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I actually don't really care because the first one wasn't that great and I didn't have any intention of buying this.

But this whole thing is just so stupid, Microsoft have wasted God knows how much money getting a game that was already coming to their system when they could have spent it investing in a new IP. #6
Graphics don't look as good as the initial reveal. But the game overall looks very cool. #26
MS Studios can't make good games so they have to buy third party ones, good going MS. /s #21
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Huge? Yes. Game changer? Not even close. #1.2.1
Well I got Titanfall on PC the beginning of last month and I've played it practically everyday since and am still loving the hell out fo it. #2.1
The setting reminds me a lot of Blood Omen 2 for some reason. I'm so excited, this is my most anticipated game ever in my 15 years of gaming. #21
COULDN'T!!! You COULDN'T care less! #1.9
Well there are only like two football games. #8
Really? Halo 4 hit around 9 million units, The Last of Us which is a new IP is around 7-8 million now. Halo clearly isn't as popular as it was now that Bungie aren't making it. #3.1.7
More Halo lol. #1.4.3
It didn't go anywhere, I'm playing it right now on my Pc and having an absolute blast :) #12
You don't need to build an engine from the ground up for it to be "next gen". #17.1
If you trade your PS4 in how will you play LBP3? O.o #13.1
They showed footage at E3... #7.1
I think Titanfall or Destiny will take that cake but it will certainly be the top selling. #1.4.1
Just bought the Season Pass on Origin for £12, loving the new maps. #5
I agree, I don't see people's problem with IGN, I quite like it. Although my favourite games site is Videogamer.com, they are brilliant. #1.4.6
I completely agree with Skyrim, such a boring average game imo, I really don't see how everyone loves it. Never really been into the Final Fantasy series as I'm not a JRPG kinda guy so can't comment, Mincraft also never played, Call of Duty yes and I think the Assassins Creed series is rated just about right. #13

I'm sorry but Fable Legends look terrible. #2.1.10
I disagree with Mass Effect, Portal and Pokemon. Everything else, fair enough. #17
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