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Well you should have said that about the Scorpio if Sony had announced the Neo specs first. But they haven't and none of us actually have a clue.

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You mean who needs Xbox when you have PC? :')

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If Sony aren't announcing it at E3 then there is no way it's coming out this year.

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Overrated? :')

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Skyrim 5th and no Dark Souls or Bloodborne in the top 25?! Not my kinda list :')

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More like reviews are the cancer of the gaming community. I dont see the problem with liking the look of a game and then deciding to pre-order it.

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COD and Battlefield are very different types of games to me. Yeah they're both FPS games but they play completely differently and aim for different audiences. Kinda annoys me when people compare them.

Also when has COD ever released "broken"? I know BF has but I can't recall COD ever doing it.

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Damn that website is terrible. So many ads and pop ups. I literally can't even see the list apart from Fable 3. I assume Destiny is in there but I'm sorry it is no where near a "terrible" game. Might have been a bit bare at launch but it's an awesome game that I had a lot of fun with and still has a lot of people playing it. Can't comment on what other games are in this list because I can't see them!

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He loves Dark Souls and Bloodborne too, I'm pretty sure he liked Infamous 2 and some other games as well. I'm not surprised he didn't like Uncharted 4 though, I wouldn't say it's his 'type' of game.

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Idk digital console games are always way more expensive for aome stupid reason.

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Don't buy it off the Xbox store then? It's £42 on Amazon.

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Well it looks like a bit of a departure from the first one tbh. The first was quite linear but this seems a lot more open which interests me. Honestly, I just want more of the story, because I really really liked the story in the first one.

I don't understand it either, if a game looks interesting to me (and as long as it's not completely broke) I'll get it regardless of review scores. I think people need to realise that a 5/10 is 'average', not 'ba...

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Seriously, how? It's not hard to remember at all. Power top, eject bottom. Or if you really find it hard, light bar = power, other one = eject.

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Meh, I'll still play it. Really enjoyed the first one and this looks interesting so.

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Uncharted 4 over the Division. But Dark Souls 3 over both of them personally.

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Does anyone have any idea on how to actually access this stuff with GearVR?

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People need to get a grip. The game is no where near as hard as it's made out to be. Gaming media is the reason more people don't play the Souls games. Stop making out like it's the hardest thing in the world.

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Two reasons: Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne.

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He's just taking the piss. Why does everyone get so offended by everything these days?! Literally they do these videos as a joke and the amount of people that take them seriously is hilarious.

Also, completely different people reviewed ROTR.

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Possibly just because he likes Hitman more than Uncharted? Shocking that people have different opinions, how dare they.

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