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That made me spit out my tea! #2.1.4
I don't understand why they would do this. Even if no one was playing them, why even go to the effort to remove them? #1.1.6
Little bit of pop in at the end but my God this game looks insane! #23
I doubt they'd be able to support two MMOs at the same time. #2.1.7

I agree, I know a lot of people love it but I thought it was really bad. Just bland, boring and repetitive, I also thought the gameplay was awful.

that being said I'm looking forward to see what they do with Fallout 4. #1.1.3
I don't understand how this would work. Does this mean that if you have Kinect and use it, games aren't going to run as well? Sounds like bull to me. #1.6
No I think you went full retard the day you were born. #24.1
But Bound by Flame looks awful. #3.3
I find it weird that Projet Beast is apparently meant to be the "spiritual successor" to Demon's Souls, wasn't that what Dark Souls was? #1.3.2
Yeah it really doesn't make any sense. #2.1
Innovate by copying something from another game? ermmm #4.1

What? That makes no sense, why are you assuming that everyone who owned an Xbox 360 had XBL Gold? That's just stupid. And why are you assuming everyone who buys a PS4 will buy PS+? Also stupid. And you really don't think there will be any sorry if price drop whosoever within the next 3 years? #1.1.9
I don't think you understand how businesses work. #1.2.7
This looks really bad. #4
Who on earth considers PvZ and Sport Rivals as AAA games? #1.2.13
*Two years #3.5
Don't know about top 25 but number 1 for me is Dark Souls #2
I got bored of Skyrim after about 5 hours. I'm glad that a lot of people enjoy it but I just find the combat so shallow and boring, the story didn't hold my interest either. I might give it another go but I had the same issues with Fallout 3 and Oblivion, guess they're just not my type of games. #7
People said the same thing about the Vita in Japan if I recall correctly. #5.1
Those eyelid texture are going to completely ruin the game for me, looks so last gen. /s #1.7.1
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