How to use a PS4 Controller in Windows with proper axis and XInput support

The PS4 is supported by Windows, but the buttons can be reversed, and the axis gets messed up. Also, many game use XInput, while the PS4 controller uses DirectInput. This method allows you to use a PS4 controller in Windows, including games that normally only support the XBOX Controller

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Ma1nframe1856d ago ShowReplies(2)
ATiElite1856d ago

Very nice as this will come in handy if you receive a "BRICKED" PS4 then at least you can use the DS4 to play on your PC!

[yes I know a little insensitive but all in fun]

I will hunt for a DS4 on sale or a nice Red DS4 to buy for my HTPC! My Logitech and DS3 are getting old and YES the PC Elitist uses a controller from time to time especially when I sit on the couch and PC Game on my big screen.

trickman8881856d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Butt hurt console gamers disliked your comment.

Why can't you numbskulls get that people with laptops/PC's can plug in their controller and play their PC games on it, along emulators.Without being restricted to a mouse for gaming?

Skynetone1856d ago

just because you can plug a controller into a pc does not mean the game is calibrated for a controller, planetside 2 is a perfect example it is complete trash with a controller

MidnytRain1856d ago


People who choose to use controllers in an online PC FPS should be banned from the internet.

Themba761856d ago

not mines i'm fine over hear ps4 is absolutely amazing. it feels like christmas.

ATiElite1856d ago

what games did you get?

Themba761855d ago

games i have are BF4, Killzone, AC4, and rented knack and nfs rivals.

itisallaboutps1856d ago

So it's a sin to use a controller in a pc fps? Kind of reminds me of the episode of south park with the fat nerd owning everybody with a mouse a keyboard. I love my ps4 but I like to play my pc games with a controller sitting on my couch with my 1080p tv

SirBradders1855d ago (Edited 1855d ago )

Don't listen to some of these idiots. Like the guy states above planetside 2 has crappy pad support yet i still went on there and owned it because of my playstyle.
Don't get me wrong a mouse an keboard is better once you master it but if your already used to a pad you'll be better than your average player with m+k.

As long as your having fun and comfortable thats all that matters.

InSpectre1856d ago

Works great! Now I don't have to use x360ce either.

Tzuno1855d ago

So much fuss when you can buy a Xbox controller and just plug it in and play.

lowlight1855d ago

If you already have a PS4 controller though, it's the best option

Plus some may prefer this to the 360 controller