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*Sigh* #7
Well to be fair, on my first playthrough on MW3 I did it on Veteran and completed it in 3.5 hours lol. But apart from that CODs campaigns are a decent length, they don't outstay their welcome. And who really even buys COD for the campaign anymore? #4.1.2
Will sites just shut the f up? A lot of people like the game (including me) and a lot for people don't, that's just it. End of.

You can't tell me that a game I'm having a massive amount of fun with is boring. #16

Not really because if you actually bothered to look at the article, not all of the games he listed are available on the Xbox One. Derp. #1.1.7
Never been so excited for a game #3
Oh these games were meant to be disappointing? Damn I was having too much fun with them and didn't realise! #16
I've had one god damn legendary engram and when I got it decoded it was a rare chest piece :'( #1.1.2
Dem titteys #22
This game has some mad pop in and graphical issues. #4
Tbf Telltale are pretty successful now, I think they just do episodic now because it's their 'thing'. #5.1
If there were like 8 episodes and each episode had at least 4 hours gameplay and only cost around £5 each then sure. Anything else, no thank you. #8
The last two points are a repeat of the previous two.

Also I though Control already had a 10 minute cap? And this, "If a mode is objective based like Control, then maybe do something where you can only shoot/engage players on the other team within a certain radius of the Control points. Everyone treats every PvP mode like Deathmatch. It becomes annoying.", is a stupid idea.

"Matchmaking: Strike matchmaking seems to be rather balanced. PvP not... #7
Since when did sales = quality? #9.1.6
I agree, it was one of the best games that came out that year. #4.1
I know I'm in the minority but I'd very much like to see Ninja Theory do a DmC2, I was really surprised and loved the first one (and yes I am a huge fan of the original series). #8
If we only got Bloodborne and nothing else I'd be happy #16
Or you know, people just like the game and think it's very good? Idiot. #7.1

Do you have to get a score of exactly 777? If so, how the hell are you supposed to do that. #1.1.4
PC looks the best but they all look pretty decent. #3
Thanks :) Yes it's much much better with friends although it is still fun on your own just not quite as much. Been playing a lot of the competitive mulitplayer this morning and that is pretty awesome I just wish there were some more inventive modes and the loot drop system is a bit annoying, I topped the leaderboard four times in a row and got nothing. #4.1
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