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Well sorry but moving objects and having them stay in the same place isn't really what immerses me in a games world. A good story with interesting characters does, alongside a good combat system, and Skyrim didn't have any of that imo. The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption, GTA5 and Zelda: BotW are all better games.

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Played around 20 hours of Skyrim and just lost interest, I found the story boring and the combat dull. The world was fun to explore for a while but everything just became so repetitive.

Honestly the combat was what put me off the most, I will never understand the hype behind Skyrim. Open world games have far surpassed it now imo.

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Can see this being the sleeper hit of the year.

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What console are you getting again?

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DmC is not even close to being "terrible", in fact it was actually pretty great. But most people don't know that because they refused to play it because they were too busy crying about Dante.

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I've poured so many hours of my life into Demon's and Dark Souls, and if they remastered it I'd do it all again. Please Sony.

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Practically no point in buying it anyway, especially on PC. IW and MWR are dead online and this will just split the MWR plsyerbase even more. I cannot get over that they are charging for this, it's actually insane. COD gets unnecessary hate sometimes but I ain't going to defend it anymore, it's an absolute joke.

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Honestly I didn't find Outlast scary past the first hour. RE7 is a much better game imo.

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Git gud.

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He was obviously asked about it and I'm sure the response would be the same if you asked any developer how they hoped their game would score.

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For some reason in IW and this it says may NAT type is strict, so I can barely get into a game and when I do it lags like hell. So annoying, especially when it doesn't happen with any other game even BO3.

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I have yet to buy Titanfall 2 but I will eventually because I loved the first one and I've heard so many good things. I'very never been a big Battlefield guy but Battlefield 1 is one of the best multiplayer shooters I've played in years. I mainly bought Infinite Warfare for COD4 but the IW campaign is great and I'm honestly having a blast with the multiplayer which I didn't expect. Its great how many awsome shooters there are now, I just wish I had the time to play them al...

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Or you know, people are just looking forward to it and want to play it on release?

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Infinite Warfare has been fine for me but awful in Modern Warfare Remastered. Every time I start a game the framerate just completely tanks and takes a least two minuted to sort itself out, even then I still get random drops.

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Terrible list.

DS > Bloodborne > DS3=Demon's >>>>>> DS2

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While making moving plans? This generation isn't over so that analogy is stupid.

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I have a 4k monitor but have to run it at 1440p with 100% texture resolution to get 60fps+. Still looks pretty nice!

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Tonight I thought the release date was the 21st? It's only the 18th?

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That would be completely stupid.

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"Continues to be more concerned with adding new features than fixing existing problems"

Sums it up pretty perfectly. It feels really slow too and everything is so over-animated. I was hoping this would be a return to form after last years crap but nope, it's even worse.

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