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"However, now that Value is part of review scores, this must get near a 10 since the dollar per game play hour is very cheap."

Well no, not if it's 400 hours of crap.

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Can no one read these days?

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Good for you. I'll be playing all of those so.

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I'm surprised Devil's Third even got a 3, from what I've saw it looks even worse than that. Presently surprised at the Until Dawn score and I definitely need to check out Everybody's Gone to the Rapture.

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Because it doesn't have one.

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Game looks fantastic but I don't think people realise that this Rare is no where near the old Rare, the team is very different now and they haven't made a good game in years.

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Not really, through third party sites you can see who has a mic, if they've done the raid before, what stuff they have etc. VoG is pretty easy once you've done it one or two times; but imagine they implimented matchmaking and a bunch of level 28s who didn't have mics and had never done the raid before, got put into a game together, they'd get butchered and people would complain.

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I'm exactly the same! I could literally talk about it for days, it's fascinating. Such a brilliant game.

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The greatest RPG of last gen was Dark Souls but I actually really enjoyed Alpha Protocol.

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I have to disagree there, Bloodborne has a fantastic story (you just have to look for it) and soundtrack.

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You're welcome dude. I had the same issues but I found that site and it's made every so much better, I can find people to party up and do a raid with in minutes.

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I found The Witcher 3 a bit diappointing personally and I can't even figure out why. Bloodborne is my GOTY so far and I can't really see anything topping it (maybe Metal Gear).

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Use it's really easy to find a team quickly.

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Honestly I was in the same boat and it infurated me. But after using and actually playing the VoG raid, I can completely understand why matchmaking isn't implimented for raids. It just wouldn't work.

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Yeah with a username like that who wouldn't believe you?

"leagues ahead" smh, there is pretty much no difference.

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Oh right haha fair enough. That part is annoying and we've all had those bits we get stuck on and can't understand why we're having trouble. I honestly recommend you try Dark Souls and Bloodborne, neither of them are half as hard as people make them out to be and they are two of the best games you will ever play.

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I think my firs today though took me about 80 but 30ish of those was me invading people and being a b*stard basically haha.

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You can't beat SF on easy?? Wat? I'd like to know what games you have beat then, if any haha.

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I don't find either confusing really but Demon's Souls is way less confusing than Dark Souls. Demon's Souls had 'levels' basically so it was very easy to know where to go.

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It's not really hard to figure out where to go, I don't think anyway.

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