IGN: Yakuza 3 Review

IGN writes: "I just finished Yakuza 3, and I'm pretty sure that I love it. The game looks a bit dated because it was released in Japan a while ago and SEGA took its sweet time getting it over here, the "beat all these guys up" gameplay can get repetitive, and the entire thing's in Japanese so you better be ready to read some subtitles. But, despite all of that, Yakuza 3 is a blast."

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fedex6822816d ago

I got this game today and loving every bit of it. I hope it sells enough to warrant a relase of the fourth installment.

Hakimy2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

it's getting good reviews so far.I was afraid that it will get low scores since its one year old and some people complained about certain stuff but it's nice to see that the game is getting good reviews.I will pick this one though I didn't pick the previous games because at that time there were so many great games to pick.I don't like fps and wrpgs that much (and I don't have a big budget too) so in 2010 I decided to pick Bayonetta,Heavy Rain,Final Fantasy 13,God of War 3 and Yakuza 3 for now.I hope there will be other interesting games to pick this year for me ;)

Yi-Long2816d ago

... but Sega decided to give us a cut version, so I won't.

I don't buy incomplete games (or cut movies, or censored music), especially not when it was completely unnecessary to do so.

mt2816d ago

i liked the demo so i pre-ordered the game period

deafwing2816d ago

I'm glad they released it here but damn games are killing my pockets this month (and the next two months). Glad to see that they kept the original voice overs - should give it a more authentic feel (the entire story takes place in japan anyways).


RedPawn2816d ago

Don't worry Fed, I've been waiting to play this game just as much as FFxiii, and God of War III.

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Ryuha1234h2816d ago

Great Score
can't wait to pick it up

GrandTheftZamboni2816d ago

FutureShop in Canada is showing out of stock.

iceman062816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

March 9...should start arriving tomorrow!!!

kanetheking2816d ago

there are a hell of a lot of trolls here