Famitsu Reviews Yakuza 3, Scores 37/40

Yakuza 3 (aka Ryu ga Gotoku Kenzan!) was Reviewed in this Week Famitsu Issue, and Scored 37/40 ... making it the best Rated PS3 game in Famitsu

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Rikitatsu3916d ago

this game was Amazing!! the demo was awesome ... i didn't expect any less ... its the first AAA title for the PS3 in Japan

poos33916d ago

i played this game and its not the best guys that what i thought.

sonarus3916d ago

lets hope it gives the ps3 the much needed sales boost in JA. Looks like japan will be gettin a collectors edition and a premium edition for mgs. being the fan i am i have to go for premium.

Panthers3916d ago

Like you even have a PS3 poos3 LOL. You need to be in the Open Zone dude.

Chokl8 Th1der3915d ago

Is it ok to say "douche bag" in these forums?

I know this probably belongs in the other section, but for some reason poos doesn't have to post there yet and every time I see one of his posts where he acts like he actually owns a ps3 I wish to myself that there was an option to report someone just for being a total douche.

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The Fungus3916d ago

Just did the math in my head as the page was loading to convert it to x/10 and I got 9.25/10, or 93/100 after rounding. Shouldn't that score at the top say 93, not 92.

Aside from my nitpickery, looks to be a AAA game then. I've never played any form of a Yakuza game, so I'm not that interested(don't know anything about it, really), but anybody who follows it is sure to be pleased.

techie3916d ago

Yuh, my bad. It is 92.5

calis3916d ago

9.25 means you round down.

The Fungus3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

I'd hate to do this to you but...

You're wrong. If you don't believe me, below is a link to a third grade math page. It'll fill you in on all of the intricacies of when to round up or down. Careful now, it's tricky stuff.

Edit: I just realized that you probably know the rounding rules and simply forgot that this scoring system doesn't use decimals. 9.25 would be the equivalent of 92.5, so you would round up. I don't like changing my original messages, so I'll leave it be and just say sorry for acting like a know-it-all @ss.

Edit2: Haha, looks like deep beat me to it while I was typing up my apology. Sorry everybody, I saw my mistake. No hard feelings.

Okay, move along. Nothing to see here >.>

techie3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Difficult to say calis. If it's out of 100 it's 93/100, if it's out of 10 it's 9.2/10 o_O

Edit: Fungus, you misread him. You do round down with 9.25 - patronising him made you look stupid :P

millertime83063916d ago

I know this is off topic, but if it's out of 10 and you're using precision to the tenth (the first decimal place), you'd round to the nearest tenth, which for 9.25 would be 9.3. If you were to round to the nearest one, then it would be just 9. Right? Please explain if I'm wrong, I must know if I've been living a lie since third grade!!!!

SmokeyMcBear3916d ago

well.. actually... this is debatable.. i remember in my physics courses. .. the rounding of a number say 92.5 would actually be rounded down to 92. I remember that 0.5 difference being very picky, because its equidistant to both whole numbers. When it was an even number it was rounded down (to the even numbers), when it was an odd number.. it was round up(to the even numbers). So 92.5 was rounded down to 92.. and 93.5 would be rounded up to 94. Just something I remember from school way back when, take it as you will.

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she00win993916d ago

this is the japanese version of GTA 4

Rikitatsu3916d ago

Yakuza 3 is a free roaming action RPG set in Medieval Japan

GTA4 is an action sandbox game with hardly any RPG elements

blacsheep3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

what she00win means is that this game is as significant and feverishly wanted in Japan as GTA is for us in USA and europe.

GTA and yakuza are games that sell amazingly well in certain terrritories

rukusa3916d ago

Far from it. Take it from a hardcore Yakuza fan.

ravinash3916d ago

Well this is another one for my shopping list.
Its very different from the other games out there, so I'm sure I'm going to enjoy it.
I think japanese culture is becoming more main stream in the west, so there is a growing market for it outside Japan.

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MiniMii3916d ago


Now what, xbots.

Speachless? Cat got your tongue?


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