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The PS3 came out in 2006 and we don't know if this is worldwide, could just be for select regions.

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I loved the first Uncharted, in fact it was the first PS3 game I finished. I remember the christmas when I first got my PS3 with Uncharted, COD4 and Resistance: FoM. Ahh good times.

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1. Dark Souls

4. Bloodborne


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So? What about all the people who lead high speed chases and learnt to drive normally? Should we ban driving lessons?

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But you're not locked out of the base content of WoW if you don't have any of the expansions (as far as I'm aware).

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I love Destiny and The Taken King but the point you make about Call of Duty I don't completely agree with. If I don't buy Black Ops 3 I can still play Advanced Warfare. Whereas if you only own the Destiny base game, you're locked out of a lot of stuff now that you weren't before TTK which I think is unfair.

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Sony Bend are making and open world horror game?

Edir: Sorry yeah, just saw the article.

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So might say...a phantom pain...

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This is also very good if you ever get a chance to watch it: fNJsw

But, although I agree with some points. I actually loved Bioshock Infinite but wasn't a fan of the first. Each to their own I guess :)

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Bioshock 2 is no where near "bad". I personally liked it more than one.

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This game makes sleep and going to work so much harder

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Haha same! The first time I did the raid I was so happy but all I got was Ascendance Shards. Which I was pissed about but the next week I got my first exotic weapon (MIDA Multi-tool), Atheon's Epilogue and some armour so that was really good.

Although I never managed to hit 34 before the update because I needed one Etheric Light to ascend my last piece of legendary armour but couldn't get it as I didn't have the DLC or anthing. Level 40 now though and looking f...

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I don't really know much about this game but is it pretty much the same as stuff like Skylanders and Disney Infinity?

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Well a combination of taking on more hours at work and univerity deadlines contibuted. And the fact that I couldn't do the raid because I didn't have 5 other people to play with made me quit. But a few months ago I decided to jump back in again, used Destinylfg and managed to finally do the raid which was great and it kinda just snowballed from there. Now I've got TTK to play plus the other DLCs so a whole boat load of conent for me to get though, not to mention the massive improv...

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Anyone got a link to screenshots? I can't watch the video.

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Seems like me and you had a very similar experience!

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Don't get my hopes up!

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I'm so ready. GotY with DLCotY? ;)

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Still don't think it'll top Dark Souls for me (considering it's my all time favourite game), but Bloodborne came damn close and I can already tell this will be a hell of a lot better than Dark Souls 2. Can't wait.

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Bloodborne is pretty damn scary, especially with headphones in a dark room. Messes with your head.

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