RE5 Spurring PS3's Quick Turnaround

Remember the days when PS3 multi-platform titles sales paled in comparison to that of the 360's? Those days are now gone. Further evidence of the PS3 having a monster year can be found everywhere right now.

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Sunny_D3561d ago


John Hendry Eden3561d ago

Dumb fanboys. The Xbox 360 version it's outselling the PS3 version everywhere......... except Japan, where there's not a large Xbox 360 userbase.

I expect this game to sell around 4 million on 360 and 1 and a half on PS3.

bushfan3561d ago

America and Japan show a closer gap between sales..with Xbox 360 taking the lead

bushfan3561d ago

America and Europe!! lol

chaosatom3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

you're going to have lots of disagrees :)

I only see Xbox 360 version selling better in America than ps3 version because of install base. Europe is close battle. Japan is Sony land.

Panthers3561d ago

I dont even see Europe as a close battle. Only UK. And that was very close...

god i dont know why im arguing. I dont care about sales. Damn N4G is corrupting me.

morganfell3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

Now we all know why hip hop rhymes with flip flop. I could care less what that site has to report. It is on the whole a disservice to the gaming community regardless of one's preferred console affiliation.

hhg has demonstrated clearly a penchant for inaccuracy coupled with a liberal sprinkling of sensationalism. Although I personally think the sales of RE5 on the PS3 will surprise people I despise hhg's repeated haphazard reporting.

GTAIV shocked the world when the sales revealed the two versions fairly neck and neck. Do not be surprised if the PS3 version does indeed outsell the 360 version. There is no DLC incentive to push players in the 360 direction. The lineage of RE on the PlayStation brand is long.

That said I would prefer to hear such analysis from a reliable source rather than a site willing to say or do anything for a webhit or some spare change.

dragunrising3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

I think everyone can agree that HHG brings nothing good to n4g. Also, the quote of the sales ratio between consoles is wrong. The 45/55 split between 360 and PS3 is flip flopped. HHG got the sales stats from VGChartz. Quote and link.

"Preliminary VGChartz data has current sell-through at around 1.6 million units across Xbox360 and PS3 (45/55% split worldwide), in just 9 days of release in Japan and two days everywhere else. VGChartz will bring you more data as it comes in."

The PS3 is selling 55% and the 360 selling 45%. Granted, RE5 has been out in Japan for a week longer and sold 4:1 on the PS3. However, the info is still wrong.

Edit: Morgan- I was in agreement with you until you said GTA4 sales are neck and neck. All you have from Rockstar is a quote that says the sales ratio is 50/50. What is the actual breakdown if the publisher doesn't release the numbers? If you agree with the numbers breakdown for RE5, you should be in agreement with their GTA4 sales breakdown. "GTA 4 sold 6.88 Million copies. On PS3 the game sold 5.47 Million copies." HHG actually quoted the info right this time. You can't have it both ways.

morganfell3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

You do realize that Rockstar will have to disclose the breakdown of their financial earnings? You know this right?

You do realize this will reveal the truth, right? And you do realize that were your wild accusations correct they would have a great deal of explaining to do about why they lied? You know that right?

You also know there is little doubt that senior board members already know the exact breakdown of earnings so you are including them in your accusation of Rockstar's collusion with Sony as part of a conspiracy? You know this, right?

You are suggesting that their silent participation makes them legally liable, you are aware of this correct?

You do realize that public statements concerning sources of earnings, even though not part of an official earnings estimate in fact carry a legal liability. You are aware of this, right? Such charges would be even more dangerous if Rockstar is, as you seem to suggest, acting in an intentionally deceptive manner.

So you are suggesting that either on a whim or by design Rockstar is engaging in a public action that carries with it a legal liability. Do you see what you are suggesting? That they would do something financially reckless. Does that make sense?

I am a person that believes conspiracies do exist in business but you need to take a closer look at the absurdity of what you are saying.

EDIT: And I can have it both ways. Just because hhg are wholly unreliable doesn't mean they do not sometimes report something accurate. Hell, even VGchartz is sometimes right. Not by design, but by accident. As Chiun said, even a fool is occasionally blessed with luck.

And basing sales figures on the remarks of Rockstar is completely different than basing such accuracy on VGChartz. You should be old enough to comprehend that small yet distinctive fact.

evrfighter3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

you had me until I got to the the third "you do realize". Then you just started coming off as a raving I skipped the rest

Everything you said about HHG is true but its hilarious how he still managed to get you to throw more fuel onto the fire.

uxo223561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

The PS3 fans are turning on HHG, I thought they had nothing but praise for him. Oh, that's right he spoke positive of the 360 in this article. What the hell was he thinking?


dragunrising3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

You take my comments and distort them as fits your agenda. Yes, I do know Rockstar is legally liable in releasing financial earnings or statements. It is fact that the complete breakdown of GTA4 sales (units sold for 360 vs PS3) was not made available. A "guesstimate" of 50/50 was made. It does not benefit Rockstar and their stock more importantly to say one version or another sold more. All that is important is revenue generated per console in each fiscal cycle and how many units (multiconsole) were sold. The point I was trying to make (that you so clearly ignored) was the fact that an exact number was not given. Does 50/50 ratio mean we divide 13 million in half and get an equal number? No. Obviously one version sold more than the other. The only consolation I will make is that the difference was not big. If the difference in sales between 360 and PS3 was 2+ million it would have been worth pointing out. 50/50 however doesn't say much and that's why estimates from VGChartz are useful.

