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Who on earth considers PvZ and Sport Rivals as AAA games? #1.2.13
*Two years #3.5
Don't know about top 25 but number 1 for me is Dark Souls #2
I got bored of Skyrim after about 5 hours. I'm glad that a lot of people enjoy it but I just find the combat so shallow and boring, the story didn't hold my interest either. I might give it another go but I had the same issues with Fallout 3 and Oblivion, guess they're just not my type of games. #7
People said the same thing about the Vita in Japan if I recall correctly. #5.1
Those eyelid texture are going to completely ruin the game for me, looks so last gen. /s #1.7.1

I actually think COD4 nailed it as did Spec Ops: The Line. #1.2.5
Ahh right, sounds cool I'll have to check it out. Killzone SF is amazing online, both COD and Battlefield didn't hold my interest at all but I constantly keep gong back to SF. Best multiplayer game so far this gen imo. #1.1.2
Zombie mode? #1.1

"No must-have experiences or timeless gaming classics."

The consoles have barely been out 5 months...I really don't know what everyone was expecting #1.2.8
That is one of the most fanboish things I've ever read. Do you work for that website? #1.1.3
Okay, guess not then? #11.1
True story #2.2
Yes, not for me personally, but for all the 360 users who jumped to PS4 this generation and never got experience this masterpiece. #11
It's barely been 6 months...does no one have any patience?? #33.3
You are the definition of stupid. #1.4.3
Expect they can't because there is no set specs for PCs. #3.1.1
So basically you want it to be Battlefield. #1.4.1
Dat english. #3
I thought he was killing people? He's using a silenced hand gun. #3.2
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