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"Ori and the blind forest, rare replay and gears ultimate put it ahead imo."

So a game that is on PC, a collection of old games and a remaster that is also coming to PC? Wow great list /s

Sorry but those don't even come close to just Bloodborne nevermind anything else.

"And I'm still not counting the megatons
Halo 5
Forza 6
Tomb raider
Fable legends"

It baffles...

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I'd say it was easier but that's because I've played all of the Souls games. I think that whichever you play first is the hardest and the rest are slightly easier (but still challenging) becaus eyou kind of know what to expect.

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Dark Souls is a pretty "fresh take" compared to Demon's Souls, they're both quite different.

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Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne are three of the best games ever made imo. Bloodborne is already my GOTY, MGSV is going to be great but nothing can beat Bloodborne for me.

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Gonna have to take a lot to be better than Dark Souls or Bloodborne. But as long as it washes the bad taste from my mouth that I got from Dark Souls 2, then I'll be more than happy.

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Well our entire lives are a waste of time if you want to think about it that way.

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You must have had a dodgy controller then because I've had two since launch and they haven't been a problem. If anything the Xbox One controller feels like a cheap chinese toy, the bumpers are horrible and awkward to use and the plastic used for them and the triggers feel cheap. Also the analogue sticks feel way too loose imo.

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"It's behind in those specific features because Sony did nothing with it. Microsoft could have easily dumbed down the UI and features but Xbox obviously launched incomplete."

That makes no sense.

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PS3 only won last gen because it was the cheapest blu ray player? Haha. Yeah and the 360 were in no way inflated due to RROD right? /s

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"However, now that Value is part of review scores, this must get near a 10 since the dollar per game play hour is very cheap."

Well no, not if it's 400 hours of crap.

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Can no one read these days?

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Good for you. I'll be playing all of those so.

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I'm surprised Devil's Third even got a 3, from what I've saw it looks even worse than that. Presently surprised at the Until Dawn score and I definitely need to check out Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

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Because it doesn't have one.

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Game looks fantastic but I don't think people realise that this Rare is no where near the old Rare, the team is very different now and they haven't made a good game in years.

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Not really, through third party sites you can see who has a mic, if they've done the raid before, what stuff they have etc. VoG is pretty easy once you've done it one or two times; but imagine they implimented matchmaking and a bunch of level 28s who didn't have mics and had never done the raid before, got put into a game together, they'd get butchered and people would complain.

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I'm exactly the same! I could literally talk about it for days, it's fascinating. Such a brilliant game.

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The greatest RPG of last gen was Dark Souls but I actually really enjoyed Alpha Protocol.

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I have to disagree there, Bloodborne has a fantastic story (you just have to look for it) and soundtrack.

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You're welcome dude. I had the same issues but I found that site and it's made every so much better, I can find people to party up and do a raid with in minutes.

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