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Submitted by kk1387 1521d ago | article What Windows 8 could mean for gaming"In modern computing, the key to success in the realm of the software comes down to two key factors: simplicity and accessibility. In recent times, it has been Apple who has placed these ideals at the forefront of their operating systems, gaining the most ground in the battle of the OS. Yet it is Microsoft looking to appeal to the masses with the upcoming Windows 8 and its new Metro Style user interface, which accompanies the old desktop Windows fans have gotten used to over the years." (Industry, Next-Gen, PC, Windows 8)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   1522d ago
Xbox products and mobile devices will merge.
kk1387  +   1522d ago
Quite possible. Windows 8 will make something big happen that's for sure.
joab777  +   1521d ago
I love my PlayStation...alot and their exclusives have been great. But, Xbox seems to b very mulching front when it comes to leverage regarding next Gen consoles. They have begun integration as we r seeing. I have mentioned in many blogs that Microsoft has the advantage in being the first to integrate PC gaming w consoles. We all know that it is inevitable. But, Microsoft haa windows and if it could b done for a reasonable price w the right tech, they could offer a 720 PC running a win8 operating system that incorporates Xbox and winxows. It would allow them to simultaneously battle Sony, steam, origin etc all at once, while offering a machine that could be running for a long time, offering hardware upgrades etc. Then, they could begin to move towards digital gaming, without sacrificing physical software. And, kinnect could now sit in a more useful space...PC. The future is bright. So, I love Sony and they may have an advantage too if they can integrate vital w their next Gen console, offering seamless play portably as well as stationary. But, I am thinking about buying a windows phone next after owning a Droid and iPhone simply because of its fresh ui and easy accessibility, as well as gaming. If Microsoft can pull off a PC with a phone and tablet all running the same os and ui with all info being accessible on each, I will have to buy the 720 first. I don't have the money or time to buy both at once and i never thought Id say it, but it may be the 720.
GrumpyVeteran  +   1521d ago
Can't stand Windows 8 on my PC, the metro UI doesn't work with a KB+M (well technically it does, but it's not good at all). I'll stick with Windows 7 on my desktop. Windows 8 will be great on mobile touch devices though.

Also, how is the 360 in anyway similar or on par with your average PC gaming desktop?
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