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"But Advanced Warfare is completely backward. It's emblematic of what videogames were ten, maybe 15 years ago, back when story and action existed in vacuums and all that mattered was spectacle."

Why can't a game just be pure spectacle? Why does every game have to have some amazing story? Sometimes I like to just leave my brain at the door and have fun and there is nothing wrong with that. This game is no where near a 4/10 #1.5
Call of Duty has never been realistic. #2.2
With a 6 million lead and an incredibly strong line up throughout 2015, I don't think so #1.10
Clearly you have never ever read a review from Videogamer because Steve Burns is actually pretty harsh in his reviews. Go troll elsewhere please. #11.1
Each to his own but my flatmate has an X1 and I hate the controller, the analogue sticks are way too loose and I'm not a fan of off-set analogue sticks at all. #5.6
Unfortunately I have but I'm glad I'm not alone, I thought my PS4 was jacked. #2.2.1
Correction, PS4 SOLD through to consumers. X1 shipped. #4.1
So whilst PS3 owners were getting games like The Last of Us, 360 gamers were getting nothing so that they could have stuff like the Master Chief Collection on the X1? Wow 360 owners got screwed. #1.12
Warlocks had Voidfang Vestments last week! This is bullshit! #13
Only website I trust review-wise (even though I don't always agree with them) is Videogamer.com and they gave it a 6/10 stating that it had bad mission structure and that it was repetitive; which reiterates how I've felt about everything I've seen on it so far. #7.1
It got a 6/10 on Videogamer, they said it was very repetitive and from everything I've seen it looks it. I'll convince my house-mate to buy it and judge for myself. #3.3

And Driveclub is a racing game, Sunset Overdrive is an open world third person action game, spot the difference? #1.5
Are you blind or something? Shadows of Mordor looks fantastic #13.1.2
It's far better than the terrible combat system of Skyrim #6.1

Yes it does. #1.1.3
Wasn't sure about buying this, but I will be now. #5
Really? All I've got from all the advertising is that it is basically RE4 2.0. #3.1
More like a C+/B- #2
Once again, nothing good for Warlocks, thanks Bungie. #7
losing* #5.3
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