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Depends what you define as flawless. Alan Wake was a good game but it was no where near Uncharted/The Last Us levels.

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The game isn't even out yet...

It looks amazing but it could end up being a total turd. Fanboys, fanboys everywhere.

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Game looks phenomenal but I wouldn't say Remedy are among the best, not yet anyway.

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It's all about collecting those orbs dude, nothing more satisfying haha. Crackdown was probably my favourite 360 game.

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I thought the MP was okay it was more the SP I enjoyed though, quite a lot.

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First game I've seen that makes me want an Xbox One.

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It was okay, but I was very hyped for it because is consider Dark Souls to be the best game ever made. DkS2 has so many problems and I personally was hugely disappointed with it.

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Now this looks like a true sequel, unlike the massive disappointment that was Dark Souls 2.

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So this is online only then? Or no destruction offline?

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I actually loved the first Homefront so very excited for this.

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I'm in the UK and once again my PSN is absolutely fine.

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The only game I have ever played for 400+ hours is the original Dark Souls. I can't imagine I'll put that much time into Fallout 4 but you can't go wrong with having lots of content, it's there for people who want to put that time into it, this article is stupid.

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Sucker Punch are based in Seattle :)

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It's fucked my Talos Principle. Keep getting random massive framerate drops. It was fine before, hope it gets sorted.

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"Xbone is beating PS4 at its own game."

Um we got Ground Zeros on PS Plus in June...

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Limbo, Stealth Inc and Sound Shapes are far from mediocre.

I don't understand this obsession with getting AAA games PS+. You would really rather have a low scoring supposed 'AAA' game than some very good indie games?? Smh.

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You laugh at people that enjoy a game? Erm okay.

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Haven't played for a while but in my uni house we played all the time, well over 1000 games on FUT.

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I will :)

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I got the invite yesterday!

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