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The problem with COD (and many other FPS games for that matter) is that there isn't much else they can do. With COD the formula was perfected with MW2 and from then on they haven't been able to do much apart from add new weapons, maps and tweak things here and there. People say "I'm sick of COD it's just the same game every year, I wish they'd innovate" but "innovation" is a lot easier said than done.

And if they change too much they r... #10
I liked it, he's meant to be an AI and that's exactly what he sounds like. #4
Ahh my bad, according to wiki it's the 11th November, I thought it got pushed to next year. #8.1.2
Didn't The Crew get delayed? #8.1
Why would that make you sick? I don't understand people like you. You may not like his content but he's not a bad guy and it doesn't affect you in any way shape or form, just don't watch his videos, tad daaaa. #30.2
Everyone who makes Youtube Let's Play videos would love to be in his position. Fair enough if you don't like him but he has an audience and they like what he does. He started from the bottom and has made his way to the top so good for him, no need to be bitter. #1.1.21
The Wii "survived" lol. The Wii obliterated both the PS3 & 360 in sales: fact. #8.3
Hipster #7.1
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Sony are publishing it in Japan. #4.1.1
Do the people who write these articles consider the fact that the Wii U had a year head start and that the PS4 & Xbox One have only been out around 7-8 months? Obviously it has more games and first party titles so far but we have yet to see what the new consoles offer properly. #12
I agree, I think it's fantastic and I can see myself sinking quite a lot of time into the full game. #11
When the hell is this coming out for PS4?! It's annoying me now, I feel like we've been waiting forever. #4
I prefer Dark Souls but love both games to death. I though Dark Souls had superior mechanics, atmosphere, story, bosses and level design. I hate it when people say Demon's Souls is more difficult, it's only more difficult if that was the first one you played. #1.2.6
I don't get how people on here can say something seems wrong with the mechanics when we've seen very little and no played it at all. #1.1.7
No Uncharted 4 or Bloodborne? Pfft. #7
Is this releasing this year? #13
Most likely PC #2
Yep it's exclusive, Sony registered the "Bloodborne" trademark a week or so ago and it's being developed in tandem with SCE and Japan Studio. #11.1.2
There was a small gameplay leak a few days ago but Miyazaki and From Software are making it, I don't need to see anything to know I will be buying it day one. #11.2.1
For me, Sony won E3 because of Bloodborne. #11
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