Xbox 360 on Windows 8 - Which Games Can Evolve?

MMGN writes: If you could play any Xbox 360 game on your PC, which one would you choose?

That’s the question gamers are asking as revelations hit the internet suggesting a new feature that will allow the playing of 360 games on hardware-permitting PCs.

It was always going to happen, especially after the merging of and Games for Windows, which alludes to a combined PC and console effort on the agenda at Microsoft.

The Xbox 360 might be lacking in exclusives when compared to the PlayStation 3, but that hasn’t left me pondering how, and why, certain Xbox 360 games would translate on PC.

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Ranshak2714d ago

Most Xbox exclusives are already on the PC. The ones that arent generally PC gamers dont care about those games.

why would any PC gamer really care about:

Halo: when FPS are a dime a dozen.
Fable: we already got much better RGPs, beside Fable isnt what it used to be.
Gears of war: Gears 1 already came to PC, PC gamers didnt like it, again like FPS games 3rd person shooters are a dime a dozen. Nothing to be excited about.
Forza: Thats one game PC gamers may like, but again there are so many other racers out.

I personally dont see a single game from the Xbox exclusive list that PC gamers would really like to own.

bozebo2713d ago

Lost Odyssey and Halo. That is all.

Legion2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I think people are looking at this from the wrong perspective.

Being able to play Xbox 360 games on your PC does a few things that support us at gamers.

It allows cross platform gaming. If my friends (especially my PS3 friends) who want to be able to play that game of Gears of War or Halo:Reach that we are talking about at work and doesn't want to invest in an Xbox 360... he can purchase the game if he owns a PC then he can talk trash with us at work the next day on how he owned us. Or even that game of Black Ops if they want to compete against Xbox players and show their talents. It opens up the competition.

For me the gamer. So many older systems I have owned and though I have reduced my console footprint by getting rid of my older consoles... I would still love to play some of the games. I can see this as being able to keep my Xbox 360 game library when I move onto the Xbox Next/720. Knowing that I won't need to worry about if I still have my old Xbox 360 console. Think of all the Sega saturn, PS1/2, xbox disks that you have and want to play. Wouldn't it be great to be able to throw the game disk into your PC and play them like you did on the old console?

This is more then just about getting PC gamers to buy Xbox games. It is opening up the gameplay across the board. Allowing gamers to game with gamers. Attempting to close the gap between people who want to play with others. Isn't that what we have really been looking for in the future of gaming? This is just the first step in the future of what we can look forward to in multiplayer connectivity.

Sounds like a soap box rant... but I really don't see a negative in this option to play Xbox 360 games on the PC. If you don't want to buy and play games against the mass Xbox Live crowd then continue doing what you are doing and you will be just fine.

gcolley2713d ago

i think you have it wrong. it aint going to happen

here is a massive negative... controller vs. mouse in FPS. this alone would kill the xbox brand as current console players would move over to PS3. i don't want to use m+k on my couch end of story

i am amazed people can't see this. if this is too hard to understand do a bit of research on shadowrun... an experiment that should have never happened if they developers had a clue in the first place.

Legion2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

As we know all of this talk is specualtion as we don't know if any of this is being offered in Windows 8.

But as for the controller vs mouse in FPS issue. Simply requiring the use of controller when using Xbox games within windows 8 would seem simple enough to allow level play cross platform. (could software manipulation work around this? Sure but no different then me now owning a mouse, keyboard adapter for my Xbox 360.) The games will not be remodified to play on PC... they will still have aim assist and other options for controllers which deter gamers from using non-controller interface.

Shadowrun for the PC was modified to allow keyboard controlles. (I owned Shadowrun for Xbox 360 and did very well against the PC loyals)

Redgehammer2712d ago

Don't unbderestimate the damage that can be wrought by someone with skill at the helm of a controller. I used to scoff at the idea that any level of parity could exist between the KB/M and a controller, now I know I was in error.

Mikeyy2713d ago

What is the point of this article? I thought it was completely cleared up yesterday that LIVE was being built into Windows 8.

NOT that windows 8 will play Xbox 360 games.

Legion2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Nothing has been cleared up yet. MS has not came out and disclaimed any information given by source leak. So until that happens we will keep getting speculation.

So talk on the goods and bads of the speculation until MS comes out and gives us the skinny on what is actually happening with Windows 8. Which might not be fully until you get Windows 8 in your grip.

Mikeyy2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

I see.

One thing scares me though. With LIVE being integrated into the Windows PC platform, does that mean I must be a GOLD member to play future PC games online?

That is the million dollar question.

as I am a PC and PS3 gamer, I don't have a LIVE account.

Legion2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

This integration would not effect PC games per say. The possibility will arise that you will be able to pay for a service to use Windows Live games.

But not required to pay anything more for games that are Windows capable.

More of a pay for service fee and not a blanket cost or membership to use any software outside the realm of the service.

So to answer your question... no you will not need to be a GOLD member to play future PC games online.

But if you want to play Xbox related games or games on the marketplace service then yes it is likely a fee charged for that... similar to a Netflix service fee for watching their movies or a game on Steam. If you are to watch a movie or play a game outside of the Netflix or Steam service then obviously no payment will need to be made.

I would speculate what this is really doing is allowing offering of XBLA games and the Indie games from Marketplace to gamers on PC. But the speculation of being able to play actual Xbox 360 disks on the PC is more of a wish then a reality at this point.

dkp232713d ago

Great strategy by ms to boost software as they transition to xbox 720 hardware.

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