EDGE 213 Review Scores

From Examiner: review scores for Final Fantasy XIII, God of War III, Yakuza 3 and more from the #213 issue of EDGE.

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FangBlade2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

lol they gave God of War 3 an 8.
why am i not surprised?
sony should blacklist them for good.

FanOfGaming2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

A 8 From Edge is like a 9.5 from IGN. I'm sorry but edge magazine has proven that they don't like to give PlayStation 3 games AAA scores. Its quite evident that titles like those of the Halo franchise has lived in glory of high scores under this magazine when they arguably weren't worth the praise.

Edge = Don't give them any credit

TOO PAWNED2995d ago

8 is great score for Edge. I expected 6 and some generic spin for why they gave it 6.

Natsu X FairyTail2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

other websites Reviewed the game and gave GoW3 a 8/10 Should they be blackmailed aswell?

kingdavid2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

wtf is wrong with an 8? Thats good for edge...

They do tend to have very bizarre choices for what they give 10s to. Most of the time, I think they tend to be delibrately controversial.

Millah2995d ago

Edge = bunch of angry trolls

Mr_Bun2995d ago

Edge usually deducts 3 points for being a PS3 exclusive....this shows promise!

callahan092995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

God of War 3 = 8
Bayonetta = 10

I don't care how you look at it, those scores are just ridiculous. What game were they playing when they reviewed Bayonetta? No way is that a perfect game, ESPECIALLY when you consider how harsh and nit-picky Edge always is. By their standards, I would have thought Bayonetta would get blasted, and yet they give it a perfect score, and they go ahead and give God of War 3 their typical way lower than average score? It's just crazy. Oh, and God of War 3 and Bad Company 2 don't deserve scores as high as ODST? I'm sorry, but, again, ridiculous is the only word I have for Edge. And don't even get me started on 5's for FFXIII and WKC. Way low on both of those.

Syronicus2995d ago

This site is so full of fail that if you cannot see it now then you are a blind and stupid fanboy. EDGE is the bane of all that is gaming journalism so please, don't give them hits.

thereapersson2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

They gave ODST a 9


Let that sink in. Just for posterity, they also claimed Halo 3 "most INNOVATIVE title of '07 / '08, awarding it a 10/10, and they also gave Bayonetta a 10.

I'm not saying those games are bad, i'm just saying Edge is a f*cking joke.

EDIT @ Natsu:

And over 10 well-known sources thus far have awarded God of War III a perfect 10, including GAME INFORMER, which BOTH opinions (main review and second opinion) were BOTH 10. What other game in recent history can you list that has achieved that?

edit @ Cyrax below:

"Speaking of metacritic, why isn't G4TV's perfect score up yet, been waiting for ages. Gotta love meta's inconsistency with PS3 exclusives."

You just answered your own question: Inconsistency. Why aren't the number of reviews for Final Fantasy XIII on the 360 the same as the PS3? Yet, people want to pinpoint the fact that the 360 version is scoring higher. Welcome to current-generation gaming!


Cyrax_872995d ago

they already said "Bayonetta slaps Kratos" ect, there was no way in hell they were gonna give GoW3 a decent score after that. It's not like we didn't expect it though:

GoW - 8
GoW2 - 7
GoW - 8

That's 2-3 whole points lower then the average on meta, no doubt this will take the meta score down to 93 as well. Speaking of metacritic, why isn't G4TV's perfect score up yet, been waiting for ages. Gotta love meta's inconsistency with PS3 exclusives.

Natsu X FairyTail2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

maybe they had more fun with bayonetta because it's a brand new IP? and Gave ODST a 9 because of the Multiplayer Aspect of the game which gives the game more value because you can do more than the Story campaign?

you guys are never satisfied -_-;

the game is good , it's AAA it got a 90%+++ Metascore. move on

nix2995d ago

who cares? i've already paid for it.

thereapersson2995d ago

You can't even begin to defend EDGE. It looks like Thief already did the research for me in post #12; I don't even see how you can continue to justify their behavior...

Syronicus2995d ago

Your reputation precedes you here but even your level of fanboyism needs to be shaken here. They gave GOW an 8 back in the day and you say they liked Beyonetta for being new? Sorry, but GOW, the first title was even better than Beyonetta. Stop defending Edge trash and take them fanboy goggles off.

