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Yup #1.1
It feels nothing like Fallout 3s gunplay. It's a lot smoother and a lot less clunky. Go back and play Fallout 3 and tell me you don't see a difference. #8.1.1
I didn't enjoy Fallout 3 or Skyrim. But I'm about 10 hours into Fallout 4 (haven't had much time to play) and I'm really enjoying it, maybe it's because they improved on the biggest thing I hated in Fallout 3, the gunplay. #8
Agreed #4.1
No Bloodborne? Pfft. #3
Zombies doesn't even migrate hosts. If the host leaves it's game over, which is infuriating. #1.1.1
I played the beta, the handling was fine and the customization seemed pretty in depth. But what do I know, I'm no "professional" games journalist. #1.7
I love Destiny but if this is true then I'm done. #5
FIFA is awful this year. #3
But you said "So much for the 10 year life span", it's been 9 years which is really good. #4.1.2
The PS3 came out in 2006 and we don't know if this is worldwide, could just be for select regions. #4.1
I loved the first Uncharted, in fact it was the first PS3 game I finished. I remember the christmas when I first got my PS3 with Uncharted, COD4 and Resistance: FoM. Ahh good times. #1.1.10
1. Dark Souls

4. Bloodborne

Yupppp #34
So? What about all the people who lead high speed chases and learnt to drive normally? Should we ban driving lessons? #10
But you're not locked out of the base content of WoW if you don't have any of the expansions (as far as I'm aware). #1.3.2
I love Destiny and The Taken King but the point you make about Call of Duty I don't completely agree with. If I don't buy Black Ops 3 I can still play Advanced Warfare. Whereas if you only own the Destiny base game, you're locked out of a lot of stuff now that you weren't before TTK which I think is unfair. #1.3
Sony Bend are making and open world horror game?

Edir: Sorry yeah, just saw the article. #2.1
So might say...a phantom pain... #2.1
This is also very good if you ever get a chance to watch it: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yc15Kg fNJsw

But, although I agree with some points. I actually loved Bioshock Infinite but wasn't a fan of the first. Each to their own I guess :) #4.1
Bioshock 2 is no where near "bad". I personally liked it more than one. #1.1.1
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