Guide: How to use a PS3 Controller in Windows 8 Without Requiring Internet Access

Although Windows 8 detects the PS3 controller with the proper name, it is unresponsive without 3rd party drivers. This step by step guide teaches you how to use the PS3 controller in Windows 8 (and all other Windows) in local mode, meaning no internet access required.

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lowlight1900d ago

Be sure to block the drivers with your firewall to keep it clean and simple :)

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1900d ago

I wonder is the wiiU controllers will be hacked to work wit pc?

ChickeyCantor1900d ago

Eeeh this also works in other windows versions...why is this directed at win8?

lowlight1900d ago

A LOT of drivers and programs that work perfectly fine don't work in Windows 8. Especially custom and third party drivers like this.

Also the drivers usually need to be online to work, these are an offline version. The drivers site has been down a lot lately, and when it does you can't access the control panel.

ChickeyCantor1899d ago

yeah...but the info is also on the website. It's not some secret. I'm just surprised there is an article for this.

The Meerkat1900d ago

How do you read about using a PS3 controller with windows 8 without an internet connection on the internet if you have no internet connection with which to read the article?

A bit of a paradox.

Aggesan1900d ago

Reading it on my phone right now. Just saying.

ziggurcat1900d ago

why wouldn't you just install the 3rd party drivers?

lowlight1900d ago

That's what this guide is for.