Natsu X FairyTail2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

IF all of you guys know that edge sucks edge is biased edge this and that. why do you guys keep clicking the story links? lol.

you guys complain but always come for more.


Gow the 1st was better than bayonetta??? Lol that's your Opinion dude. I liked Bayonetta better than the 1st GoW.

What? you're going to call me a Fanboy now? I did not own GoW on PS2? I dint have a PS2? I'm a MS fanboy?

I always bring logical and Fair point of views but you guys are always mad because i'm not on your side(sony fanboy). I'm not biased and i no way saying that GoW3 is bad.

Michael-Jackson2995d ago

They gave Battlefied BC 2 a 8, it has multiplayer too! but the meta is just below 90.

thor2995d ago

It's pretty clear that Edge are biased. In one case, e.g. Bayonetta vs GoW3, certainly there are very good arguments why the former should get a 10, and the latter should get an 8. I get that. But when you look at those scores in the context of their other reviews - for Killzone 2, Resistance 2, Motorstorm, Uncharted 2, MGS4, MAG, Infamous, Heavy Rain etc., a pattern emerges that can only be explained by fanboyism. It's fair enough to like Bayonetta more than GoW3, but something smells a little fishy when they just happen to like 360 games in a given genre, but not PS3 games in the same genre, especially when the review scores from other sites put those games at the same standard.

PopEmUp2995d ago

do they pick numbers out of the hat? ROFL and did you guys notice a 5 on ff13 and white knight, I mean come on, the game is not that good but is not bad as getting a 5 right?

lelo2play2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Battlefield Bad Company 2 - 8
Final Fantasy XIII - 5
God of War III - 8
Aliens vs. Predator - 5

I think those scores are a little low for those games. Battlefield Bad Company 2 and God of War III probably deserve at least a 9 and Final Fantasy XIII and Aliens vs. Predator deserve something like a 7.

but it's their opinion... and opinions are like as*holes, everybody has one.

Danteh2995d ago

as I said before, problem with Edge is that their scores don't scale when compared to any other. Now we know that Infinite Space is as good as GOWIII s/

Such random sh!t

JokesOnYou2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

They score games as they want, not one bit swayed by the whiney internet fanboys. I remember when they scored ME 7/10 which many outside of this site still consider one of best games this gen, but alot ps3 folks considered them creditable when that score was released, also I heard alot of cheerleading when they scored LBP a 10, Edge typically uses the whole scale not just the 7-10 scale most sites use. Edge has won some prestiges gaming awards but I wonder why the same folks who say Edge who has no creditability keep coming to Edge review news saying they dont care which indirectly only gives Edge more creditability? lol, Edge definitely loves living waaay out there....untouched, and unbothered by the fanboys. Now although I will never buy you sony folks lame pity party I can clearly see GoW3 is a helluva game and I cant wait to pick it up next week, Kratos is a fkin' Beast!


edit: Jamie dont get so upset, I've owned a ps3 for quite sometime, have a few ps3 games BUT yes 360 is my favorite console, and therefore yes Iam quick to point out the overwhelming bias against the 360 on this site, sometimes I admittedly get carried away, but I believe theres a method to my madness, instead of blind alegiance to a console like I see from so many other fanboys, if you disagree so be it, at any rate IF that makes me a 360 fanboy then I'll gladly accept that label. Yes you got me, tell the world I'm nothing but a fanboy, lol, do you feel better now? I'm still going to say whatever I feel should be said, dont care much about popularity or bubbles...all I need is one.

xabmol2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Then it makes perfect sense! lol

@Mr Bun: LOL xD

Jamie Foxx2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

.....You calling out fanboys,have you looked in a mirror recently?

As for tudors comment way below,respect brother,you also support 360 but unlike joy are more adult in your approach which is why you are not hovering around the one bubble mark,good you can admit their is a clear biasness when EDGE scores ps3 games shows you ae a gamer and not dedicated to a piece of plastic.

Why won't sony just blacklist them once and for all?

Bubble Buddy2995d ago

Yup predicted right. These sites are so generic you can already tell the approximate score of each PS3 game they're gonna review.

Jamie Foxx2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Now who's post seems upset and angry? not mine.

