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Yet if you do count old gen, Sony has the most devices sold. PS3s and Wiis are still selling so why wouldn't you count them? #8.1

I'm not saying its not a horror game, I'm saying it's not a great one. #10.1.2
I really wouldn't count Outlast #10.1
Tried buying it at work the past two days but it's all sold out. I think they got in like 2 copies. #5
What a horrible website and list. #11
So in other words my R9 290X well destroy it? #9
Sony no tend to only show games close to release so if thisn't coming within the next year I doubt we'll see anything of it. #2.1.4
Debating whether to get this on PC or PS4, if the PS4 version isn't 1080p then it'll have to be PC so that'll make my choice easier. #1.12
"First console to reach 10 million units wins the generation battle"

Said by Don Mattrick himself! #1.2.17
It's literally the first think in the demo section on the store. #5.2
More sale? Correct me if I'm wrong but they announced Tomb Raider to have hit 7 million copies sold the other day right? So how the hell do they expect to top that when the Xbox One probably hasn't even hit 6 million consoles sold? Sure it might mean that the game will sell more on the Xbox than it would have but that will in no way make up for the potential sales they've lost fom PS4 and PC gamers. Just between Ps4 and Xbox One they've literally cut their potential audience d... #1.1.13
I actually don't really care because the first one wasn't that great and I didn't have any intention of buying this.

But this whole thing is just so stupid, Microsoft have wasted God knows how much money getting a game that was already coming to their system when they could have spent it investing in a new IP. #6
Graphics don't look as good as the initial reveal. But the game overall looks very cool. #26
MS Studios can't make good games so they have to buy third party ones, good going MS. /s #21
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Huge? Yes. Game changer? Not even close. #1.2.1
Well I got Titanfall on PC the beginning of last month and I've played it practically everyday since and am still loving the hell out fo it. #2.1
The setting reminds me a lot of Blood Omen 2 for some reason. I'm so excited, this is my most anticipated game ever in my 15 years of gaming. #21
COULDN'T!!! You COULDN'T care less! #1.9
Well there are only like two football games. #8
Really? Halo 4 hit around 9 million units, The Last of Us which is a new IP is around 7-8 million now. Halo clearly isn't as popular as it was now that Bungie aren't making it. #3.1.7
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