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Yakuza: Your Favorite Underplayed Game Series - Best Video Game Podcast Top Search Result

103d ago - "Yakuza is one of the best action RPG series around, but these games are criminally underplayed.... | PS2

Gamer Chatter podcast - Episode 97: 3 Man Team

202d ago - It’s been a quiet week but that doesn’t mean the boys will be that quiet! Edward got another plat... | PC

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Can Yakuza Make A Comeback In The West?

340d ago - Culture is more than just a difference in language or traditional outfits, it’s also about taste... | Culture

The PS4 Is King Of The Japanese 3rd Party Console Exclusive

347d ago - It seems like the age of the big third party exclusive is as dead as the dinosaur. Shock, anger a... | Culture

CGM Plays: Yakuza 3

432d ago - The CGM Players take you through fictional Tokyo where you… well, just watch. | PS3

Digibytes Yakuza Double Threat Reviews of Yakuza 3 and Yakuza 4

753d ago - Digibytes writer Christopher Pascarelli reviews Japanese hit Sony exclusive franchise, Yakuza 3 a... | PS3

Digibytes monthly badasses of gaming

770d ago - Digibytes writer Christopher Pascarelli picks his first monthly badass character in gaming and ex... | PS2

Hidden Game Gems: Episode 1

891d ago - The Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 generation has produced some great games, but not all of them got the a... | Wii

Cheap Ass Review: Yakuza 3 - Gamers Heroes

955d ago - Cheap Ass Review is a weekly article at Gamers Heroes where Captain Camper takes a look at budget... | PS3

Yakuza: The Saga

957d ago - Past, present and future about Yakuza series on PlayStation 3. | PS3

Sega Recaps the Whole Yakuza Series While We Wait for Yakuza 5

1001d ago - Yakuza 5 is just three days away from its release on the Japanese shelves and Sega released in ad... | PS3

Geeks of Rage : Episode 32

1252d ago - Let’s all congratulate Eric on being soon-to-be unemployed. And congratulate Brian on overcoming... | GameCube

So you think you're hardcore? Try getting these! (Meodia)

1265d ago - Meodia takes a look at some of the hardest and more time consuming trophies out there that are dr... | PS3

GTA's Got Nothing On Yakuza 3 - Hidden Gems

1328d ago - GamingUnion: "Even though the first two Yakuza games had a secure place in the PlayStation 2's li... | PS3

Got a PlayStation 3 for Christmas? Kick-Start Your Library With These Budget Exclusives

1340d ago - Sony’s PlayStation 3 was the object of a huge price drop this past summer, hitting $250 for a 160... | PS3

Manliest Moments In Gaming: Fighting As Kazuma

1415d ago - GamingUnion.net: "The beat 'em up genre, and to an extent the sandbox genre, has been a haven for... | PS3

Saving Content: Yakuza 3 Review

1463d ago - When I first heard of the Yakuza series, I was a heartbroken fan of the Shenmue series looking fo... | PS3

Five Good Reasons to Import Games

1465d ago - Denkiphile writes: "Back in the days of cartridge converters and illegal modifications all for th... | Xbox 360

Binary Domain Director Says Team Was 'Fed Up' With Yakuza Games

1473d ago - TGH Writes: "Today we managed to get to see Binary Domain behind closed doors at Gamescom 2011. A... | Xbox 360

OMGN: How 'Yakuza' Taught me to be a Man: Why Being Good is Good

1474d ago - Tyrone Cato explores how playing the Yakuza series has changed him as a person. | Culture

Splatoon (Wii U) Review

Now - Ken sprays paint (I mean ink) everywhere in the name of reviews. | Promoted post

Aaamaazing: Japan hasn't lost it's touch

1606d ago - Destructoid - While gaming is my oldest past time and I’ve become very passionate about it, not m... | PS3

Sydney Man Gets SEGA Yakuza $9000 Full Back Tattoo

1623d ago - A year ago, SEGA Australia ran a competition promoting their Japanese mafia sandbox title Yakuza... | PS3

We Are Arcade Soundtrack Sunday: Yakuza 3

1625d ago - We Are Arcade's weekly feature, Soundtrack Sunday returns this week with a look at Yakuza 3. ''... | Culture

Yakuza 3 deleted scenes reveal the darker side of English schools in Japan

1657d ago - Japanese version references pyramid schemes and other vices in English conversation schools. | PS3

RPG Land's Best of 2010 Awards

1660d ago - "Awards given below are, not necessarily in this order: The Socially Awkward Award, Dreamcast No... | Nintendo DS
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