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What? I'm in the UK Beta and I can get every rental for free so what's this pricing crap? #7

Are you stupid? #5.1.4
No splitscreen, really? Playing splitscreen on Halo with my friends is one of the best things about Halo... #5
I thought 2 was poor tbh, in comparison to Demon's and Dark Souls it was terrible. DLC was much better than the main game though. #12.1.1
Please let this be true, I absolutely love the Resistance franchise. 1 & 3 were two of the best FPS games last gen. I need another! #8
It's a joke, get a sense of humour. #4.1
I find it hilarious that people are getting so pissy and not approving it haha. It's a joke, get over yourselves. #7
"I personally love fantasy/high fantasy, but don't really enjoy the grim/dark fantasy games. Just my opinion."

I'm the complete opposite but fair enough :) #8.1
Canttellifserious.jpg #6.1
Superman isn't a boringg superhero at all. I used to think he was a few years ago, then I picked up a few comics and realized he's actually really awesome. Would love it if Rockstedy made a game for him. #6.1
Agreed. Also the reason I was so disappointed in DS2, the poor level design and disjointed world (was much improved in the dlc). #2.2.1
My flatmate just bought MCC and it's been 2 hours and it's only installed 40% it's shocking. #12
Too bad the gameplay is terrible then. #1.1.3
And where in my post did I say I didn't like the concept?

I like the concept, that isn't what I didn't like about the game, NV included because I've played both. What I didn't like was the story or the gameplay (story was a bit better in NV), I found the story completely uninteresting and the gameplay just clunky and plain bad.

I'm hoping Fallout 4 has a more interesting story and better gameplay. Get it now?

If anyth... #8.4.1
Because people can't accept that everyone doesn't like the same things they do. #8.1.1
I didn't like Fallout 3 but I'm interested in what they have to show for 4 at E3! #8
Me and my flatmates continue to play FIFA15 and we don't know why. Genuinely believe it's one of the worst games I've ever played, it's just so broken. #2
Or get it off G2A were it's only $5. #7.1
But Fallout 3s world is so boring and the combat is terrible, I really can't understand how people enjoy it. I tried to play it five separate times and each time I could never get more than 5 hours in before I got extremely bored. #4.2.1
I didn't like 2, I got bored of it after the first four hours. Which I think was down to the fact that I completely burnt myself out on the franchise with the first one, put over 100 hours into it, platinumed it and everything. Then I got 2 and it was very much just more of the same so I got bored straight away. I'm having a bit of a better time with the Preq but not that much.

I'm hoping Borderland 3 will pull me back in becaus eI had so much fun with the firs... #7
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