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It's called a beta for a reason. #10.1
Based on Halo 4 I'd have to say no. #3
Or you could just, you know, hold down the button for 5 seconds go to "Adjust Devices" and click turn off controller. #1.1.5
Yeah it all depends really. I find it hard to play through games more than one the same way I find books hard to read more than once, because once you know what happens it's boring.

There are a few games I have played though more than once just because they're fun. The Infamous games, the Souls games, some of the CODs (trophy hunting more than anything) and the Halo games. The only single player game that is very story driven I have played through more than once is T... #6.1
That made me spit out my tea! #2.1.4
I don't understand why they would do this. Even if no one was playing them, why even go to the effort to remove them? #1.1.6
Little bit of pop in at the end but my God this game looks insane! #23
I doubt they'd be able to support two MMOs at the same time. #2.1.7

I agree, I know a lot of people love it but I thought it was really bad. Just bland, boring and repetitive, I also thought the gameplay was awful.

that being said I'm looking forward to see what they do with Fallout 4. #1.1.3
I don't understand how this would work. Does this mean that if you have Kinect and use it, games aren't going to run as well? Sounds like bull to me. #1.6
No I think you went full retard the day you were born. #24.1
But Bound by Flame looks awful. #3.3
I find it weird that Projet Beast is apparently meant to be the "spiritual successor" to Demon's Souls, wasn't that what Dark Souls was? #1.3.2
Yeah it really doesn't make any sense. #2.1
Innovate by copying something from another game? ermmm #4.1

What? That makes no sense, why are you assuming that everyone who owned an Xbox 360 had XBL Gold? That's just stupid. And why are you assuming everyone who buys a PS4 will buy PS+? Also stupid. And you really don't think there will be any sorry if price drop whosoever within the next 3 years? #1.1.9
I don't think you understand how businesses work. #1.2.7
This looks really bad. #4
Who on earth considers PvZ and Sport Rivals as AAA games? #1.2.13
*Two years #3.5
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