On topic: The sales ratio of RE5 sold for 360 vs PS3 is artificially inflated on the PS3's end currently. The game released a week prior in Japan where the title sold 4-1 better on the PS3. Who is to say what the final numbers will be but it should be noted that no one is "winning" yet. So many users claim RE5 will sell more for PS3. No one can make that claim yet with certainty. Killzone 2 just came out and the 360 install base is larger. Outside of Devil May Cry 4, I don't remember a big budget multiplatfrom title selling more on the PS3 (Burnout Paradise?) All I'm trying to say is that there is a slightly better reason to predict the 360 version will ultimately sell more overall.

RE5 releasing in March is good for both PS3 and 360.

Aquanox3561d ago

Not bad for an originally playstation franchise. The same happened with Devil May Cry 4. Also, we still need to see those US numbers, which should turn the tables in the final count.

JHUX3560d ago

you come off as a big douche bag, you know that right?


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N4PS3G3561d ago

"In Japan Square Enix are game gods and if they can only manage to sell 166,000 copies of a highly anticipated game then something is wrong. " -Quote from article

Selling 200k on a consoles with less than a million userbase is wrong??

I think your article is kinda wrong

GiantEnemyCrab3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

It's just HHG's contributers showing their PS3 colors.. He found out his stories critizing the PS3 and praising the 360 weren't getting thru so now it's back to sucking the Playstation shlong and it's approval city..

This is the second one today.

But yeah your right, that is far from wrong and of course doom and gloom for the 360.

El_Colombiano3561d ago

Even I with my bias for PS3, am going to report this fool's articles. I don't care what side this two-faced idiot takes in any one of his trash articles. Hip-Hop Gamer needs to be banned from this site. It gives N4G a horrible rep with submissions like these getting through.

xwabbit3561d ago (Edited 3561d ago )

some 1 crying over here lol ^^, guess CNN should be closed down too, since they where the once who made the PS3 is a sinking ship article right colombiano ? Keep waiting 4 that 2 happen bro

yz2503561d ago

you are wrong, it is not hhg that has ruined the reputation of n4g, but it is sony fanboys like you that have ruined the reputation of n4g.

hhg just feeds off of you knuckle heads on n4g for hits. notice how most of his "articles" are titled to fit your ps3 fanboyish needs. he knows you all out number xbox fans 100-1 on here

you and 4 billion other hypocritical sony fan girls that have ruined n4g are to blame for their "decline" in reputation. not exactly fair you wanna throw all the blame on better throw some of that blame at yourselves, and the n4g moderators...

peace i know the truth sucks/hurts

yaboi3560d ago

what happened to ur friend power of green?? lol

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Zeus Lee3561d ago

Fantastic news,still won't buy it.

torreyjs3561d ago

I agree with you

bad game and just a BLOG POST THAT ISNT NEWS


xwabbit3561d ago

lol if u saw how many blogs are approved in this site.

yaboi3560d ago

game itself isn't bad its just they went completely action instead of horror. but overall its a decent game just not a resident evil game. ;)

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LeonSKennedy4Life3561d ago least rent the game.

It's fantastic!

Ken92JP3561d ago

I personally think it's fantastic game, but not as good as Resident Evil 4.

dinkeldinkse3561d ago

But I have no interest in RE5.Playing with a partner in the demo just annoyed me and ruined the gameplay entirely.Literally, that's why I don't want to play it.

HDgamer3561d ago

Don't rent this game at all. Its not worth a rent, you must buy it. The controls aren't bad and co-op is fun.

Max Power3561d ago

but i still can't get around the controls, i am sorry that my excuse is played out, but i don't think i could enjoy it.

jeseth3561d ago

If you love RE you have to play this game. The story is awesome. Not very scary anymore but I loved playing as Chris again.

Playing co=op is awesome.

Give it a shot. You'll be pleasantly surprised!

Max Power3561d ago

were the controls different in the demo than the final game? that was the only thing holding me back from the game, but from what i have read/heard the controls are the same.

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ultimatek13561d ago

this article doesnt even make sense, currently 360 version has sold more, (45%PS3 VS 55%360)

cayal3561d ago

"this article doesnt even make sense, currently 360 version has sold more, (45%PS3 VS 55%360)"

Considering the 8 million (give or take lead) the PS3 version is clearly selling 'better' based on attach rate.

Either way Capcom aren't complaining.