You prefer 360 that's your perogative and I would never bash you for that,but your approach is 'fanboyish',answer this joy do you see biasness in EDGE? Or are you so blinded by your preference you refuse to see anything but green.

Who knows you could be a kool dude in person that I could probably play a couple games of motorstorm with or something but how you come across on N4G is bitter,angry and childish at times,my preference is ps3 but I won't be blinded.

raztad2995d ago

Good ol' EDGE never fails to underscore PS3 exclusive games.

I'm pretty sure they will look even more biased in gamers eyes when GoW3 lands in few days. Cant wait.

Alvadr2995d ago

FFXIII is as good as White Knight Chronicles - LOLZ

mastiffchild2995d ago

Again, another Edge review score for a PS3 exclusive well below the Metacritic for it. It's at the point you can actually predict what they will give to a game on this platform.

Even before the concerted effort to knock down PS3 exclusives(and the stats don't lie-they makr PS3 exclusives 1-2 marks out of ten lower than the Meta and it just doesn't compare with how their 360 and Ninty scores live up to their Metacritic averages. The Sony scores are lower and by a good ,margin and I'm at a loss to explain how it happens if there's no meaningful attempt to do so. Seriously, I wouldn't say this about ANY other proper site at all and it's a shame when Edge have some of the better writing talent currently working in games media but, again, I cannot get past the stats and, this week, there's also the worrying FF13 5/10 for PS3 yet no score for the weaker 360 version and it's starting to look as black and white as you could EVER imagine. Until they come out and show how they arrived at this point with a reasonable explanation we can only assume something's a bit rotten. I'm sorry and it's a shame but, God, those stats are so stark I find it hard to see anything other than actual bias. It's not THIS review, anyone can dislike or rate any game lower than someone(even everyone)else but to consistently do it to such a degree with ONE platforms games is so suspect it finally shouts something's up.

This is the site/Magazine that supposedly places a premium on innovation but they gave Bayonetta(good game no doubt-I enjoyed it)praise out of their arses and a p[perfect score when it's basically DMC with tits and made by the same man! It's not even a new IP really yet they harangue GOW3 for things they gave Bayonetta a free pass for. I could go on but, sadly, Edge anger me and I feel are the one real site/mag being really shady about this. Fanboy editor? Too long spent being over biased towards British devs eroding their moral fibre? Too scared to anger their predominantly 360 owning Uk readership and taking it way too far? IDK, but there's something, worryingly and obviously wrong here and even if it's placating a big advertiser they've gone way too far and it LOOKS really bad if we all look at it with cold logic.

Seriously, wouldn't you, if Edge are just harder markers, expect the scores for both MS and Nintendo exclusives to be under their Meta by the same kind of amounts the Sony ones are? I would and it's the only way it makes sense to me. Funnily enough the one Sony game they loved exposes their other huge bias with MM's LBP getting a predictably softer ride and a perfect, loving UK safe 10/10! I can't see any other reason for the lower than everyone else scores nearly EVERY SINGLE time(how can they be THAT out of kilter with their peers only over Sony games?)and would LOVE to be wrong about this , I defended them for an age over this but with every review on each platform the stat grew more stark,so anyone with a good reason please let me in on it!

As it stands I just can't take Edge seriously any more and as their stuff is eminently more readable than 90% of the rest of our media that's really, really sad. I just can't see another reason for the consistently low er scores for Sony games, however, and it REALLY troubles me that fellow reporters and reviewers may be doing something either so wrong or so weak.Even worse is that they're also from my country and possibly all trained with the same tutors I had-who'd all be very concerned at the trend these statistics bear out I assure you. I don't buy into big conspiracies and put any normal leanings down to a readership issue(naturally writing in a style that keeps your readers with you-in this case meaning a slight softening towards the 360 as their readers will be 360 owners in the main-should NOT extend to being overly harsh on the other platform though, Most UK/US sites will have a similar readership make up and this small leaning that you find in every national, regional and local paper is fine and understandable)that you'll find everywhere and possibly even the other way round in Japanese language sites, but, again, this is beyond that by quite some way and leaves Edge as the only site of any repute I'd say had a problem of this kind.

Xeoset2995d ago

ITT: Butt hurt trolls that can't get over the fact another reviewer gave the game an 8/10.

