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They showed footage at E3... #7.1
I think Titanfall or Destiny will take that cake but it will certainly be the top selling. #1.4.1
Just bought the Season Pass on Origin for £12, loving the new maps. #5
I agree, I don't see people's problem with IGN, I quite like it. Although my favourite games site is Videogamer.com, they are brilliant. #1.4.6
I completely agree with Skyrim, such a boring average game imo, I really don't see how everyone loves it. Never really been into the Final Fantasy series as I'm not a JRPG kinda guy so can't comment, Mincraft also never played, Call of Duty yes and I think the Assassins Creed series is rated just about right. #13

I'm sorry but Fable Legends look terrible. #2.1.10
I disagree with Mass Effect, Portal and Pokemon. Everything else, fair enough. #17
Chloe martinez for Ellie? #1.1.12
Reviewers gave Battlefield 4 because the multiplayer wasn't broken when they played it, they played it at a review event held by EA where everything worked perfectly fine, they had no idea it was going to be like that when it released.

I don't agree that GTA5 had the "quality", I thought it was massively overrated and massively overhyped. And you can't claim that games get better reviews because of marketing and then make it an exception for a game you... #4.1.2
I only just bought it on PC about a week or so ago therefore yes. And I'm having a blast! #16
Hahah...wait, you are joking? Aren't you? Please tell me you are. #1.8.1
The way I look at it is if you bought an Xbox One specifically for Destiny then you're stupid and should have done your research. I don't heard these people complaining about the COD DLC or Sunset Overdrive exclusivity. Just be glad you can actually play Destiny on your respective consoles, wouldn't you rather there just be some exclusive content on another platform than it being completely exclusive to another platform? #33
Botanicula is spectacula #3.1
Being "indie" had nothing to do with graphics. #6.1
Don't you mean "Xbox fans couldn't care less"? #1.3.5
It looks too different from the first which I really enjoyed. I wish they stuck more with that, I thought the campaign was great and I really enjoyed the story which I feel is going to take a backseat in this. Not really feeling what I've seen so far. #4
Homefront Revolution might be their last release. #1.1.6
The gameplay is anything but clunky and imo the world is one of the best and most interesting I have ever played. The lore is incredible but each to their own. #8.1
I haven't played the Witcher 2 yet but I bought it in the steam sale and out finally got my PC built the other day so I'm looking forward to checking it out! #4.4.3
Yes because Microsoft invented the idea of tired exclusives and exclusive content /s

Are you really that dumb? And "copied the controller" like, what? The Dualshocks are nothing like the Xbox controllers. And which controller came first? Oh yeah Sonyst. #9.2
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