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I'm about 3 hours in and quite enjoying it. But honestly so far, I think Origins was better.

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Green Lantern has potential for a lot, just an awesome character with a lot of amazing stories and characters to draw from. People really underestimate the character and just shrug him off as silly. I hope the next movie is good and we see a lot more of him in all times of media.

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"Everyone who defends him uses the jealousy card, it's getting old."

And everyone who attacks him uses the 'I don't find him funny so he sucks' card, it's getting old.

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Could you not just finish the game without upgrading and then go back and do those last two Riddler trophies?

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Completely agree, well said.

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Screwing up a generation? Seriously? Jesus the amount of jealousy here is insane.

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Aspire to make millions just by playing games and making Youtube videos? Who doesn't?

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Wow what a way to overblow it. I'm 21 and I don't mind his videos sometimes, but if you don't like him then just don't watch him, he gets paid for the job he does and he gives a lot of it to charity. I think it's more ridiculous how much footballers get but they also get paid for the job they do, entertaining millions just like Pewdiepie does.

Jealousy gets you no where.

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A 100/100 or 10/10 does not mean that a game is perfect. No game an ever be perfect, it's impossible. So if it did mean a game was perfect then no game could ever receive that score and therefore there would be no point in it. A 10/10 is a game that is a masterpiece and a classic in which the positives completely outweigh the negatives.

PS instead of getting so hung up on the score, how about actually reading the review?

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Oh my god, not more feminist bulls*it.

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Are you serious? I swear people just love to complain sometimes.

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Well I'm glad you're starting to enjoy it but I gave DkS2 a good 18 hours before I was just like 'nope' and stopped. Although I watched my flatmate play though the DLC and it looked like a big improvement on the main game.

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DS2 combat is the worst in the series. If you've only ever played Bloodborne, I highly recommend playing Dark Souls 1 and Demon's Souls but definitely not DS2.

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Mmm the salt, I can taste it in the air.

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I agree, I feel that the forced Batmobile segments stop it from being that. Personally I don't think that anything has matched Bloodborne so far this year.

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I also think people forget about things like Bloodborne and The Order, I'd much rather have exclusives spread out over the year than have absolutely nothing for the first half of the year. Seriously I cannot think of one exclusive the Xbox One has had so far this year.

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1) A collection of old games woop de doo
2) A remaster
3) Halo 4 was poor, and from what I've seen 5 isn't much of an improvement.
4) Another Forza, awesome.
5) Timed exclusive and a poor man's Uncharted

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I love how people are like "MS showed more games". Since when does more = better?

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Honestly wouldn't be surprised if Sony picked it up and announced it at TGS or next E3.

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