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Wow. #10.1
Knew Simon would give this a 10 haha. Can't wait!! #2
This isn't an Xbox One game ;) #3.2
Why isn't it on Amazon UK at all? #9
I really didn't think the demo was all that, you couldn't see anything! #3
If Miyazaki isn't involved my excitement will drop considerably. #7
Honestly wasn't a fan of Fallout 3 or New Vegas but this looks fantastic. #4
I somewhat agree, they aren't really the same as anything else but they're still RPGs technically so. #2.1.1
Best RPG I've ever played is Dark Souls. Only 10 hours into this though so can't really say yet, loving it though. #2
More doesn't equal better. #1.2.1
DmC is not even close to an abomination, it was a good game. #1.1.5
Last time I looked was like Monday. That sucks, I probably won't use it now, barely get a good connection anyway, my uni house has terrible internet. #7.1.1
What? I'm in the UK Beta and I can get every rental for free so what's this pricing crap? #7

Are you stupid? #5.1.4
No splitscreen, really? Playing splitscreen on Halo with my friends is one of the best things about Halo... #5
I thought 2 was poor tbh, in comparison to Demon's and Dark Souls it was terrible. DLC was much better than the main game though. #12.1.1
Please let this be true, I absolutely love the Resistance franchise. 1 & 3 were two of the best FPS games last gen. I need another! #8
It's a joke, get a sense of humour. #4.1
I find it hilarious that people are getting so pissy and not approving it haha. It's a joke, get over yourselves. #7
"I personally love fantasy/high fantasy, but don't really enjoy the grim/dark fantasy games. Just my opinion."

I'm the complete opposite but fair enough :) #8.1
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