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Microsoft Set to Unveil successor for Windows 8 but will Xbox play any part of it?

393d ago - With all the ups n downs for the Xbox One, right now i'm sure Microsoft is looking at all options... | Xbox

Microsoft's redemption: DirectX 12

401d ago - It’s fair to say that Microsoft has had a difficult time over the past few years. Windows 8 prove... | PC

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

Now - The month of September has Johnny Depp portraying an enraged criminal, a group of climbers trying to make it home safely, and the return of the sur... | Promoted post

Great Games on Windows Phone - Part Two

549d ago - Windows Mobile is often overlooked as a gaming platform in the favour of Android and iOS, but tha... | Mobile

Windows 8 Could Spell the End for Xbox

556d ago - CCC Says: "Taking it straight from an industry horse’s mouth may be the spoonful of sugar that is... | PC

Best exclusive games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

589d ago - We decided to make a Top 10 List for exclusive games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Take that t... | Mobile

How to use a PS4 Controller in Windows with proper axis and XInput support

692d ago - The PS4 is supported by Windows, but the buttons can be reversed, and the axis gets messed up. Al... | PC

What Microsoft Needs To Show At The Xbox 720 Announcement

898d ago - Everyday Digitals - In February Sony officially kicked off the start of the next generation of ga... | Xbox 720

Getting Games for Windows Live to work with Windows 8 (Guide) | Saving Content

965d ago - Excerpt: "When I upgraded to Windows 8, I had issues upon starting known Games for Windows LIVE g... | PC

How to Get Games for Windows LIVE Working on Windows 8

988d ago - Since adopting Microsoft’s latest operating system (OS) as their primary PC entertainment source... | PC

Windows 8 Gaming Impressions (TruePCGaming)

1038d ago - Armaan Khan from TPG writes: "Things get slightly trickier for distributors who provide direct... | PC

Gamers, Relax, Windows 8 is Fine (For Now)

1069d ago - Kotaku - Windows 8 has its problems. Some of these are immediate, others hypothetical (and potent... | PC

Guide: How to use a PS3 Controller in Windows 8 Without Requiring Internet Access

1069d ago - Although Windows 8 detects the PS3 controller with the proper name, it is unresponsive without 3r... | PC

Windows 8 Tips Guide

1072d ago - Maximum PC: 12 Windows 8 Starter Tips and Tweaks Alright, Windows 8 fans. You’ve taken our advic... | PC

Open Windows, closed platform?

1079d ago - Sean Knight has lots of questions when it comes to Windows 8. Will the closed platform of Microso... | PC

Windows 8 will not hurt PC gaming

1079d ago - Windows 8 is not the end of PC gaming, it's the beginning. At least that's what Nate is saying as... | PC

The start of an Xbox ecosystem begins with Windows 8 and SmartGlass

1082d ago - Microsoft’s new OS ‘Windows 8′ is set to launch this week on October 26, 2012. The new operating... | Xbox 360

Who's afraid of the big bad Windows?

1092d ago - GI - Developers hate Windows 8 - and rightly so. Microsoft's confused, dysfunctional OS threatens... | PC

Gameinsight Weekend Short-Takes 8/31/12

1092d ago - This week, Microsoft gives big relief as MS Points are eschewed for Xbox purchases... for Windows... | PC

Windows H8: developers question Microsoft as XNA falters

1104d ago - EDGE - Somehow, in Windows 8, Microsoft seems to have constructed the operating system equivalent... | PC

Windows 8 gaming: why it's not all doom and gloom

1114d ago - Richard Cobbett: Valve's Gabe Newell has dubbed it a 'catastrophe' for the PC, id Software's J... | PC

Get Warhammer: Arcane Magic for iOS - Now 60% off!

Now - Test your tactics against legendary foes! | Promoted post

Microsoft, Agawi Team Up For Cloud Gaming On Windows 8; Xbox 720 Next?

1125d ago - Forbes: With Sony purchasing cloud gaming platform Gaikai, it's a safe assumption that the platfo... | PC

Adera: Can it Save Microsoft and Revive PC Gaming?

1130d ago - Adera's game mechanics are so advanced that they've been patented. It may hcange the way we play... | PC

Windows 8 Is Not Good For Gamers

1143d ago - Kate Cox, Kotaku- "For the past several days, I've been playing with a very nice laptop that has... | PC

Windows 8 is Not a Catastrophe, Companies are Just Threatened

1145d ago - Windows 8 is undeniably not a catastrophe, and Cory is puzzled why the comment was even made. Th... | PC

Microsoft refutes developer claims that Windows 8 is bad for gaming

1157d ago - GamesBeat writes: While Microsoft is hard at work trying to sell the idea of Windows 8 as a great... | Xbox
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