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Haha you say San Andreas had crap charcters, a crap story and boring combat yet you want Skyrim remastered? Oh the irony. #12.1
Onimusha pleaseeeeee #15
I played Demon's first but I'm definitely more of a Dark Souls fan, the level design in DS is just too incredible. Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time and Demon's is in my top five, looking forward to seeing if Bloodborne can get in there! #1.3

A disaster lol, exaggerate much? #1.1.12
Well we don't want to to feel like Battlefield so ;) #3.2
I couldn't decide whetheror not to get the CE because I have the art books for all the Souls game but it didn't seem worth the extra £20 so I took the plunge and preordered the Nightmare edition, cannot wait! #3
Nothing beats how excited I am for Bloodborne. #3
Maybe because modders don't mod for a living? You can't expect all devs to create DLC and release it for free, that's just ignorant. #1.1.2
No question about it for me, has to be Dark Souls. Best game I've ever played, I would give a lot to be able to experience that again. #1.1.11
Metacritic User Scores mean f all. #2.9
Disagree. #2.3

That's a joke right? Resistance 3 was one of last gens best games. #1.1.9
I hope they have more LOST easter eggs :D #1.3

Really? I've seen loads of TV adverts, billboards and supermarket radio advertising over the past week and I live in the North East. #1.1.10
Couldn't even be bothered to finish it on PS3 because I found it so disappointing in comparison to the first and Demon's Souls. I think I'll be too busy with Bloodborne to bother with this again. #3
I think if you directed yourself towards metacritic you would see that Dying Light received a lot of 7s, 6s and even a few 5s. #2.2
You're an idiot. #15.1
Yeah Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time never mind my favourite RPG. Could never get into the Witcher though unfortunately, hopefully that'll change with Wild Hunt. #17.2
I don't know, I liked the idea of no shields and using guns as a way to parry. Hopefully block and attack won't work like they said but I guess we'll have to wait and see. Still never been more hyped about a game, this news just disappointed me a tad. #5.1.1
Actually a bit disappointed by this news. #5
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