TGS exclusive: Yakuza 3 will arrive at Europe in March

In Tokyo Game Vandal Show it has been able to know that Yakuza 3 will arrive at Europe in the month of March, and that in fact the Castilian will do with translation. Although it has not been confirmed what company is the one that is behind the project, although the information which we have rather little indicates one habitual one in Japanese games, yes we know that one of the controverted parts more of the game, the one of the management of clubs of alternates, will be eliminated in the western version, reducing therefore the task of location of the game.

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Cwalat2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Thankyou god,
The greatest month of videogame history just got better:

God of War 3
Gran Turismo 5
Yakuza 3
Heavy Rain

I couldn't be happier as a gamer!!!
(couldn't be more broke either =P)

Lord_Ranos2882d ago

You forgot about Battlefield Bad Company 2.

hay2882d ago

March will be pure evil.

Sarcasm2882d ago

March is the new October!

Rhythmattic2882d ago

Having downloaded the Japanese Demo, and been blown away....

I'm Gob-smacked.... This is truly fantastic news for gamers...

ReservoirDog3162882d ago

I downloaded the demo from the japanese store just yesterday. It was kinda fun but I didn't expect it to be a brawler type game. I don't much care for that genre, so I doubt I'll get it.

Haha, it looks like march won't be too big for me. Don't like hack n slash, brawlers or racing (read: I suck at racing). But eagerly awaiting Heavy Rain though.

mastiffchild2882d ago

I just worry that, yet again, Sega are hobbling this series. What effin chance will it have up against not just the big March hitters(and they do no come bigger than GT5 and GOW3 as Sony games)but also the nearby big multis like Bioshock2 et al?

All the ther games will have ad campaigns and will reach the average non media savvy gamer with ease while Yakuza won't even cause a vlip on most folks radar. Worse than that even most core gamers(hate the expression but you know what I mean)will be pretty strapped for cash right about then so how many will acrually pick this up?

I know there will be a few series fans, like myself, who've wanted this far ages but chances are the sales will be even worse this time causing Y4 NEVER to come west. Sega have NEVER pushed this game in the west for whatever reason(last time was a joke with Y2 hard to even find)and since they're so reluctant to do so I don't get why they'd make it's job even more difficult this way.

Oh well, at least we're getting a great game and , you never know, maybe Sega or Sony will invest in some actual ads this time around but I'm very worried that this will be the very last westernised Yakuza we ever see if the sales are as poor as it lookslike they might be. I just hope all of us that wanted the western release buy the game and word gets round because, if recent history with the series is repeated, that's the only way a lot of people will ever hear of the game coming!

Still, very excited to get the chnace to play the game which looks like a big step up in class and scale for the series even if we won't het to be brothel managers in the west!

Noctis Aftermath2882d ago

@Mastiffchild: you're 100% correct, and its sad, cause sega will lay the blame with the consumers and then we won't get Y4... sigh i guess i should finish learning japanese.

ABizzel12882d ago

Ugh. I need to finish part 2 and fast. Well I'll be Importing the EU version.

This is going to be a rough time for my wallet. I have a decent list of must buys this holiday season, and as soon as next year starts I have even more. I'm sorry developers, but I'm going to have to buy somebody used there are like 10 - 20 games that I want to buy and that's $600 - $1200.

Viper72882d ago

Downloaded the demo and tested it out. First I was a bit confused that the game seemed like old school brawler game with modern day graphics, but then I noticed how smooth and rewarding the fighting started to feel.

The hits really seem to hit the opponents, and there are loads of weapons in the surroundings to use as well. Blocking and evading gave the game quite a lot depth too as did the finishers.
The game felt rather fresh and smooth for most part, and I am certainly interested after the demo.

Hopefully this article speaks the truth and well get some yakuza goodness to the west. hopefully they will also rethink a bit of the "cutting" big parts from the game to decrease localization problems, but eather way gotta check this one out.

SaiyanFury2882d ago

I'm extremely looking forward to this game. Interesting article, although there's one thing I'm not 100% clear on. It says, "one of the controverted parts more of the game, the one of the management of clubs of alternates, will be eliminated in the western version." I don't want to step on any toes here, but I assume that means the management of a gay host bar? Maybe someone can clear this up for me. That said, even if that's in the game, it only adds more gameplay to a series that has a crapload shoehorned into it. BRING IT OVER ALREADY!

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Hyrius2882d ago

"the management of clubs of alternates"

What is it ?

Noctis Aftermath2882d ago

no idea, but whenever i read/hear something along the lines of "will be removed for this version" its never a good thing and usually turns me off it(ie;GTA4 Au version)

BYE2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

I think they cut out the parts where you put on "the purple suit".

Redempteur2882d ago

I'm sorry ... but WHY ?

WHy cut a game like that ?
i'm seriously disapointed ...

Make them real girls lol !

I hate when i know that something was lost in translation or cut ...

They better NOT cut anything else ....

Baliw2882d ago

the night club management mini game.
They plan to chop it all.
So no whores for us europeans.

Looks loke theres to muxh text in that mini game...

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Sizzon2882d ago

Heavy Rain
God of War 3
and now this also :)

omg awesome!

Milky2882d ago


Rhythmattic2882d ago

Yakuza 3, you, complete me.

flanagan2882d ago

Hyrius: It's the brothel management stuff in the game. It's quite clear if you read it in Spanish or if you use a translator that really works.

Noctis Aftermath2882d ago

so are they censoring it? if so that really sucks.

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