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I could give a lot more than 10. #7
Neh #1.1.2
If so, lets hope it's From's A-team working on it! #14.1
Dark Souls 1 got a "retrospective" 10 :) #8.2
Well they gave Dark Souls a 9 and when they did their "retrospective 10s" thing, they gave it a 10 so they probably didn't want to make the same mistake here. #7.1
At least a 2 you say? Well it got 8 more than a 2 so you should be happy :D #5.2

Prepare to be disappointed. DS2 is a good game but by far the worst in the series. #1.1.3
Never said it was but DkS2 is very poor in comparison to Bloodborne and does not deserve a 9, especially if Bloodborne only gets a 9.1. #7.1.3
Bloodborne for me, no matter how good MGSV is, I can't seeing thing topping Bloodborne. #18
If Bloodborne only deserves a 9.1 then to me this is like a 7.5. #7
Spoiler... #1.2
It'll end up being between Bloodborne, MGSV, Batman and The Witcher 3 for GOTY I think. But none of those will beat Bloodborne for me. #3.1
This is what Deomn's Souls and a Dark Souls did for me, glad Bloodborne is doing the same for more people. Happy gaming! #6
I'm l pretty addicted to the game and even for me 12 hours straight is a bit much. #4.1.1
I agree, Dark Souls 2 was such a massive disappointment. Dark Souls, Demon's Souls and Bloodborne are all in my top ten favourite games ever (with Dark Souls being number one) and DS2 doesn't even come remotely close. #1.3.4
Why would you leave your game running for 12 hours and why would anyone want to do this? #4
Graphically? No. Art direction? Yes, all kinds if bars. #5

You don't need PS+ for anything apart from PvP as far as I'm aware so jump online, half of the experience is seeing notes, deaths and helping people. #1.1.2

It was true for Bayo 2 but do you really believe that a Tomb Raider sequel and SFV weren't planned on being made until they were asked? I don't believe it for one second, considering how well both of the previous games sold, especially in the case of Street Fighter. #1.1.6
Haha you say San Andreas had crap charcters, a crap story and boring combat yet you want Skyrim remastered? Oh the irony. #12.1
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