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Yakuza 3 wows Famitsu

First impressions of Sega's open world mobster title, Yakuza 3, are in. The title has scored 10, 10, 9 and 9 from Famitsu's panel of critics, for a combined score of 38/40. This is along the lines of how the previous titles have done. Yakuza 2 got a 38/40 as well, and last year's Yakuza Kenzan! scored a 37/40. (PS3, Yakuza 3)

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TheHater  +   2295d ago
I hope this game make it way to the Sates sometime this year or early next year.
I am curious to see how this game affect the sales of PS3 in Japan next week.
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facepalm  +   2295d ago
I hope so as well as Kenzan... I need to finish the series.

As for the score, I could careless... It's Famitsu... Enough said.
I'll wait for the Dengeki scores instead.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2295d ago
Aren't the states still waiting for Yakuza 2?

Yeah, dunno about this making it over. I watched the trailers on PSN and it looks like an asian GTA game and it looks awesome.

EDIT: Thanks for the corrections. For some reason I thought I heard 1up complaining that they don't bring Yakuza over to the states and that 3 would be a "pipe-dream".
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George Sears  +   2295d ago
I believe 38/40 is an awesome score no? Or is it that everything has to be perfect for it to be trustworthy?


The game released around mid September if I remember correctly but regardless, Sega takes there oh so sweet time for these games to come out stateside. So even if they do indeed decide to bring it, I would expect a late 2010 release.
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pwnsause  +   2295d ago
Yakuza 2 has been released in the states since last year. its That Yakuza prequel that has not been released in the US yet.
Alcohog  +   2295d ago
@ George Sears
I think what FacePalm meant was that lately when Famitsu scores a game low, it tends to be a good game. Therefore he is getting at the fact that Famitsu just sucks in general and their opinion means nothing to the masses.
jams_shop  +   2295d ago
Yakuza 2 was released last year btw great game
SuperTanker  +   2295d ago
@George Sears
And Famitsu also gave Haze a high score, so it's a little hard to trust them.
George Sears  +   2295d ago
Oh so now there one of the not trusted ones. I see.........
facepalm  +   2295d ago
^-^ I really want this game, but even if it gets a great score from Famitsu it won't really matter. Famitsu has been rather all over the board, giving games I like rather lower scores (Demon's Souls and WKC), while giving games I didn't like (HAZE, The Last Remnant) higher scores.

I usually agree with Dengeki's scores more than Famitsu's... (I'm not sure what Dengeki gave TLR so I might disagree with them on that part.)

Nothing to do with me hating the game, it's me disapproving of Famitsu's inconsistency when it comes to scoring.

@George Sears (1.8): In a nutshell, yes.
@Alcohog (1.5): My sediments exactly... ^-^
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INehalemEXI  +   2295d ago
Yakuza 1&2
Where the best thing published by SEGA since Shenmue (DC). Unless im forgot something.
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hweita  +   2295d ago
It's a good score
38/40 is on par with Fallout 3 and LittleBigPlanet

It also says the main quest alone takes more than 30 hours to complete... nice
eagle21  +   2295d ago
It just keeps getting better for PS3.....
Yakuza 3 is sooooooo getting purchased, even if I have to import it. :)
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Immortal Kaim  +   2295d ago
I never played the Yakuza games, can someone explain what type of genre they fall into?

Are they anything like Shenmue? If so I need to play them cause Shenmue is a masterpiece.

hades07  +   2295d ago
This is one game I would love to get my hands on but sadly I only own a xbox360. Anyone know if this game is an exclusive to the PS3 or if there is any chance of it coming to the 360?
INehalemEXI  +   2295d ago
Its closest thing to a shenmue. Its gangster though. It is PS3 exclusive.
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Lifendz  +   2295d ago
I just want subtitles
and they can have the 80 bucks it'll probably cost to import it.
Pixel_Addict  +   2295d ago
Don't worry...
I am sure Sony is looking into moving this title in the States. All they really need is to translate somethings really. Another quality exclusive for the PS3. Funny, giantenemycrab, how fast your forgot that the PS3 is not region locked. Another feature xbox fanatics tend to leave out of their arguments.
ActionBastard  +   2295d ago
@ IDemonstalkerXI
I agree that Yakuza is the best thing Sega has published since Shenmue. Then I would add Valkyria Chronicles to the list as well. I have both Yakuza 1&2 and they were absolutely fantastic. I actually liked Yakuza 2 having no English voice over. I'm fine with subtitles (plus for whatever reason, it felt more authentic).

To Sega: If this game doesn't make it stateside, I will Bastard Thrust my way to your headquarters hell bent on destruction!
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Danja  +   2295d ago
damn this game needs to be released stateside ..ASAP !!!!! come on Sega
great score even though I really dont trust Famitsu ne more..all the other Yakuza games has gotten the same score so I wont judge this review..

but wow...The PS3 is on a role ...all these great games such at once
pain777pas  +   2295d ago
If this game comes out this year I am officially spending a lot on games again for another year this month has been killer Sf4 ce, flower, and killzone2 next week.
solidt12  +   2295d ago
Im looking forward to this game in the states as well.
FrankenLife  +   2294d ago
I will keep that in mind for future reference. In the event somebody says, "hey, I wonder what Famitsu thinks about Yakuza 3.", then I will be able say, "yeah, it got a 38/40"
Nightfallen  +   2295d ago
That game has my interests, would be a waste not releasing it world wide.
pwnsause  +   2295d ago
Sega Better bring this game to the west and give it some form of advertising over here. Valkyria Chronicles Suffered from low sales because of advertising. it was a Great game.
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Endless_X  +   2295d ago
Pic from the review page: http://i634.photobucket.com...
shadowfox  +   2295d ago
Nice Yakuza score... Looks like Halo Wars got straight 8s.
jams_shop  +   2295d ago
This needs to be release outside Japan thank SEGA
SAiOSiN  +   2295d ago
what are the yakuza games like? i kind of like the idea of japanese mafia-grand theft auto sort of thing.
Omegasyde  +   2295d ago
Bingo. More Japanese Flair.
Skyreno  +   2295d ago
plz relased to outside ^^ i really love to play game i have played first and second now want third ....oh yeah way better than grand therft auto 4
Fatal Blow  +   2295d ago
This is one of them games i want so bad does anyone know if the hong kong version will have english and wkc to in english
PirateThom  +   2295d ago
Famitsu reviews should be taken lightly.

