Microsoft, Agawi Team Up For Cloud Gaming On Windows 8; Xbox 720 Next?

Forbes: With Sony purchasing cloud gaming platform Gaikai, it's a safe assumption that the platform holder will utilize Gaikai for its PlayStation brand, tablets, and line of televisions. This move left people wondering if Microsoft had a card to play in the cloud gaming space, especially after rumored acquisition talks with OnLive. Indeed they do, as today Microsoft announces a partnership with Agawi to bring Facebook social and "mid-core" games, web-based MMOs and "core" PC games to Windows 8 devices via the cloud. Could it come to the Xbox 720 as well?

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Dlacy13g2289d ago

Well there we go. Many wondered what MS was doing in response to the Gaikai buy out now we know.

AngelicIceDiamond2289d ago

Yep, that about does it. Its not surprising, we already knew MS was doing something regarding cloud gaming Tech.

GrahamGolden2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

i already have a pc for all these craps
and i have win7 wich is in every single way better

sony and gaikai is the best thing so far,its all about games,if i want facebook or crappy web based mmo's i got my pc.

Dlacy13g2289d ago

Ahh.... and you know Gaikai is better because?

GrahamGolden2289d ago

u can disagree all u want fanboys
facts are still with me

GrahamGolden2289d ago

u can disagree all u want fanboys
facts are still with me

Dlacy13g2289d ago

You say the "facts are still with me". Please edit one of your posts here and lets get to some of these facts you speak of.

If you really do have "facts" to back up your claims I am more than happy to proclaim you are correct...but something tells me you don't really have facts.

Outside_ofthe_Box2289d ago

Oh boy, the debate of the future.

AngelicIceDiamond2289d ago

Golden will you calm down? You like Gaikai and not MS's CGS that's fine chill.

Siren302289d ago

Must have a time machine

ArmrdChaos2288d ago

I love how so many on this site freely interchange opinion and fact....pretty amusing. It's like a faint cry for attention.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )
And it's free on windows!

I am not going full cloud until Valve does it. Can't trust the money grubbers.

So both console companies are going cloud? lol faster than I thought! Now they just need to bring COD so the masses will just accept the new drm with open wallets.

TheBrownBandito2288d ago

I'm one of the lucky people with a fast fibre connection (76/18 Mbps) so streaming games would not be an issue. My latency of 9ms can be though, especially as playing on console means less than optimal matchmaking for low pingers at times. And there are never as many options server latency wise as there are with PC.

I think both console companies embracing the cloud gaming space could help speed up fibre Internet rollout worldwide, which in turn could lead to a more balanced online multiplayer experience, with less erratic compensation coding being required.

So I think it's good news really. :)

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ChunkyLover532289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Microsoft is always thinking ahead, probably had plenty of cloud gaming ideas for a while now. According to their leaked documents, by 2015 they wanted to have cloud gaming on the Xbox 720, so this makes perfect sense.

Sephiroushin2289d ago

How are they thinking ahead?! They are always copying other companies!

mcstorm2289d ago

Every company takes ideas from other companys that is a fact of life but you have to say since ms made windows 7 they have started to give us of the best hardware and software we have seem from them in a long time.

We have xbox, windows phone 7, kinect and soon to have windows 8, windows phone 8, surface, next xbox, next kinect, office 2013, server 2012, xbox music and more. Like it or not microsoft are finally doing what they should of done a few years ago and started to pull all there tech into one and make everything work together work the same and work very well.

ChunkyLover532289d ago

You really want to get into the whole "copying other companies" debate?

Sephiroushin2288d ago

First of all fanboys can disagree all they want...

@ mcstorm
I know that pretty much, but there's a difference between taking ideas from other companies and try to improve, which every company do (obviously) than make everything based on things taken from others which MS is doing lately because they've always wanted to monopolize ...
Even though I use mac as my main OS I use W7 everyday and I give them credit for improving Windows 7 a lot, sad that W8B isn't as good ...

Xbox is ok nice console, Windows 7 is a pretty good OS, Windows phones, no, thanks! there are better software than the ones of MS but they are not popular and are on linux, and sorry but I've been trying Windows 8 and it just plain sucks, It's based on W7 yes, but the changes they made are very bad, a desktop computer is not a tablet! They could have used that OS for tablets, works with Live too, but not on desktops or laptops (w/o touchscreen)... Who says I didn't like it? You didn't but I know you thought about it! I like the idea of mixing all there techs, but they'll have to do some changes on some features for Windows 8 on desktops/laptops, it do not work well on computers it gets pretty annoying after using it for 2 months!

Again not a debate at all, the point is it's not thinking ahead, they know how to counter attack fast enough which is different!

BitbyDeath2289d ago

I really hope cloud gaming is optional, i don't think my interwebs can handle it.

DivineAssault 2288d ago

Now this nx gen battle is starting to get interesting.. Nintendo btr do something with onlive if they want to stay relevant.. Cloud gaming tho optional at first will take over when the systems reach their limits.. Lifespans will no doubt increase