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I don't care how it looks, it can look exactly the same as 14 for all I care. But a lot of it is broken, the refereeing decisions make no sense a lot of the time, the whole thing when it doesn't just cut to the corner or throw-in doesn't add anything and is annoying as fuck, the headers are overpowered to fuck meaning when you play online everyone just sprints down the wings and crosses in and the AI for defenders is pathetic. Also the stats don't mean shit, a player with 67 p... #6.1.2
Lol fakeeeeee #19
Fifa 14 is broke as hell. Really need to step up their game with this years. #6
PS4 sold 3x as more as the X1? Wow. I know VGChartz isn't very reliable but if that is even close, wow. #4
Wow talk about overreacting.

"Nobody has interest in the garbage lore of Dakr Souls 2"

Erm speak for yourself. I and a lot of other players love the lore. Stop speaking for everyone when you don't have a clue. #2.1

Going from metacritic:

God of War - 94
God of War 2 - 93
God of War 3 - 94

Man I guess all games journalists are 13-15 years old huh? Logic. #12.1.2

I was being sarcastic haha, but I agree with you. :) #1.2.9
How is The Last Guardian and Agent a "franchise"? We haven't had one game yet and haven't heard anything about them in years. #4.5
I really liked GOW:A I hate it when my opinion is wrong :'( #1.2.3

PS3 didn't have cross game party chat. #1.1.12
The "general conciousness" is a 58/100 on Metacritic. #1.1.5

But you're just assuming that all those that gave it a bad review did so because they didn't approach it in the proper context. Which is a silly thing to assume.

They may have approached it in the perfect context, it just might not be a very good game which is the general conciousness. #1.1.3
So a professional is only doing his job if he gives games good scores? #1.1
And nothing else unfortunately #8.1.1
Didn't they change GWG to "rentals" now like PS+?


Pretty sure PS+ had Demon's Souls not Dark Souls. #7.1.1
My favourite game of all time. Enjoy! #5
Is that the track the Hogwarts Express uses?! #8.2

I'd love to see a low to mid-range PC run games at the same graphical fidelity as the PS4 will a solid framerate. Love to. #1.1.11
That's not what I'm complaining about. I'm complaining about all these people claiming to be industry insiders when most of them just come out with stupid bullshit that anyone could say and it gets posted as news. And I'm sick of it, it's annoying.

"New Uncharted looks spectacular" yeah no shit Sherlock. I'm an insider too you know? At E3 sony are going to announce new games! I know crazy right? #7.3.1

Yes I know that but I was on my mobile, in which I don't tend to read the description, I just click on the headline. #7.1.7
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