Yakuza 3 Review - "awesome PS3 exclusive" - Gameplayer

Gameplayer has reviewed PS3 exclusive Yakuza 3, declaring it an excellent action gaming experience. Going so far as to say...

"No other Japanese PS3 game to date provides quite such a vivid game-world in which to play."

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- Ghost of Sparta -3401d ago

Not even Gameplayer can deny the awesomeness of Yakuza 3.

xztence3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

Come on Sega. the sooner the better, what are you waiting for?

edit- disagree? hmmm I wonder who that could be...


the yakuza franchise are very good games centered around the life of a yakuza(japanese mafia). you should try the first 2 games on ps2. it has a pretty good story.

PoSTedUP3400d ago

wha? never herd this game and never knew what it was about but i just might buy it now that i know its an open world game yo.

Rikitatsu3400d ago

Its an Open world Action-RPG and its story driven. Amazing series, but it doesn't sell in the west.

sonarus3400d ago

yea ps3 owners have been getting a lot of that lately:D

Yakuza doesn't sell well in the west because the game is set in Japan. If they set the game else where i think it could have a decent chance. Still a fantastic game though can't wait to play it

Montreafart3400d ago

This TRIPLE A exclusive, along with another, Sony exclusive TRIPLE A open sandbox game called Infamous proves that without any doubt that the PS3 is the best console to have games that require high storage...dum dum dum dun!

GTA4 should have been PS3 exclusive. But GTA5 most likely will.

Shane Kim3400d ago

Probably because it "competes" with GTA here in west and GTA is the stronger franchise here. Anyway, i tried the demo on Jap store and it was great.

ThanatosDMC3400d ago

I hope they port it to the West... subtitles are fine.

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GWAVE3401d ago

Yakuza 3 and soon inFamous:

Solid proof that the PS3 is the most capable system for open-world games.

heyheyhey3400d ago

please Sega... if there is only ONE thing you do this year, you must localize this game (and Yakuza Kenzan while your at it)

Why o why3400d ago

guess ill have to wait n see

No FanS Land3400d ago

I've got both yakuza one and 2, but stil haveb't got a chance to play them. Can't wait though.

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The story is too old to be commented.