls veteran then Demon's Souls is pretty easy. #6.1
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