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Souls games rule all.

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Yeah why not just make every male protagonist a female now? /s

I'm all for equality but why are people trying to force stupid stuff like this? It's annoying as f.

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Well the vast majority of Red Faction: Guerrilla and that worked fine.

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"As the developer said, it wouldn't fit being in the offline mode because you're supposed to be an agent of the city and protect it not blow the whole damn place up"

There is no way that that is the real reason they don't have destuction in offline, that's just PR talk. It's because the game would have to be online only for it to work in SP.

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I've read many, many stupid comments on N4G but this one has to be one of the best.

"my ps4 doesn't really feel any different the my ps3"

Smh, I bet you don't even own a PS4.

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I remember playing on my flatmates X1 a couple months ago and I honestly thought it was a bit of a clusterf*ck, it was hard to find anything.

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I agree. For one I really really do not understand the hate it got/gets, I thought the voice was absoultely fine (in fact I actually quite liked it), he's voicing a robot, robots are emotionless like what do people want?

And two, it's completely unnecessar, just a waste of time and resources.

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The TV sereis can't exactly change "based on how you play", this was proved with Defience. The TV show will work with the games story but you're not going to change anything.

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Xbox fanyboy alert.

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Depends what you define as flawless. Alan Wake was a good game but it was no where near Uncharted/The Last Us levels.

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The game isn't even out yet...

It looks amazing but it could end up being a total turd. Fanboys, fanboys everywhere.

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Game looks phenomenal but I wouldn't say Remedy are among the best, not yet anyway.

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It's all about collecting those orbs dude, nothing more satisfying haha. Crackdown was probably my favourite 360 game.

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I thought the MP was okay it was more the SP I enjoyed though, quite a lot.

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First game I've seen that makes me want an Xbox One.

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It was okay, but I was very hyped for it because is consider Dark Souls to be the best game ever made. DkS2 has so many problems and I personally was hugely disappointed with it.

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Now this looks like a true sequel, unlike the massive disappointment that was Dark Souls 2.

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So this is online only then? Or no destruction offline?

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I actually loved the first Homefront so very excited for this.

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I'm in the UK and once again my PSN is absolutely fine.

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