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COD4 was fucking fantastic and I'm glad Edge shares as much love for Dark Souls as I do, may favourite game of all time. #1.1.16
Same! #11.1
Well isn't shooting and killing someone murder? Might as well code that out too. #10
Far Cry 3 was pretty badly optimized. #8
And for the Warlocks that don't like or don't use the gunslinger subclass? #4
Not in the UK it hasn't #1.1.4
Well I have an Asus R9 290X which has 4GB of VRAM so I'm sure I'll be able to run it on high it's just whether that looks better than the PS4 version or not. #12.1.4
The PVP is absolutely fine, the only thing that's wrong with it is that the shotguns are overpowered but apart from that, I think you just suck. #6.1
Still can't decide whether to get this on PC or PS4 :/ #12
Yeah the review says 4 and a half stars out of 5 so I don't know where that extra .25 has come from. #4.1
*Sigh* #7
Well to be fair, on my first playthrough on MW3 I did it on Veteran and completed it in 3.5 hours lol. But apart from that CODs campaigns are a decent length, they don't outstay their welcome. And who really even buys COD for the campaign anymore? #4.1.2
Will sites just shut the f up? A lot of people like the game (including me) and a lot for people don't, that's just it. End of.

You can't tell me that a game I'm having a massive amount of fun with is boring. #16

Not really because if you actually bothered to look at the article, not all of the games he listed are available on the Xbox One. Derp. #1.1.7
Never been so excited for a game #3
Oh these games were meant to be disappointing? Damn I was having too much fun with them and didn't realise! #16
I've had one god damn legendary engram and when I got it decoded it was a rare chest piece :'( #1.1.2
Dem titteys #22
This game has some mad pop in and graphical issues. #4
Tbf Telltale are pretty successful now, I think they just do episodic now because it's their 'thing'. #5.1
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