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You don't have to go onto a site to comprehend the basic story, you just have to read stuff in game. #11.1
Del Toro basically said he's done with games now. #1.3
This is so sad, I'm so pissed at Konami. That being said, I'd love to see a Hidetaka Miyazaki Silent Hill game. #1.1.8
Bait #6.7
F*ck you Konami, just f*ck you. #5
I really really hope you're joking. #7.1

You don't, you only need it for PvP. #1.3.2
This kinda annoys me, in the vast majority of games the protagonist is a mass murderer and no one questions it. So why do people go on about the same thing just for Nathan Drake? #9
I'm pretty sure you only need PS+ for PvP. My flatmate plays on my PS4, on his own account but don't have PS+ and is able to invade, help and get help. #1.3
It's a joke, he's taking the piss... #2.1
I love Simon Miller #3

Ori is on PC #1.2.3
"when games like Bloodborne have a terrible story"

Have clearly never even played it them. #2.3.2
I would kill for a new Dino Crisis or Onimusha. #2.1.2

It is a technical marvel yes, but the game is massively overrated. #1.2.5
I have an ASUS Radeon R9 290X so :D #5
If all they're playing is FIFA then why would they bother to get a next gen system? It's just not worth it. #3.4
Skyrim sucks. I guarantee there will be a hell of a lot more to do in this game than in Skyrim. #8.1
Do you mean a commercial success? #2.3
Disagree about it being more fun than AW. I really don't like Treyach's CODs (apart from WaW), I don't know what it is I just get bored of them straight away, BO2 lasted me about two weeks before I stopped playing. I think it may be down to the fact that I find the map design to be very poor compared to IW's. #1.6
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