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Thanks :) Yes it's much much better with friends although it is still fun on your own just not quite as much. Been playing a lot of the competitive mulitplayer this morning and that is pretty awesome I just wish there were some more inventive modes and the loot drop system is a bit annoying, I topped the leaderboard four times in a row and got nothing. #4.1
I played a lot of the beta and I'm currently around 5 hours in now and am still really loving it. I think the hype kinda got too much for it but I was never that hyped about it in the first place so maybe that is playing a part. My biggest problem with it is the lack of set pieces, the fight with the scarab in Halo 3 is one of my favourite gaming memories but with this there is nothing liek that, it's just a lot of 'fight this wave of enemys then fight a slightly bigger guy withmo... #3.1
How is this even a question? It won't even come close to U4 sales. #1.1.6

Also this game is nowhere near a 9/10, it's a 6 at a push. #6.1
This game isn't smooth on PC, terrible port, I hope they sort it out. #7
Hasn't it always been a "closed circuit arcade racer"? #11.1
I'm an absolute pussy when it comes to horror games but Outlast is not scary. #7

This video should help you out:

https://www.youtube.com/wat... #3.1.4
"They just released an update that included 8 vs 8 pilots, no bots or Titans."

The game is called Titanfall and they took the titans out? Yeah sounds great. #19.1.1
I wouldn't say Watch Dogs was overrated, more like overhyped. #1.1.14
Apparently people don't care about the quality of the games they just want 'AAA' games. #5.1
Hilarious #7.1
Milk milk milk. I'll just wait for the inevitable PS4 GOTY Edition next year. #10
"The PC's exclusives make more money per exclusive than consoles do.

PC hardware dominates the gaming market currently, and is increasing yearly."

And you care about this why exactly?

"Divinity Original Sins has come out and become the best RPG in like a decade."


We aren't even a year into the generation, the exclusives will come, surely you knew there wasn't going to... #1.5.1
"I imagine we will see almost all games come to PC eventually "

Apart from every single Sony first party game and Bloodborne. #1.1.8
*and over priced. #4
It looks great but I HATE the music. #1.3.1
Yet if you do count old gen, Sony has the most devices sold. PS3s and Wiis are still selling so why wouldn't you count them? #8.1

I'm not saying its not a horror game, I'm saying it's not a great one. #10.1.2
I really wouldn't count Outlast #10.1
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