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I prefer Dark Souls but love both games to death. I though Dark Souls had superior mechanics, atmosphere, story, bosses and level design. I hate it when people say Demon's Souls is more difficult, it's only more difficult if that was the first one you played. #1.2.6
I don't get how people on here can say something seems wrong with the mechanics when we've seen very little and no played it at all. #1.1.7
No Uncharted 4 or Bloodborne? Pfft. #7
Is this releasing this year? #13
Most likely PC #2
Yep it's exclusive, Sony registered the "Bloodborne" trademark a week or so ago and it's being developed in tandem with SCE and Japan Studio. #11.1.2
There was a small gameplay leak a few days ago but Miyazaki and From Software are making it, I don't need to see anything to know I will be buying it day one. #11.2.1
For me, Sony won E3 because of Bloodborne. #11
Actually looks pretty incredible. #6
What is so fun about shooting guns at people for hours on end? Pew pew pew. #3.1
The hardest one is the one you played first which for a lot of people was Demon's Souls but overall Dark Souls is the superior game in my eyes. It took everything Demon's Souls had and turned it up to 11, the level design in particular is superb, the best I have have ever seen in a game. #4.2
11/10 best game ever made (imo). #3

Computer definitely, not sure about PS4, don't know if the video player works on the browser #2.1.2
Yeah unfortunately :( We can still watch it on the Playstation Blog though. Or you could create an american account and download it. #2.1
Another bullshit rumour woooooo. I couldn't care less about TLG in all honesty but this is one of the most baseless rumours I have seen in a while, a no name site and two random ex-journalists? Stupid. #17
"Please don't defend content that is blatantly held back to be used as DLC and sold separately."

Or you know, games are finished months in advance of their release date and the devs need something to do otherwise they'd just be sat around twiddling their thumbs?

Anyway I'm not a fan of DLC at all unless it's something full on like the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark Souls, so I won't be buying it. If you don't like stuff l... #1.1.3

It's funny because if you had any clue about Videogamer at all, you would knwo that they are they exact opposite to that. It isn't IGN, they don't all think they're rockstars, they are all very down to earth and funny people.

I for one will be joining the stream to talk to them during the conference's because it's fun and I like them so shh. #1.1.3
I'm sorry that I don't have the same sense of humour as you. #4.2
That would be awesome and would make the single player modes so much better. #9.1
I don't care how it looks, it can look exactly the same as 14 for all I care. But a lot of it is broken, the refereeing decisions make no sense a lot of the time, the whole thing when it doesn't just cut to the corner or throw-in doesn't add anything and is annoying as fuck, the headers are overpowered to fuck meaning when you play online everyone just sprints down the wings and crosses in and the AI for defenders is pathetic. Also the stats don't mean shit, a player with 67 p... #6.1.2
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