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That's not what I'm complaining about. I'm complaining about all these people claiming to be industry insiders when most of them just come out with stupid bullshit that anyone could say and it gets posted as news. And I'm sick of it, it's annoying.

"New Uncharted looks spectacular" yeah no shit Sherlock. I'm an insider too you know? At E3 sony are going to announce new games! I know crazy right? #7.3.1

Yes I know that but I was on my mobile, in which I don't tend to read the description, I just click on the headline. #7.1.7

I commented after I realized it was insider nonsense. If people didn't complain about things they didn't like then nothing would ever happen about said things.

For example, people went to the effort to complain about mandatory Kinect with the Xbox One and Microsoft then went and removed it. Therefore if enough people went to the effort to complain about insider stories being posted I would hope it would be banned. #7.1.6
Not really that simple considering a lot of it goes to hottest stories and this one doesn't even say "Insider" in the title. #7.1.1
I'm so fucking sick of this "insider" shit. Please stop posting it. #7
I'd rather have a five hour campaign that is amazing than a ten hour campaign that is average. So I don't really care how long a game is as long as its good. #14.1.1
Oh well then I have no idea haha. Thanks for letting me know. #13.1.2
I think this will be the Microsoft Third-party exclusive they've been talking about. #13
LOST gif! Sawyer ftw!!! #6.1.1
The Souls series is hands down my favourite game series of all time. All of the game I would place in my top 10 of all time (with Dark Souls being first). Anything Souls related gets me super excited. And now this...

Sequel to Demon's Souls, next gen, PS4 exclusive. My God I think I just died. #1.5.2
I think I'm going to cry from excitement. #1.1.10
Yeah that must be a reason because Microsoft's E3 was very strong last year. I don't think the writer of any of these articles has a clue, in the Sony predictions about Vita he says "I might expect LittleBigPlanet in particular. That seems like a great way to take all of your creations on the go, and handheld platformers are always a good idea."

Pretty sure there is already a LBP game on Vita. #1.1.1
"After last year’s catastrophically bad showings"

I thought Microsoft had a pretty good E3 last year, it was no where near 'catastrophically bad'. #1
Are we still doing this fps crap? #17
Eww 3 was awful. 4 was good although I think I'm just generally bored of the series now. Saying that I'll probably buy Unity day one. #2.1
It's called a beta for a reason. #10.1
Based on Halo 4 I'd have to say no. #3
Or you could just, you know, hold down the button for 5 seconds go to "Adjust Devices" and click turn off controller. #1.1.5
Yeah it all depends really. I find it hard to play through games more than one the same way I find books hard to read more than once, because once you know what happens it's boring.

There are a few games I have played though more than once just because they're fun. The Infamous games, the Souls games, some of the CODs (trophy hunting more than anything) and the Halo games. The only single player game that is very story driven I have played through more than once is T... #6.1
That made me spit out my tea! #2.1.4
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