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Have you actually played the game? Because I played a lot of IB today and there was many times were I literally spawned already being shot at, had no chance to react and died almost instantly. The spawn system is broken af.

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Trying to read this comment made my head hurt.

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How about sort out the God-awful gameplay first before stupid crap like hair physics?

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I'll never forget about Silent Hills!!!

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No Prey? Pfft

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If microstransactions are just for things like crates which only contain cosmetic items that have no effect on anything other than the look of your character then I have no problem with them at all and I don't see why others are so bothered about them either. You don't like then don't buy!

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"PS4 players normally have lots of exclusives, but the tables have turned in favor of Xbox."

After reading that there ain't no way I'm clicking on that link.

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Or played that good. The reveal trailers for FIFA are so pointless now.

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Yeah the title makes zero sense.

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Not matchmaking per se but the ability to link up with clans when you aren't in one yourself. Not 100% sure how it's going to work but at least it's something.

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Well they're doing a hands on at that event so I don't see why they wouldn't at E3.

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"Just another souls game"

Smh, Bloodborne and Dark Souls are two of the best games ever made. Theres no such thing as just another souls game.

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Well clearly there is a demand for these remasters so can you blame them?

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Took a simple Google search.

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Honestly that feature was one of the big reasons I didn't like Dark Souls 2.

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Not exactly sure what the disagrees are for. Anyone care to explain?

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Exactly. Was literally about to comment the exact same thing.

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Well sorry but moving objects and having them stay in the same place isn't really what immerses me in a games world. A good story with interesting characters does, alongside a good combat system, and Skyrim didn't have any of that imo. The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption, GTA5 and Zelda: BotW are all better games.

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Played around 20 hours of Skyrim and just lost interest, I found the story boring and the combat dull. The world was fun to explore for a while but everything just became so repetitive.

Honestly the combat was what put me off the most, I will never understand the hype behind Skyrim. Open world games have far surpassed it now imo.

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