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Bloodborne is one of my favourite games ever. Above Demon's Souls but just below Dark Souls which is favourite game ever, so Souls series for me, even though Dark Souls 2 sucked.

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Great game but nothing has or will top Bloodborne for me this year.

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It'll take 10 hours to download with the internet at my uni house. Might as well just wait :')

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What? The fourth and fifth act were amazing!

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"Microsoft continues to own each genre this generation I love it."

Hahahahaha Yeh okay then, the racing genre maybe but nothing else.

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A completely different studio makes Call of Duty every year yet that is considered a yearly series.

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I love Forza, Forza 2 is my favourite racing game ever. I don't own an Xbox On myself no but my flatmate does and I've played plenty of Forza 5 and Horizon 2. You even found the comment that said I've played on my flatmates Xbox One, so clearly you know I have access to one. And as if you actually looked though my comment history, how sad.

I'm not even saying it's a bad game, I'll still probably play it, I'm literally just saying I wish there was a...

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It's still two much, I'd much rather we got one every 3/4 years. At least then we'd have meaningful improvements other than "3D puddles". The weather isn't even impressive I don't think, it's not even dynamic.

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From what I've read, it's really not. I think they need to stop with the yearly Forza games, it's ruining the franchise for me.

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I hope you're joking lol.

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121 hours in a week and a half? You have too much free time.

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Maybe this is why Konami and Kojima fell out?

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Don't know how Far Cry 3 and South Park are there tbh, good games but others should be there over it. Where is Demon's Souls, Call of Duty 4 and God of War 3?

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Well the Moments of Triumph stuff has nothing to do with RNG so...

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Well I've been there Since day one but never bought any of the DLC so I can't "Become Legend". But it doesn't really bother me tbh. I'm just look forward to getting TTK and the previous DLCs along with it :)

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Never trust early reviews.

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"Ori and the blind forest, rare replay and gears ultimate put it ahead imo."

So a game that is on PC, a collection of old games and a remaster that is also coming to PC? Wow great list /s

Sorry but those don't even come close to just Bloodborne nevermind anything else.

"And I'm still not counting the megatons
Halo 5
Forza 6
Tomb raider
Fable legends"

It baffles...

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I'd say it was easier but that's because I've played all of the Souls games. I think that whichever you play first is the hardest and the rest are slightly easier (but still challenging) becaus eyou kind of know what to expect.

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Dark Souls is a pretty "fresh take" compared to Demon's Souls, they're both quite different.

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