Should all the others be blacklisted?

Seriously, if 5/10 is AVERAGE, 8/10 is a GREAT score.

Grow. The. Fu<k. Up.

Mr_Bun2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

"Grow. The. Fu<k. Up"???
Right, because only mature, rational individuals like yourself use terms like "butt hurt"


Jamie Foxx2995d ago

I laughed so hard,the facepalm in capitals did it for me

Dark Collosis2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Jamie Fox calling JOY a fanboy is classic.. On topic though i cant wait to play GoW3, but i trust the edge reviews more than the Game Informer/Gamepro/Ign/1up reviews. And knock on ODST all you want but i enjoyed ODST more than i did KZ2. Even though graphicaly KZ2 DESTROYED ODST, but gameplay isnt even close..

I played both GoW1/2 and the thing i remember the most besides how EPIC the boss battles were was how repetitive the gameplay was, and that for the most part felt more like a button masher. Not to say i dont love the series, because i do but i also can tell you that if gameplay hasnt been changed i see where the score came from.

Getting a 8 from Edge is exactly what i was expecting.. Needless for me to say i think, but GoW3 is a DAY 1 purchase game and i recomend it to all my PS3 owning friends..

@ vhero ... Funny even still is i was reading my new gameinformer last night and saw that just cause 2 recieved a 9/10 there.. Shocking.......

vhero2995d ago

Just cause 2 a 7 though considering they gave BC2 an 8? Wow they have a screwed up ratings system I heard JC2 is TERRIBLE.

otherZinc2995d ago

They're the only magazine that wont let PS3 fanatics alter their score, Edge is like me, they tell it like it is.

DelbertGrady2995d ago

Edge doesn't buy into the hype. They review games for what they are and what they think about them, not for what hype they have received in the media. God of War 3 has been hyped up to be the best game ever made and that's why you can't accept EDGE's opinion. Even though they rewarded it a solid 8.

Guy1692995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Bayonetta "made by the same man!"

That's the point, silly! If someone copied LBP Edge give them a 6, but if MM makes a sequel it gets a 9.

"DMC with tits"

Nice logic, buddy. And GoW is "Rygar with a sex mini-game".

Edge gave Uncharted 2 a 9, Demon's souls a 9, LBP a 10. and people still whine. Pathetic.

Information Minister2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

@ Soda - Edge doesn't buy into the hype?!!! They did for Bayonetta and Halo 3. They didn't do it for MGS4 and Heavy Rain. Starting to see a pattern there?

I don't know how people can say they trust Edge more than other reviewers. One could forgive them and consider they were just unusually harsh if they consistently reviewed all or most games below their average review score, independently of platform. But that only happens with PS3 exclusives. If that isn't proof of bias, I don't know what is.

Heck, I don't know how people can trust reviews AT ALL after the GerstmanGate scandal.

andron6662995d ago

I think the FFXIII score of 5 is just ridiculous. I haven't read their review and reasoning, but can't really see how that game can score so low...

Wh15ky2995d ago

All you guys have to stop giving EDGE all this attention, they must be loving it. This article has only been up for 3 hours and already there's over 100 comments, just ignore them and they'll go away.

PS this is the one and only time that I have commented on an EDGE related article.

2995d ago
Mr_Bun2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Look at you backpedal...You make this too easy
You've managed to look even more foolish than after your first post....Bravo!

First you tell people to grow up, now claim it's cool to be a kid...Do you even read what you write?

Suicide huh?....You are suggesting that I kill myself because I pointed out how moronic your statement was??? Apparently you have bigger issues than getting your homework done on time.
Very mature response, I might add.

ico922995d ago

Edge are the harshest ps3 critics out there, they constntly score ps3 games below their metacritic average,

The Wood2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago ) get it ...MS 'loyalist' (the irony) like Jokes does not..simple. Guys like that will never want to admit there's bias because it would crush 98% of his comments....who would. Only the more open minded 360 fans would even consider making such a comment. Like Jamie said credit to you +1..again.

@ are no way like Jokes even though your ignorer's stack high. I would at least expect you to question edge's scores. Having a dig at sensitive ps3 fans is one thing but being ignorant to edges BS is something eles......Ill go with you just being playful as no other game is/was hyped more than a little expansion pack sold as a full price game that came out last year....what did it score again...

