Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 remasters announced for PS4

Sega will release remastered versions of Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, and Yakuza 5 for PlayStation 4, the latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation reveals.

Here is the Japanese release schedule:
--Yakuza 3 – August 9 for 3,990 yen (includes soundtrack download code)
--Yakuza 4 – Fall 2018
--Yakuza 5 – Spring 2019

The remasterd releases will have improved resolution and frame rates.

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DigitalRaptor178d ago

Whoah baby!

The whole series on one console! :)

Obelisk92178d ago


hulk_bash1987178d ago

This is amazing and I hope they announce it for a western release. But, why the hell havent they announced Ishin yet? I'm seriously considering just importing a copy and using a guide.

RedDevils178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Nice My collection will be completed :) Even though I already owned all on PS2 and PS3 lol

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BeardedDrachen178d ago

That’s cool! The Yakuza series is taking off this gen.

Dark_Knightmare2178d ago

Hell yeah! i knew they were going to do this. I’m still working my way through 0 then I have 1 remake to play im buying the remake of 2 in August and I’ll def be getting these whenever they bring them to the us

Blade92178d ago

How far you gotten in 0?

Dark_Knightmare2177d ago

I think only chapter 4 I got sidetracked big time doing all the side stories

Jayszen177d ago

@ Dark_Knightmare2

You are playing it as you should - take your time and even play other games and dip into Yakuza, You will find that the game can last you a year if you want!

Dark_Knightmare2177d ago

Thanks man thats actually what I’ve been doing lol. I’ve had 0 since November and I’ll dip in play it for a few days than play other things but I always go back. I love exploring the world and finding the side stories which are so damn good especially how they can range from quirky as hell to heartfelt.