Microsoft's redemption: DirectX 12

It’s fair to say that Microsoft has had a difficult time over the past few years. Windows 8 proved extremely unpopular with many PC users, the Surface platform failed to live up to the company’s expectations in the tablet market, and the company’s relationship with PC gaming was severely damaged by the disastrous Games for Windows label and the accompanying nightmare service LIVE. 

DirectX12 is the first update Microsoft has made to the
API since 2009, marking the longest period between
iterations since the initial version debuted in 1995. There
are many potential reasons for this delay, but the most
likely cause is the extended lifespan of the Xbox 360.

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SniperControl1446d ago

Cant wait for this to hit PCs, should put an end to poorly optimised games(looking at you ubi and ea)

darthv721446d ago

"Windows 8 proved extremely unpopular with many PC users..."

I'd agree with that line. Windows 8.1 however.....MUCH better.

donthate1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )


Other than a few cosmetic things, there is almost no difference between Windows 8 and 8.1.

Same thing with Windows Vista and 7, but people hailed 7 and the second coming of Christ.

From 7 to 8, it was a huge improvement from the kernel down to almost everything. People just didn't like the UI, because it was different.

Point being, once people get used to it, its GREAT!!!

Kleptic1446d ago

^wait, wait, wait...

I totally agree that Windows 8 and 8.1 are very similar, i never had a problem with windows 8 since i built my gaming machine last year...but, i'm also not 100 years old...and I can get over some UI differences after a couple of days...Windows 8 is superior at multi-core cpu utilization, and a number of other issues aside from it just having 'metro'...and 8.1 makes it more like 7 anyway...

however...Windows Vista very much was the worst OS i've ever witnessed...Windows Vista was so unoptimized, it couldn't even run Windows 7 was embraced with open arms because Vista was such a train wreck...and most of us had been on XP for nearly 10 years at that point...

SilentNegotiator1445d ago

Not everyone wants to "get over" unintuitive UI changes.

Kleptic1443d ago

^as i said i'm not 100 years old...I'll take a little bit of idiotic UI design with fundamentally better EVERYTHING ELSE...fix it with free plug-ins that make it EXACTLY THE SAME AS IT WAS BEFORE...

but...thats just, keep DX 11.0...yes, your start menu is better...

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3-4-51446d ago

Windows 8 works better for me thank Windows 7 ever did.

Hoping Windows 9 is even better.

christocolus1446d ago

I have high hopes for Windows 9 too.its rumored to be the OS which will unify all past versions of windows and create some sort of ecosystem for all MS products.

My office basically runs on All our laptops are windows bosses all use surface so used to windows that i find it odd when using other os. My brother has a pc and mac but he uses his surface pro the most. I plan to buy a new windows phone gave the old one to my nephew regarding dx, im hoping it delivers as planned. 2015 is suposed to see the release of the first set of games fully/partly developed with the api and im guessing Halo5 and maybe Tomb raider will benefit from it.

Mega241446d ago

I bet those poorly optimized games will still happen, if publishers keep pushing games before deadline even if its broken. Just like BF4.

Saryk1446d ago

It’s fair to say that Microsoft has had a difficult time over the past few years.

Self inflicted!

Illusive_Man1446d ago (Edited 1446d ago )

Sony has had a far worst period. They are basically a non factor in consumer electronics outside of gaming, an industry they one completely dominated. Their stock has been put on the shame index.

DX12 will be great for pc and Xbox one. X1 games aren't even properly using the multiple cores on games. The PS4 api is however. So better performance, not necessarily better graphics.

Saryk1446d ago

Ok? I can careless what Sony does. But what I do care about is the shit service they call GFWL that went tits up and that I still have to deal with and at the same time pissing on PC gamers!
I do care about upgrading from Windows 7 to 8 (shit) then 8.1 and now 9 is going to come out, soon.
And they shot themselves in the foot by stating that you had to have your X1 on all the time, plus other items on the X1 then crawfished their asses.
Let’s not get into the damn phones and tablets…………… so yeah I’m right, self inflicted!

ovnipc1446d ago

This article is about ms, why bring Sony to the picture? Sony sells most items over priced. The day Sony makes an os that can compete with Windows come back and we talk for now go to sleep pony.

dragunrising1446d ago

They reacted to the market just like any other company and made a few unpopular decisions. Windows 8 is great. I was able to get new life out of a couple of older computers of mine because its more efficient than 7. Windows Phone is great. Unless you've used it/owned it, don't knock it.

Flamingweazel1446d ago

Umm dx 12 won't do much of anything for x1, Spencer even alluded to this, and PS4 sdk, mantle will also improve and get the same type of benefits.

tuglu_pati1446d ago

Really... tell us more please.

rdgneoz31446d ago

Saying "console-like api" doesn't really make it seem like it'll get the same benefit that PCs will get. A lot of PC games aren't even optimized for multi core processing, unlike console games. Also, most console coding is already close to the metal.

The greatest benefit will be easier ports from PCs.

OpieWinston1446d ago

The Downs is strong with this one.

Please tell me more arm chair dev.

You do realize Phil Spencer plays the anti-hype card a lot right? He doesn't like getting people riled up. He plays it neutral a lot.
Did the same thing with RotTR deal.

And besides you realize he was just bringing people into perspective for all the people who were overhyping it and making it seem like it would cure cancer.

It'll do A LOT for X1.
I don't have to explain that to you though Arm chair dev.

Eonjay1446d ago

Or, maybe he was being honest. It depends on what you are expecting it to do. Now, I have heard everything from nothing to, as you said, cure cancer. The truth probably holds the middle ground. Between the comments from 4A and CDProjeck Red, you can get a good idea of what to expect.

tuglu_pati1446d ago


honest about what about something he don't know about. I mean I get what you guys are saying, DX12 probably wont do as much on the XBO as on PC, but the way he said it plus the fact that he mentioned the PS4 make his post a trolling post.

christocolus1446d ago


Cure cancer? When did he say that? Metro redux devs had very interesting things to say about the new api and its benefits to xbox one. Read that article again.the interview with eurogamer. It will definitly bring some benefits to xbox one even Phil said so and besides it will make porting games between pc and xbox alot more easy for devs.

gangsta_red1446d ago

If you truly think dx12 won't do much of anything for the Xbox One then you are truly lost.

All DirectX api and development have been made with Xbox in mind... hence why they call it Direct "X" if you think that dx12 wll just forget about Xbox One and only focus on PC's then good luck in the real world.

greenlantern28141446d ago

Direct X isn't called Direct X because it was named for Xbox. The OG Xbox came out in 2001, Direct X was first released in 1995.
But to the point of DX12 improving XB1 that is probably true, how much we will have to wait and see.

avengers19781445d ago

You are the one that needs to come back to the real world, Direct X is not named for Xbox, and has been around longer than MS ever even thought about console gaming. Now DX12 will improve performance on XB1 one, but even Phil Spencer said only slightly better his comparison was think Perfect Dark Zero compared to Halo 4

Genova841446d ago

Guess I'll have to retire my crossfire 6990s ...

jnemesh1446d ago

Cant wait until its released and this myth that it will revolutionize the XB1 will be put to bed once and for all. File under "secret sauce".

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