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A lot of games do that these days, Dungeon Defenders 2 for example. And I'm pretty sure that is like £20. #4.3
Yes really considering Dark Souls is my all time favourite game and Demon's Souls is in my top five. Nothing can top Bloodborne for me. #10.2.2
Love that Tomb Taider #13.1
Actually it's not, at least when a game like COD releases new maps, it has a separate playlists for them.
It's absolute bull that I couldn't do the Nightflall Mission or the Weekly Strike unless I coughed up £20 (which is actually more like $30) and that the Engram Bonus (gear and upgrade rewards) was moved out of regular rotation and plugging it into the DLC playlist and now I can't guy shit of Xur because it's all DLC stuff! I can't believe people are e... #7.2.1
Hahaha okay then.

Sorry but Bloodborne alone destroys anything Xbox One could ever possibly release. #10.2
Lets not forget stuff like Ratchet & Clank Remaster, Let it Die, The Tomorrow Children, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, RIME, Volume (I think that's what it's called), Tearaway Unfolded etc. I consider those major exclusives. #12
Just f*cking everyone who doesn't own the expansion. Thanks Bungie! #7
I loved MW3, I spend so many hours playing 2v2 with my friend it was insane. Ghost was terrible though. The only COD developer I have faith in now is Sledgehammer, for some reason (apart from WaW) I just don't like Treyarchs COD games. #7.2
Onimusha 1 & 2.
Dino Crisis 1 & 2.

Please please please. #10
Wow you're hilarious. #1.2.1
Funny because the snow actually made me play GTA Online for the first time and I really enjoyed it. Probably won't go back to it now though unless they do add it back. #9
Lol you're using vgchartz realllyyyyyyyyyy? #1.2.3
1. Better story
2. More interesting quests
3. Better AI
4. Better gameplay
5. Better animations #10
Do reviewers have some sort of vendetta against The Order? Did their checks not clear or something? I've seen loads of articles like this for this game and I don't understand. Where were all these articles for games like Destiny? #1.8
And that is the exact reason I love LOST lol #1.1.12

How does a game that makes you go through the same areas twice have more replayability? #1.2.7
/s #11.1
I loved DmC, I was one of the best games that came out in 2013 and in no way deserved the hate it got. Yes people didn't want a reboot but it was a very good game. #1.2.1
I enjoyed the first but thought it went too long, the second I have attempted to play through four times and lost my save at he same point for various reasons. I absolutely loved 3 and Ascension was fun, very much looking forward to 4. #19
Videogamer are actually one of the only decent sites out there, just because you font agree with some of their opinions doesn't make them "real shitty" #3.2
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