2995d ago
EvilBlackCat2995d ago

"I'm still going to say whatever I feel should be said, dont care much about popularity or bubbles...all I need is one"

Sweet! Bubbles for you true gamer.

2995d ago
Keith Olbermann2995d ago

giving GOWIII the same score as a cheap xbox live game. And the award goes to.....

JokesOnYou2995d ago

Edge is bias, but its also entirely possible that they just didn't feel the same way about those games as those other media sites. It's easy to cherry pick their reviews and only point out the games that support your theory but the fact is Edge tends to be in the bottom half when it comes to scoring both 360 and ps3 games, you just have to research all the games not a select few. I done it before and what I found was Edge overall rated ps3 games slighty lower by one point, again that could be entirely based on their style/preference of games. There was a news piece not to long ago that talked about this also, IGN was aparticular site that rated ps3 exclusives higher, while 360 games generally scored lower= Where are the screams from me or 360 fans of bias? I mean that couldn't possibly be right or let me guess because its a matter of FACT ps3 exclusives are better?...right but its all good when Halo3, recieved some ridiculous "hit seeking low scores" Imo, the most they got out of me was "I disagree", with point for point reasons why, and finished with "but they're welcome to their opinion", why 'cause it does more harm than good to cry like a 2yr old, which gives the punks exactly what they want.

Those highly rated 360 exclusives were certainly well supported with high sales, which indicates the public thought highly of them, say what you want about sales but at the end of the day, games like KZ2 which I own for all hype didnt live up to expectations, decent game imo, but lacked in many areas, thus didnt wow people beyond graphics which is why I think it underperformed compared to the imo Edge may know something we dont= dont care about the hype, they play it for what it is, and score it accordingly; could they be off certainly, just like you or I could see the value in differerent games differently, thats just how it goes. The big difference between you and me is I'm grounded in reality Edge is NOT the be all end of gaming reviews if Egde says a game is an 8, it doesnt mean their right and that other sites dont count just as much, Metacritic=/=Edge. There you have my opinion on Edge.

Now lets see if you or any sony loyalist answer this one question: Which gaming site is NOT biased against ps3?


DOMination2995d ago

Like I keep saying, Edge are pretty much the most reliable source out there so I'm glad to see that they've given gow3 an 8 because it just shows how much other sites have overrated it, and yet everyone says the media is biased towards the 360, I think not somehow.

The Wood2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

id actually like to hear if you think there is any at all...since you seem gullible or ignorant enough to think that. The whole concept of 'HOME TEAM' doesn't ring any bells in your cranium so why should anybody really bother with ya. Maybe you should ask thor or tudors, giant enemy crab or some of the other 360 fans what they think cause you definitely cant label them sony loyalist like you do us can ya. Open ur eyes and stop lying to yourself.. Its like ur the last to wake up. Its a shame you've been consumed by ur own bitterness especially for somebody who claims they own both HD consoles...What a joke youve become ANYWHO send us ur psn name and ill send you my xbl name and ill let bygones be bygones over a deathmatch;) ....problem is i dont think you can do that.

Question to anybody on n4g Does ANYBODY have this guys psn name, not that i want anybody to disclose it, its just i think hes just a offence mate

NeoBasch2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Actually yes, I was a part of that group that called out EDGE for their low score on Mass Effect. Good games don't deserve to be treated like $hit. Opinions, opinions, I know. Except, they'd have more credibility if they had even but a hint of objectivity, which they don't. Sure, EDGE has blasted a few 360 exclusives. I called them out on each one. But, you have to admit, they're scores are exceptionally low for PS3 more often than 360. Now compare they're reviews to user aggregates like from GameFly or GameFAQs, and see who's really off base. GameFly uses the whole scale, but much more realistically. End of story. EDGE should be blacklisted once and for all. I use the full scale myself, but I set a standard that I follow consistently and don't let my biases get in the way. Hence, why I think Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games of all time, despite how much Microsoft annoys me as of late.

