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Submitted by Bsip 1218d ago | article

What Could Microsoft Surface Mean for Gaming?

Confirmed by the company today, the Microsoft Surface tablet will release in October the same day as Windows 8. Aside from competing with Apple in the tablet market, what ramifications might be in store for gaming? (iPad, Microsoft, Mobile, PC, Windows 8, Xbox 360)

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Christopher  +   1218d ago
Nothing tablet gaming hasn't already done, IMHO. In fact, it will be playing catch up the first year or two to Android and iOS devices. And, then, even though it has shown some nice hardware specs, its software end may not last as being the best out there considering a new iPad is expected and new Android tablets are put out every six months.

As far as operating like other console controllers, a purely tablet based device will work poorer than actual gaming devices with extra controls and a focus on integrating similar OS-based devices.
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dark-hollow  +   1218d ago
the surface PRO is running the full windows 8 experience which means it can run PC games (depends on the game requirements and the hardware to play it) but seriously no comparison.

the surface pro blows any ipad, android tablet out of the water!
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mcstorm  +   1218d ago
I cant wait to get a surface pro. It is going to replace my laptop and moto xoom as with the ipad and android tablets you still need a pc to carry out some simple tasks like printing archive emails edit full office and full we browsing.

Add game to that it makes the surface one of if not the best tablet we have ever seen.
Christopher  +   1218d ago
We don't know if surface blows anything out of the water yet, first. Second, the next Android and iOS tablets could blow this version of Surface out of the water. You know, it's that thing where technology continues to advance.

And, trust me, I love the concept of the Surface. I'm not sold on it, I need to see some reviews and apps on it. But, it's a huge contender for replacing my iPad in October.
dark-hollow  +   1218d ago
you still dont quite get it.
there are two version of the surface, the regular one and the pro one.

the regular one is cheaper and runs on windows 8 RT which is a basically windows phone 8 for tabelts, it runs on ARM cpus and cant do everything the normal desktop can do. its a media consumption device at it core, and a direct competitor to the ipad and android tablets.

the surface PRO however is a total different beast!

the surface pro is a FULLY FUNCTIONAL LAPTOP!
that can get detached from the keyboard dock and act like a tablet on the go! it run on X84 CPUs just like desktops and will come with intel i7 processor.

it have the same version of windows 8 on desktop, but this time windows 8 is more optimized for multitouch inputs in comparison to the half assed windows 7 tablets.

it basically runs windows full apps (EXE) its not just a half assed mobile OS in a tablet!

IOS 6 and jelly bean just dont compare to a full OS like windows 8 on the surface (PRO)
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nukeitall  +   1218d ago

I think the power is in the MS eco-system whereby their tools are highly unified and the main advantage that nobody else has is Xbox Live integration. Also, the ability to start a game on one platform and seamlessly jump to another is fantastic.

I think there is a reason why Valve is upset, because Xbox Live and the app store might just be a valid contender!

I know for a fact, Android is shit and performs like it. iOS though is solid, but lacks some of the things XBL offers!

We will have to see, but the ability to have a tablet with x86 perform like a desktop would do wonders for gaming in my opinion. Wish they built in that Wireless Gaming adapter for the Xbox 360 controller and you got pure gaming bliss!
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Christopher  +   1218d ago
***I think the power is in the MS eco-system whereby their tools are highly unified and the main advantage that nobody else has is Xbox Live integration. Also, the ability to start a game on one platform and seamlessly jump to another is fantastic.***

SmartGlass is going to give everyone Xbox Live integration.

I don't think the majority of games will be corss-platform compatible, either.

***I think there is a reason why Valve is upset, because Xbox Live and the app store might just be a valid contender!***

Not because it's going to be a contender, but because it's going to be a cooked in contender with built-in advertising towards it. There's no way to compete with the OS maker decides who sees what first. This is akin to standard PC OS moving towards the closed OSs of phones.

I think there's going to be a lot of issues with this type of move. At least I hope there will.

***it basically runs windows full apps (EXE) its not just a half assed mobile OS in a tablet!***

It doesn't "basically" run full apps. It's just like mobile devices, it runs apps made for it. It's just like the other OSs out there for tablets/phones (Android/iOS).

***IOS 6 and jelly bean just dont compare to a full OS like windows 8 on the surface (PRO)***

I disagree with that. A lot. Especially as far as application purposes.

You look at Transformer Prime tablets, they run laptop quality applications on it. This is what Surface will do as well.
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givemeshelter  +   1218d ago
It's running a full blown OS unlike the iPad and all the Android Tablets.
This is the HUGE advantage of the Surface PRO.
aviator189  +   1217d ago
It's a tablet-sized device with tablet/pc capabilities, so it's essentially already superior to the ipad and android tablets through functionality already. In terms of execution, we'll just have to see but I'm pretty darn sure that ms won't release a half-baked product.
andrewsqual  +   1218d ago
Or more importantly for Microsoft "What Could Microsoft Surface Mean for Games for Windows Live Gaming?" Absolutely nothing because Steam is da shit.
h311rais3r  +   1218d ago
The only ones disagreeing with you are console gamers lol. They don't know how aweful gfwl is...

Oh sorry you restarted your pc while I was saving? I guess you don't want your games saved. DELETE!

NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo....... Cough
the worst  +   1218d ago
it means nothing
Microsoft Surface will be a bust
just like window mobile
Saryk  +   1218d ago
I don't know. I would have never thought MS would be were they are with the Xbox. I wouldn't bet against them.
nukeitall  +   1218d ago
I wouldn't either. Time and time again, if MS really wants it they get it. They will outspend everyone, and put humongous resources on it. Only huge companies like Google and Apple can stand against them.

Just pray MS isn't hungry and stays that way.


Nobody would have believed it during the first Xbox console. It was the laughing stock and look at it now!
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WeskerChildReborned  +   1218d ago
I thought Microsoft Surface was just a tablet/laptop, i didn't know it was gonna have something to do with gaming.
ExCest  +   1218d ago
It's not even running a gaming graphic card. It's an ultrabook. Nothing less, nothing more. It has enough graphics to get you minecraft running.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1218d ago
Cross platform play baby.
Tacklebait  +   1218d ago
Here are the benchmarks for the gpu it has. Although the test machine has a better cpu and ram so it didn't bottleneck the cards performance.

Its nothing mind blowing but you can still play new games on low setting at semi reasonable frame rates.

Battlefield 3 - 1024x768 low AA:- AF:2x averaged 26.9 fps.
ExCest  +   1218d ago
I think either you or me had misread that link.

"Nvidia GeForce GTX 670M (GPU-Treiber: 295.62)"

That's a "gaming" GPU (for laptops), not found in Surface. In fact, I don't even think it is even confirmed which GPU it uses. All I know is that it's supposed to rival an ultrabook.
Tacklebait  +   1218d ago
It links to the intel hd graphics 4000 ... Or it should??
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dcbronco  +   1217d ago
I'm not sure Surface will mean much more than a basic desktop in the beginning. The Pro version is a basic desktop which will probably included Intel integrated graphics. I think the point where it will make a huge difference will be when Intel integrated graphics gain some real power. Or when ATI starts releasing APU's with CPU power fully enhanced with HSA. At that point you will have a very powerful CPU and GPU in a tablet with a fully functioning OS. And that will surely blow anything the others are doing out of the water.
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