At least, that's what I've found....

This game will sell tons in Japan. I suspect the US will get it in about 2 years.
TheHater  +   2295d ago
We might not even get this game at all :(
Omegasyde  +   2295d ago
Yea Famitsu probably scored it high due to being a GTA: Japan.

Their scores are worth jack since Haze.
KingDizzi  +   2295d ago
Greast score, going to import this one
2FootYard  +   2295d ago
I remember looking at screens for this game and my immediate reaction was to say, " Thats hott."
jcgamer  +   2295d ago
Valkyrie Chronicles, MadWorld and Yakuza 3! DAMN!

lol :)
Sevir04  +   2295d ago
Now if only Sonic could be fixed.
Honolulu  +   2295d ago
Props should go to Platinum Games for Mad World though since they're the ones making it, as well as Bayonetta.
Sega's just the publisher... an awesomeryu publisher that is.
Tryst  +   2295d ago
I don't know, Golden Axe did ALOT of damage
mt  +   2295d ago
japanese sega on fire
NegativeCreep427  +   2295d ago
GTA has a serious contender for its crown in terms of revenue...
despite the fact that its commercial-success is really only in Japan.

Sega deserves a financially-acceptable comeback, and I hope they get it.
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eagle21  +   2295d ago
Sega, bring it west. :)
gambare  +   2295d ago
They brought Yakuza 2 here to maintain the continuity of the storyline for this one, so it's a sure thing they will bring it here
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Johnny Rotten  +   2295d ago
isn't this game coming out the same day Killzone is?

edit: nevermind the link says Feb26th, nice site layout btw!
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sinny  +   2295d ago
Pleaseee bring this game to the US
This is the game that i want to play the most this year, i hope SEGA bring this to the US . This and KENZAN !
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   2295d ago
Only on the PS3 ;).
djtek184  +   2295d ago
b b b but Dlc!!
Baka-akaB  +   2295d ago
Well i didnt need famitsu's score to know it's an amazing game . I dont trust famitsu anyway . But good for the game and it's sales if they get such good press
she00win99  +   2295d ago
Yakuza is a GTA of japan, so it's obvious that it received a great review
NegativeCreep427  +   2295d ago
and as far as I have seen...
Killzone 2 has also made an impact on the Japanese market...

Action-packed, immortal FPS's...sales-less classic.
FFXI101  +   2295d ago
"Yakuza is a GTA of japan, so it's obvious that it received a great review "
To me, Yakuza is way better than GTA(game play, story line, characters, it offer more freedom and thing to do than GTA) I'm just glad it finally made its way to PS3 and hopefully they'll bring it to NA soon.
StayHigh  +   2295d ago
They better bring it here to North America!
Obama  +   2295d ago
I still think Famitsu sucks in reviewing games, but Yakuza3 seems to be very promising. It is ps3 exclusive too :)
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Skyreno  +   2295d ago
Also from Sega
chaos-lockheart  +   2295d ago
i will get it soon
i will just import the Taiwan version
mastiffchild  +   2295d ago
That's a point. Does anybody think any of the Asian continantal releases will have a subtitle option for English subs as I'd prefer that to having it dubbed(and waiting the 18 manths it'll take to get even a US release which I'd still have to import!)?

This looks to have all the fun and friskiness that many(though not I )found missing from GTA post SA and after playing all of number one and mst of the second Yakuza on PS2 I'm really hungry for this one. I think it would sell hugely if marketed correctly in the west and Sony and Sega always miss the trick with this series. Sure, there's stuff in the games that you can tell is Jap centric but, for me, that adds to it's odd charm and this game, from the hugely impressive trailer(seriously how long is that?)at least, looks to be much slicker than before.

Honestly with all the games that get no western release or weven the FF13 type waits we suffer is it worth learning Japanese if you're a western gamer? It would be quicker I reckon than waiting for FF13 Vs anyway.
weezy12  +   2295d ago
i watched 3 trailers a month ago and i went from not knowing what the game was to wanting to buy it all in about 10 minutes it just looks to be everything gta is and isnt having a deeper fighting system as well as many other things i noticed in the videos that just wowed me besides the tremendous graphics
japwow  +   2295d ago
Good score
rbluetank  +   2295d ago
i hope i can play this game!!!
i would love to play this game!!!
dustgavin  +   2295d ago
I hope they bring this out to the states.
hweita  +   2295d ago
Demo will be available tomorrow
A demo will be on the Japanese PlayStation Store tomorrow... 1.2 gigs sweet!
J@D  +   2295d ago
US release please.... ^^
thereapersson  +   2295d ago
F*cking SEGA...

It's obvious the media wants it here, as well as many gamers, so you would be doing yourselves a favor after releasing all that Sonic garbage of the past few years by releasing Yakuza outside of Japan.

I'd import this game, but I don't know a word of Japanese and I'd just end up being lost in the story.
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