EDIT: Gaming sites that are not biased against PS3. Actually, that's pretty easy: TotalVideoGames (nails it almost every single time, uses full scale too), 1UP (don't have a problem with), G4TV (their 1-5 star rating makes them tougher than you think), ZTGameDomain (they love games just as much as we do), GamingExcellence, GamingAge (very consistent), D+PAD Magazine (another 5 star source). There are plenty out there. By the way, the ones I listed above, I believe are mostly objective, meaning they give equal treatment to games despite platforms. If I were you, I'd visit these sites more often.

trickytricksps3602995d ago

whay are people going mad over this , i mean yet again the score has not stopped you from buying the game , so why care yet again what 1 magazine you don't care about says. you all sound dumb "its only got a 8 wahhhhh" , you all sound boring now. im getting the game on the 19th march , so are all of you(16th usa) so get over it all ready!

Theonik2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Well i am playing GOW3 right now and it deserves more than an 8 for sure. EDGE tends to score 360 exclusives much higher although they explained why a while ago. They do it on purpose because they think PS3 exclusives should be much better seeing as the PS3 is the better console. Quite retarded if you ask me. (and they claimed that.)
EDIT: @ Disagree, i do have the game if that is the reason for your disagree. Even Have pictures to prove it. xD

MostJadedGamer2995d ago

Edge is the only credible reviewer. Every other gaming site, and gaming magazine just hands out 9, and 10's like candy.

Edge actually have the courage to give big named sequels what they feel they actually deserve; while reviewers from almost all other sites, and mags are almost forced to give most hyped up big named sequels a 9 or a 10.

Edge still overrates some games, but other sites, and mags overrate almost every game they review making them basically worthless. Edge is really the only credible review site or mag.

SuperM2995d ago

Its not all that bad. Bad Company 2 also got an 8. The annoying part is that edge while being generally harsh on all games seem to not be so harsh at all when there is a 360 exclusive involved.

tplarkin72995d ago

Any game that uses these extensively gets docked 2 points automatically.

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TrevorPhillips2995d ago

Reviews don't impress me anymore I mean that's to their opinions.

I on the other hand will enjoy the game.

Syronicus2995d ago

Would make Beyonetta a better game than GOWIII? Better graphics? Better story? More boobs? Mechanics? Come on, I am not a journalist and I even can tell you that Beyonetta, while fun, is not a better game than GOWIII. Basically speaking, even a monkey could tell you that GOWIII is the better game so I call into the suspect the intelligence level at EDGE.

Dark Collosis2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Why not READ the reviews and find out for yourself?? And then to call out there intelligence lvl when you yourself are playing the intelligence card all while being ignorant to your own rant???

kevnb2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

How can we say God of War III is better than Bayonetta if we only played Bayonetta? I liked Bayonetta better than previous god of war games, but I haven't played God of War III yet so to compare the two games would be more than a little foolish. The guys over at edge liked Bayonetta better, so sue them.

kingdavid2995d ago

Heres a tip. You would get more hits if you had GOD OF WAR 3 EDGE REVIEW SCORE as your title :P.

PS cant wait to try out infinite space.

Noble Spartan2995d ago

Well i think Goldberg of war should get atleast 9, But also Bayonetta they both excellent hack & slash this generation.

But The hack & slash the revolutinised the hack and slash genre was Devil May cry. To this day hack & slash genre copys it formula that it created.

Best hack and slash of all time

Devil May Cry - 94% Metacritic
Ninja Gaiden - 94% Metacritic
Goldberg of War - 94% Metacritic

Also GOW 3 Is more of the same with epic titan scenes! I mean linear game no camera control 5 hours gameplay = 8/10

UP2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Like how you bring metacritc scores for those games and not GOW3 which has a metacritc of 94

The Killer2995d ago

someone please tell me why i am not surprised??

damn i hit the next button by mistake!! should never give them a hit!!

Noble Spartan2995d ago (Edited 2995d ago )

Yes as I mean as a francise overall God Of War 94% is the highest that includes GOW1 & 3, heck after this may go down to 93% making the first GOW the best in the series. GOW2 92%.

UP2995d ago

Your comment made no sense.

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cyborg2995d ago

I still can't come to terms that Edge gave FFXIII a 5, although I can live with it giving GoW 3 an 8, which is by their standards a very good score. Having said that, I still think Edge hate anything PS3 and they should not bother reviewing these games as it only goes to show how biased they are. I HATE you Edge! :|

kevnb2995d ago

I love it, its completely not what I expected though.